What is an "Adventuring Company Table"?

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While reviewing the 1.99 CCG I noticed some red in the Adventuring Company description, and thought I'd give it a look.  I've never played with an AC, but have a couple of players with whom I played Arts & Crafts, and who took on the persona of a competing syndicate in our efforts to complete the modules.  We've carried this faux crime syndicate around with us when we play now, and I was wondering how Adventuring Companies might fit with that.  I believe I understand everything so far, with one exception. What makes an "Adventuring Company Table"?  Is it just having 3 member of an AC together in the same module, or do it have to be an ADCP mod?


Adventuring Company Benefits
If your character joins an adventuring company, make sure to note it on your adventure log and character sheet. From that point forward, your character gains two important benefits. As the campaign progresses, more benefits may be revealed for adventuring companies.

• Gain a bonus action point for the group when playing at an adventuring company table. Whenever a party has at least 3 members of the same adventuring company playing at the same table, the adventuring company members gain a bonus group action point to be used by one of its present members during the adventure. The action point is used just like a normal action point, although it does not count against the user’s action point expenditure for the encounter.
You just have to have three members at the table. It doesn't have to be an ADCP adventure.
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