Competition: Who can design the coolest Tarrasque?

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Looking through the original Monster Manual, I realized something I haven't thought about in awhile. The Tarrasque sucks. Between its low damage, pittering Will, boring combat mechanics, and loss of its original, awesome concept, it just has no spice, no zing, no vigor. I think, more than any other monster, it got the shaft in 4e's update.

So I have an idea. I want the top minds to redesign the Tarrasque. Make it fearsome, toughen it up, build it so it would challenge a party at epic tier.

And feel free to expand on the original idea too. There's no need to stick to the original Tarrasque. If you can make a badass Three-Headed Ancient Red Dragonspawn Tarrasque, go for it. Diluvian Typhoon Tarrasque? Why not. Earthrager Greenback Tarrasque? Sounds awesome.

Go nuts.

In addition, if someone can find me a reliable site that will provide a drawing for a fee, I'll pay to have the best Tarrasque drawn so we can all enjoy it in its primeval glory.

I'll start: