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I have a question about whether or not you can replay 4-7 mods if you created a level 5 character.  Ok so the only characters I have are a level 2 and a 5 that i just made so that i can play 4-7 mods. Now currently your are only allowed to make the one character for the 4-7 mods correct? If so what if we replay a mod am I not able to play then? I'm just wondering because every time i play its about an hr. trip one way and if I'm not going to get to play a lot of the time if they decide to repeat, not sure if they will repeat often or what the deal will be, it would really just kind of be lame that I would have to basically just go home. Or is there something where i could just play and not take rewards or something? We are just starting 4-7's so any information would be appreciated since i have a bunch of friends that normally come with me and if we end up not being able to rerun something thats about half of our group that would have to sit out....
If you are just starting 4-7s then you have a ways to go before anyone should even be suggesting to replay any mods.  If they do decide to replay a mod, any character which has already played in that mod cannot play in it again.  As a *player*, if you manage to get your level 2 character up to level 4 between the two times played, you can play the other character in that repeat mod.

Also, if they do decide to replay a mod, you will definitely be out of luck because you have a character in that tier, so you won't be able to make up a new character.

I think the best thing is to just remind everyone that their characters cannot repeat a mod.  If they all have multiple characters in that range, though ... well, I can't help you there. 
You could always make a new character in that tier...I don't see anything preventing it.
Interesting.  It seems they removed the language that was in the original draft that prevented people from creating a new character if they already have a character of that level band.
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Wow.  So they did.  That's .... odd.  But I guess it makes sense.  I guess some groups might be into replaying mods over and over again.  I guess you would have to be able to make more than one character or be forced to sit out the replays....

:: Shrugs ::
You are correct. You may make whatever number of PCs at H1-3 & P1 as you desire. There is no longer any limit on making new PCs (as there was in the first draft of the CCG).
awesome thank you guys so much i'll have to let everyone know
I wonder how many people are going to build their same character at different levels? 

Technically, they're different PCs, but a player can pretend to just RP the same character at different levels (hmm...I wonder what class Dr. Who would be?  Artificer?).
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