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Hi I was wondering if it were possible to start and play characters on OpenRPG and have them be legal. I am a DM but haven't really done much so I was wondering if it were possible to do this.

You absolutely can.  The RPGA doesn't care which sort of venue you use for play, so long as you follow the rules for character generation, and only play LFR-legal adventures.

And, yes, you can play the same character both online and off-line (i.e., face to face).
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Okay thank you.
There is a Yahoo list for OpenRPG (and MapTool and other games) here.

Note that you cannot run/play public games online. Online play is considered private play, meaning you can't play adventures until 3-months since their release and can't play ADCPs at all. This is pretty clear if you sanction/order the games as a private event, since you won't see the public-only adventures.

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