Warlord vs Tactician vs Subjugator vs Major-General Mass B-Day Battle

In a mass battle similar to the one done here: community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...
(Thanks for the idea, Boba52)
I celebrated my birthday by getting some friends over and doing battle with all the uniques I had.

It was very fun (much more successful than last year's mass battle) and it was very interesting because everyone had a two-front war to attend to. 
The one rule was: On the first round, pieces can only move.  No attacking, targetting, or doing damage or activation forcing any other way of any kind.

All in all, it was successful (though we didn't quite finish).  We could've done a better job of keeping track of force points, activations, and other details, however.  The most important thing is that we learned that mass bettles are fun, but also ver long and often tedious.
Our group as a whole may need some more practice with attending to a large army before we're ready to do another one of these.

Anyway, here are pictures to give you an idea:

The Major-General's forces (me)

The Warlord's forces

The Subjugator's forces

The Tactician's forces


I prepare to defend against two enemies to clear a path to the middle, for when I would eventually need it.  Kol would proceed to evade almost every shot fired at him and force push Lumiya into one of the common pits

The Warlord moves against me

As does The Tactician, also being wary of The Subjugator's oncoming forces, led by Blizzard Scout 1

The Subjugator's forces move for the middle and its cover

With most of my shooters ready to unleash a volley of fire down upon The Tacticians oncoming Jedi, I move my two Disruptive pieces in to quell their Evade

Luke's Impulsive Shot got quite a workout

The Warlord's forces are split between an offensive on me and a defensive against The Subjugator

A harsh stalemate between The Subjugator and The Warlord leaves neither with the will to engage quite yet.

My forces engage The Tactician's mid-cost Jedi, holding them back with melee, firing volleys with shooters, and using Sidious's lightning frequently.

The Subjugator's forces hold back The Warlord and move in on The Tactician

No clear winner yet

The Subjugator takes the middle to get out of the shooter-infested surrounding streets

The stalemate explodes when The Subjugator unleashed Vader's Apprentice's lightning.  Shortly after that turn, we ran out of time.

AMS-51 "Dendrite" Connection lost...searching...
Thanks for posting these up! We run a 3-4 person game everytime we play with very limited modifications made to the SWM rules.

No attacking first round.

You can attack the closest character from ANY opposing faction NOT just the closest enemy. standard stealth, cover rules and all targeting rules apply.
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