How low will shock lands go?

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With Ravinca block out of extended how low will the shock lands drop?  Currently they are around 10 bucks a pop on average.  Given that they are not being reprinted anytime soon but will now only see play in vintage/legacy I am hoping they will drop to a more reasonable price.
7-8 seems like a more accurate, pre-announcement pricing.

I'd intuit that they're going to all flatline around 5, with the weaker (read: non-:u ones dipping further.
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How much are the old core set lands going for?

Add a dollar to that.
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The ones that correspond to the expensive orignal dual lands (Underground Sea, Tropical Island) will be $6-7 due to increasing demand from Legacy players; the others will be $4-5.

Unless of course they do create the Mercadian Masques+ format, in which case they might actually end up more expensive than they were pre-6/18 .
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fairly low.

The Ranica Lands were in a wierd limbo, where they were literally the best lands around not for some awesome effect, but because they had two basic land types and could therefore be fetched up with a fetch land. Now that is no longer the case, seeing as the origional dual lands are in legacy. They will fall to the wayside, but this does mean that all those lorwyn and core set duals I've been keeping around are going to shoot up again, so I'm happy.
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but where DID the other fork come from?
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The great land debate:
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Zendikar had fetchlands, and Worldwake had manlands. What are the new Scars duals called?
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Explosive Peanut Lightning lands. Well, that's just what I call them.
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i'm just trying to figure out what the point of saying this is. it's just really random.
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I'd say 6-10$ depending on the land. Also if a new format where they become useful again emerges they should double or triple in value.
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