Cardboard Miniatures for Session 1-3 (spoilers)

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Thank ya kindly!
Thanks very much and great work again
Love the way you desertedfied them Xav
I'm second from the left in the picture.

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Very nice!

I use miniatures, but will use your sheets for tracking anyway

That looks like a fun. I always use Lego myself, but the arts and crafts time with glue sticks and a hobby knife would be worth it.

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I made small, medium, and large cardstock (well, cut up 3x5 cards) standies (1 set folded with a base, the others just folded in half). The ones with the base I use as minis, with double sided tape, just slapping the new 'pic' of the session onto the standie. The half ones I use for init (so I don't really need a base for those), again with double sided tape and placing the new ones on top, and lining them all up in init order (made the same thing with all of the pre-gens pics too).

This way, with a little multi-coloured sharpy help to distinguish the unique monsters in a group (red, blue, and black kank spitter for example), its REALLY easy to tell which init tracker is to which 'mini', easy for the PCs to distinguish the bad guys (I'll take the green one, you guys kill the red one), and with the pics, the monsters resemble what they are fighting without me having to really shell out for minis or sort through the ones I have to find 'close-enoughs'.

Plus, I like to cut and paste (well, tape), so heh :-p

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