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Hello great forum.

I need assistance in brainstorming neat ideas for getting onto a mote - The flying motes.

I have thought about magical ropes that somehow with their fantastic abilities latch onto the bottom of the mote and allow the PC's to start their ascent to the top.

I have thought about gaining access to an airship.

I have thought about them taming manticores to fly to the top.

All of these ideas seem very ... I don't know ... blah.

Can you guys help me (preferably before Wednesday =P)  brainstorm awesome ways to gain access to the top of these flying vessels?

Much thanks!
Very accurate catapults. And copious amounts of pillows. Or really big ladders.

If that's out of the question, teleportation, dragons, eagles and all manner of flying creatures could work.

If it's a high magic world like Faerûn, you could explore Halruuan skyships, though you do mention them yourself.
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