The Power of Knowledge - The Wizard's Handbook

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This handbook is outdated. Please refer to Ruins Fate's Archmage Ascension Wizard handbook.

The Power of Knowledge - The Wizard's Handbook


                                                          The Perfect Example of Tiefling Enchanter... She dominates your mind

Good day, pigheaded nonentities. I am here to conduct the impossible exercise of imparting, into your mind, a basic understanding of the arcane. Your tests last week were abysmal. Truly you are all, sincerely, the worst students I have ever had the misfortune to teach and saying anymore would be a waste of breath

So enough chit-chat: we are going to start again with the basics. Arcane forces cannot be contained by weak  minds. So here we are, wasting precious time I could use for research, to fortify what passes for your brains.
Architous, the blackboard...
Remember why you are here: you are here to learn how to CAST. Casting is not making some strange pact with absurd entities that will, at best, strip your soul. It is not  channelling your spells into the undignified lump of steel some call a  sword. You were not born with uncontrolled magic power coursing through your blood and no matter how hard you try you cannot will it to produce even the most random or trivial phenomena.  
CASTING is knowing what you are doing! Its effects and its backlashes on both your very body and the very  fabric of reality itself. Studying under me, your soul will remain intact and unless I have to get out my cane so will your bodies. Your minds, however, will be elevated to untold levels of intellect and  power. That is, if you can pay attention for the five minutes needed to actually master the most basic of cantrips…

Remethos - Wizard

Selling Points: Why would you want to play a Wizard

The Wizard is not only One: there are many build opportunities, with many great choices. Illusionists, Evokers, Enchanters, Stunlockers, Gishes, Summoners, Blasters. You can choose your character in a vast range of types and love it
The Wizard is multi-ethnical: you are doing fine with many races. You want to play a dwarf or a thri-keen wizard? There's surely a build for you. You are not being to be stopped by a strange race choice.
You are the Implement Master: you have no limits, you can master nearly any kind of implement used by other casters.
Your Force is Strong with You: you have possibly the best selection of powers in d&d, expecially great dailies. You are one of the few classes, if not the only one, which can use dailies nearly every encounter in the Epic Tier.

This Handbook uses the following system for ratings:

Red: An useless or overshadowed option (from 0/10 to 2/10)
Violet: An option insufficient for most needs but that can be worked, with some difficulty, into something good (from 3/10 to 5/10)
Black: An option sufficient for your needs but nothing more (from 6/10 to 7/10)
Blue: A solid choice which should be always taken into account (from 8/10 to 9/10)
Sky Blue: The best choice in a single spot. These choices are never wrong (10/10)
Gold: A rare rating given to specify that if you make another choice, you are probably doing something wrong (mandatory, without rank)

Unranked: sometimes choices are out of rank. I'm reserving this green hue for this strange need, usually for non combat-related powers.

This Handbook will cover the following sources

AP - Arcane Power
- Adventurer's Vault
AV 2 -
Adventurer's Vault 2
Dragon Magazine, issue XXX
DMA  2009 -
Dragon Magazine Annual 2009
DP -
Divine Power
Dark Sun Campaign Setting
- Dungeon Magazine, issue XXX
E1  -
Death's Reach (Adventure)
Forgotten  Realms Player's Guide
HoFL -
Heroes of Fallen Lands
HoFK -
Heroes of Forgotten Kingdoms
- Village of Hommlet  (Adventure)
HoS - Heroes of Shadow
MM - Monster Manual
MM 2 -
Monster  Manual 2
Manual of the Planes
MP -
Martial Power
- Martial Power 2
- King of the Trollhaunt Warrens (Adventure)
-  Demon Queen Enclave (Adventure)
- Assault on  Nightwyrm Fortress (Adventure)
Player's  Handbook
PHB 2 -
Player's Handbook 2
PHB 3  -
Player's Handbook 3
Player's  Handbook Races: Dragonborn
Player's Handbook Races: Tiefling
PHH 1 -
Player's Handbook  Heroes: Series 1
PHH 2 -
Player's Handbook Heroes:  Series 2
PP -
Primal Power
PsP - Psionic Power


AoE: area of effect, a spell that covers more than one square, usually a burst or a blast
BA: Basic Attack (ranged or melee)
Banish: an effect that removes the target from the game
BBEG: big bad evil guy, the "boss"
Blaster: a build that values damage more than pure control
Buff/Debuff: empower an ally/weaken an enemy
CA: combat advantage
DIS: dual implement spellcaster feat
DPR: damage per round, valuable for blaster builds
Dumpstat: a stat that is not important for the build
ED: Epic Destiny
Friendly: usually an area effect that targets only enemies. Very valuable, in my opinion generally this raises the rating of a power by one colour.
Gish: a mix between a pure caster and a melee warrior
Kicker: an extra effect based on your implement specialization, written in the inferior part of the spell. Only few powers, expecially from Arcane Power, actually possess a kicker.
Imposer: orb of imposition user.
MAD: Multiple Attribute Dependency (no, not the case of the wizard, generally)
MBA: Melee Basic Attack (useful for enchanter and gish builds)
MC: multiclass, often shortened with a slash ( "/" )
Nerf: a change in the feature that reduces its power
Nova: when you unleash a great number of powers/damage in a little time
OA: opportunity action
PP: paragon path
Unfriendly: an area effect that targets indiscriminately friends and enemies (creatures). Contrary to common knowledge of the class, this kind of power is the minority of the Wizard power list.

Special Thanks to:

Ruins Fate in primis, for his constant help
Ytterbium_Dragon, LDB, Paladin Online, Adslahnit and ##4e channel guys.

Special Special Thanks to:

Any poster

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The Basics of the Wizard: Features, Skills, Races and At-Wills

Your power source is Arcane and your role is Controller. You are the first controller ever created in 4e and you are considered one of the best for the large implement selection, the vast support and the huge power array.

You can choose to be an Arcanist (classic wizard): your features will be in PHB and/or AP. Otherwise you can be a Mage Wizard, and your features will be in HoFL/D 391/HoS.

Premise: Arcanist or Mage?

This won't be a final rating: "Mage is stronger in all cases" or "Arcanist is stronger in all cases, what are you saying??". You should direct your choice towards one of these builds first of all by your own judgement (aka brain); if you are still undecided, take a look to these simple points.

You want to be an arcanist when...

Simple facts
- You don't want to focus on a particular build, but just being "a wizard". Mages focus on thematic builds and are generally less versatile than arcanist
- Arcanist are better as save debuffers due to orb of imposition. It is an encounter save debuff that mages don't possess
- You want to use a tome: mages aren't proficient
- You want to be a summoner: mage hasn't (yet) a summoner specialization
- You want to take improved tome of readiness: even while mages can become proficient in tome they don't qualify for the second implement feat
- Your campaign focus on heavy use of rituals: arcanists get it for free

You want to be a mage when...

Simple facts
- You are not sure on your encounter powers: mages can put all encounter powers in the spellbook.
- You want to play a thematic build: illusionist, enchanter, pyromancer, necromancer and stick with it
- You want to play a blaster: evoker, pyromancer and necromancer trumps arcanist (usually the staff build) in every possible way (each in a different way)
- You want to play a non-save-debuffing illusionist: mages are better
- Your campaign will (probably) arrive to the epic tier: in the epic tier mages get for free 2 great features.

Class Traits

Hit Points: Baseline for controllers (read: bad). Staff, Summoner, Evoker and Pyromancer wizards will be a little better, since they are all con-secondary.
Surges: same as HP
Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: probably the worst in the game, but unless you are a some kind of a gish you should not care. I feel that an armor feat is needed in many builds, since having only cloth is generally bad.
Implement Proficiency: simply the best in the game. And you can get more very easily with Arcane Implement Proficiency feat. Mages are a bit worse, since they aren't proficient in the tome

Arcanist Features

Some features have the "no-rank" colour because their usefulness depends from the use the player makes of the feature itself.

Cantrips: these are little nice spells that are great for roleplaying your class but have little or none combat application. From Class Compendium errata you can take also non-PHB cantrips.

Spellbook: Great if you know what your DM will make you fight. Useless if you don't.

Ritual Casting: a very nice feature for all arcane/divine casters, actually you are the best among all ritualist because you get 3 (instead of the standard 2) baseline rituals and 10 more free rituals when you level up. Plus, you have the skill to make your rituals better than others'.

Arcane Implement Mastery: this is the most important wizard feature, and the hardest to judge. There are features for all four basic wizard implements: orb, staff, tome and wand.

Implements Rating

Orb of Imposition (PHB): this was recently nerfed to work only on the first saving throw. Before wizards could literally eliminate a single target from the game locking it in impossible save penalties against effects like stun or domination. At the moment it can be done only by expending a good amount of resources and generally isn't a good investment. This feature becomes much better when you are at higher levels and you gain more save-end effects. This feature also enables you to extend the effect of an at-will another round. Orb of imposition wizards need a little investment in Wisdom.

Orb of Deception (AP): this effect is literally an encounter reroll with an attached bonus. It is naturally good if you choose many illusion powers and needs a little investment in charisma to be more effective.

Staff of Defense (PHB): this is basically a feat. +1 to ac is good by itself, but you also can effectively interrupt 1 attack per encounter. This feature requires a little constitution investment.

Tome of Binding (AP): a decent benefit, baseline for summoners. Requires, as staff, constitution investment. Nearly all summoners take this implement mastery because it affects all their summons: you rarely want to have out more than 1 summon at a time.

Tome of Readiness (AP): this is my favourite feature. Not only it adds a lot of versatility to your arsenal but isn't really tied to a secondary stat. Just remember to have 13 or more Wisdom by paragon (not hard) to get Improved Tome of Readiness, because it's one of the best feats in the game.

Wand of Accuracy (PHB): you add your dexterity modifier to a single attack 1/encounter. Not really bad, and dexterity is nice to have anyway for your initiative. Nice, but unfortunately wand selection is pretty poor (unless you are eladrin, since you can apply this bonus also to swords)

Essential Mage Wizard Features

Some features have the "no-rank" colour because their usefulness depends from the use the player makes of the feature itself.

The Evoker, the Illusionist and the Enchanter are in Heroes of Fallen Lands. The Pyromancer is in Dragon 391. The Necromancer and the Nethermancer are in Heroes of Shadow.

Features common to all mages:

Magic Missile: you gain MM as feature. I still don't like this power, but it's better than an hit in the eye with a rusty poker.

Cantrips: you gain 3 cantrips chosen among Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Suggestion, Disrupt Undead and Spook. The last 3 are the mechanically stronger, but the others are still nice. Especially Spook and Suggestion are really strong choices, since they are basically at the level of a level 2 utility.

Spellbook: as the wizard one, but you can put there also encounter powers... and this becomes EXTRA nice at level 16 if you go for the Enigmatic Mage PP

Master of Lore: at level 21, a +3 bonus to many skills. While nothing incredible it is very nice in the game overall, for skill challenges, for monster knowledge check and for other many things (for example Sage of Ages ED)

Master of Spells: at level 24, you can drop an higher level daily to recover or prepare another lower level daily in any rest (yes, also a short rest between encounters). This is a very nice feature indeed, that makes the spellbook a very nice weapon in your hands, if you know how to use it.

School of Magic: you can choose to specialize into two of these "subclasses", but you gain the Master feature at level 10 only for one of them. You gain the apprentice features at level 1 and 4, the expert features at level 5 and 8. The most common combinations are Illusionist-Enchanter and Evoker-Pyromancer, but you can combo all of them as you want. You main specialization also sets the features of your Enigmatic Mage paragon path, if you choose it as PP.


Keys off Charisma, but it can be largely ignored if you don't go Entrancing Mystic or Enigmatic Mage. Charisma is nice to have anyway for the skill boost you get at level 4.
Apprentice: +2 to forced movement effects. Simple and very effective throughout the whole game
Expert: probably the best of all bonus, since you get two cha-secondary very useful skills
Master: when you act as puppeteer, the puppet gets +2 on the attack roll. Naturally very strong.


Keys off Constitution, which is fairly useful to have anyway.
Apprentice: a decent damage boost, it's not easy to calculate since it's very random. Basically it is a +2.5 damage if you roll only one 1. It gets better once you get multidamaging powers (like chain lightning), since you add the passive multiple times. Tiornys made a table which explains perfectly the feature bonus. Here is the link.
Expert: endurance and intimidate are two very nice skills, expecially the first for an usually very fragile class.
Master: this is great for any class that uses elements as damage (and the wizard does), expecially for a pseudo-striker like the evoker.


Technically it keys off wisdom, but it is useful only for the enigmatic 11 AP feature. Since you need charisma to take illusionist feats, raise charisma when you can and be sure to have a positive modifier in wisdom.
Apprentice: a very nice defensive boost: it doesn't have target cap and stacks with psychic lock. Overall the illusionist from paragon tier can be one of the most hard to down controllers.
Expert: decent, since illusion is cha-secondary... stealth is nice thematically
Master: a very strong feature, AoE free combat advantage is always welcomed and gives you an hint of leader effect.


Apprentice: its value is good for the first half of the heroic tier, then decreases to useless
Expert: Endurance and Athletics aren't wizard class skills... they are sometimes useful, but nothing more
Master: since you are probably going to cast only necrotic spells, this is obiousvly good for you


Apprentice: AoE concealment is incredible, but is limited and doesn't stack with concealment you may already have. However, it fits thematically with many of your powers
Expert: Stealth and Intimidate are thematically good, but nothing more.
Master: for the same reason Shadow Warlock Armour is good, this ability is incredible. Here's why wizards do all your arcane better THAN YOU! This ability is even better than Illusionist's one.


Keys off Constitution, which is fairly nice to have anyway: it is very useful for the Master ability.
Apprentice: damage bonus and ignore resistance 9 levels before the evoker
Expert: not useful as other skills bonus, since the pyromancer is con-based. Not too shabby, though
Master: creating an area for extra damage is not only fluffy but also very nice mechanically

Class Stats

Wizard's class stats are varied: usually you should think about what you need (expecially feats prerequisites) in advance and plan your stat points. Build your array carefully because it is extremely important for feat selection, since wizard spells don't have secondary stat riders. So, basicall, the only fixed point is that intelligence has to get each stat boost... other valuations are left to the player.

Strength: For most wizards this is THE dumpstat. Grab a 10 or an 11 if you want to take hide armor forward in your chareer, but it is not really needed. However Genasi wizards, for the feat Elemental Empowerment, need a good investment in this stat.

Constitution: Needed by Staff, Tome, Evoker and Pyromancer wizards, this is a very nice stat to have anyway. It should be your secondary or tertiary highest stat.

Dexterity: Needed only for the Dual Implement Spellcaster and some other nice feats. Wand wizard needs a good dexterity modifier. Don't put your negative modifier in this stat because initiative is extremely important for controllers (a bit less for blasters, though)

Intelligence: simply your focus. An 18 after racial modifiers is your best bet for good controlling but you can even for for an 18 pre-racial if your race allows a bonus to charisma, wisdom or dexterity. Someone prefer an 18 pre-racial even for all builds: you have to pay a bit of attention to your wanted feats prerequisites, but is more than workable (for example for non-multiclassing enchanters)

Wisdom: Needed really only by Orb of Imposition wizards (the more, the better), and if you want a decent thunderwave. Also needed for Enlarge Spell, but only 13. Mage illusionists are keyed of Wisdom, even if they rarely use it as secondary stat (only for the Enigmatic Mage level 11 feature). Nice for some skills, though.

Charisma: Needed, again, only for the Spell Focus feat in paragon tier. If you don't want this feat you may dump it completely and use wisdom for will defense. Orb of deception users need a good investment in this stat (a 14-16 minimum). Enchanter may want a bit of positive charisma modifier for their improved skills and for fluff reasons.


Player's Handbook 1, HoFL and HoFK

Dragonborn: At first glance: bonus to two secondary stats = not more than decent (con and cha). You need huge investment to be good, but you have a lovely support for your race, expecially for your breath feature, and you can be a pretty decent blaster.

Dwarf: bonus to constitution and wisdom, you are tough and it's hard to move you where you don't want to go. Not a terrible pick (Mul from Dark Sun is better, though). Heroes of Fallen Lands didn't change the race.

Eladrin: They were good before, now with the advent of HoFL they are in the olympus. With the advent of dual implement spellcaster most wizards will need dexterity anyway and a teleport is a nice addition. If you don't use a wand dexterity will have probably little use and you can use charisma for multiple purposes (better defenses, spell focus, skills). Thematically they make great enchanters and illusionists now: enchanter spell names are usually taken from Eladrin Lore. Bonus to arcana and decent support are the icing on the cake.

Elf: HoFL changed the race to one of the best for wizards. They are now 4e Eladrins (dex-int) with an even better feat support. A great pick.

Half-Elf: constitution is nice in any case, charisma is nice for spell focus, wisdom instead for mage illusionists and imposers. A workable summoner, illusionist or imposer: not the best, though. 

Halfling: worse than dragonborn. HoFL didn't change the race. Go play a sorcerer or a warlock, please.

Human: The HoFL book changed human in better. Now they have a racial power as most other races. You can still choose to take a third at will if you want: this is particularly good in heroic tier, when at wills are much more important. You can choose, instead, to take the racial power Heroic Effort, which is a "wand" feature: an encounter bonus to hit (but can also be used to save, and a +4 bonus to save is nearly an auto-success) that is very welcomed. Overall the race remains one of the best for every class. Extra feat, skill and decent feat support bring this race to a very high level of competitiviness. Probably it remains the best in the heroic tier, but now it is decisely better even in higher ones.

Tiefling: with the advent of new fire-based feats and player's handbook races: tiefling they make top controllers, not only great fire blasters. The charisma is welcomed for spell focus and for enchanters and they have huge feat support. Overall probably the best race for wizards (take a look to builds: most are tieflings), expecially in higher tiers: they are probably the best paragon and epic tier wizards, simply because they get another free +1 to hit with Secrets of Belial. HoFK didn't change race rating, since we want Intellect anyway.

Player's Handbook 2

Deva: great support for orb of imposition build. Memory of Thousand Lifetimes is very nice, as astral majesty for controllers. A top pick, with a very nice racial epic destiny and some support

Gnome: they are like completely geared towards an illusion build, even if the feat support is somewhat lacking. A very nice race, though, with a really shining race encounter power.

Goliath: strength is useless but con (or wis) is nice. You may make a very tough staff blaster wizard due to your decent feat support, but it will require great attention.

Half-orc (HoFK): dex and strength or dex and con... there are better choices.

Longtooth Shifter: if you want to have fear of silver, be at least razorclaw.

Razorclaw Shifter: dex and wis are decent. No feat support, though. At the level of the Dwarf, less sturdy.

Player's Handbook 3

Githzerai: at deva level for orb of imposition builds. Other features are, though, a little worse.

Minotaur: strength is uselee, goring charge is USELESS... overall not the best pick sincerely.

Shardmind: all race features scream "CONTROLLER" (they scream "psion", but we hear "wizard"). Top level race, but ugly as hell

Wilden: at dwarf-elf level, voyage of the ancients is very nice.

Monster Manual, Dragon, Dark Sun, Eberron, Forgotten Realms, HoS and other sources races

Changeling/Doppelganger (EPG-MM): like tiefling and gnome, but without the feat support.

Drow (FRPG-HoFK): overall a decent race. They get bonus to two decent stats (dex and wis/cha), and they have a couple of nice tricks in their sleeve. They're still better as sorcerer or clerics, though.

Genasi (FRPG): Genasi are the best non-fire blasters, due to great racial feats and racial skills. With the extra racial bump to constitution they are also great generalist wizards.

Githyanki (MM): A decent int-con option, but they share the same problems warforged has: no feat support for wizards. The racial power is possibily even worse than forged one.

Kalashtar (EPG): bonus to wisdom and intellect and synergy with psychic damage and bad conditions make them premiere illusionists.

Mul (DSCS): better than dwarf, maybe so better to get blue rating. Incredible Toughness, is really a strong encounter power and they have a great feat support (human, dwarf or the great mul feat Bred for Battle)

Revenant (D 376-HoS): overall nice. You are not assassin but this race is decent for the wizard. The feat support isn't that great for you, but it's workable.

Shadar-Kai (D 372): nice race with death-themed abilities

Shade (HoS): this race technically is perfect for Wizards. The problem is that it possess that little bit of feature which decreases your (already low) healing surges. Darkvision, +Arcana, stealth training... all good, except that feature.

Thri-Kreen (DSCS): a race that probably suprises: the ability to store and retrieve an item as free action is really good for wizard juggling with orbs or staffs. Dex and Wis bonus is pretty nice. The only thing keeping them relatively low rating is that the encounter power is useless unless you stack dexterity, and this is generally a bad idea.

Vryloka (HoS): bonus to offstats, good racial, good necrotic resistance and speed. The blood dependency feature is quite bad and they have quite pointless skill bonus, though. This puts them in the middle of the bunch.

Warforged (EPG): stats right at their place but they have basically no feat support for the wizard class.


You automatically get Arcana (Int), which is also very nice for rituals. I also like some of its skill powers like Insightful Warning.

Diplomacy (Cha) is the black sheep of your list, unless you are an illusionist or an enchanter
Dungeoneering (Wis) is nice to know what aberrants do bad.
History (Int) has a great level 2 power (Strategist Epiphany) if you don't want to invest too much in initiative.
Insight (Wis) has great play application and is incredibly useful
Nature (Wis) is another ritual-staple skill. The power Nature Sense is very nice again for initiative.
Religion (Int) is the last skill you need for mastering rituals. It has some leader powers but nothing exceptional, but a good half of the rituals is religion-based

At Wills Advice: a bit too many things to consider, try to choose the ones which fits better your character choice.
Power description: Name (book reference) Defense Targeted, Keywords (Arcane and Implement keywords aren't written)

At Will Spells

Arc Lightning (HoFL) Reflex, Lightning, Evocation: targeting freely a couple of creatures is decent, probably is the way to go for blasters. Damage is everything for them, so it is probably one of the best powers for them, since this power is also easy to use in most cases and gets also evocation school extra brutal roll.

Beguiling Strands (HoFL) Will, Charm, Psychic, Enchantment: damage is low, but it is the only drawback. Heavy pushing from level 1 is great, the area is huge and it is friendly. Overall one of the best level 1 at wills, and it can be further enhanced by psychic lock in paragon tier

Chilling Cloud (PHBH1) Fortitude, Cold: a nice at will. AoE at wills are rare, Friendly aoe at will much rarer. This comes out also with an effect tied. A great, lovely power. The negative things that stops it from being a top tier power are: it targets fort and can't be enlarged, and that the damage is pityful. Frankly those are little issues. This power remains very good.

Cloud of Daggers (PHB) Reflex, Force, Zone, Evocation: a nice power that was created at the start of 4e for orb of imposition users. A good power for blasters, if they have at least decent wisdom, since the damage isn't restricted to 1/turn.

Erupting Flare (D 388) Fortitude,  Fire: this is not made for a controller. The effect makes people  stay far from the target. It may have some tactical uses for fire  blasters, but generally is a bad idea, also because it makes the target effectively possess a damage aura.

Freezing Burst (HoFL) Reflex, Cold, Evocation, E: an area spell like scorching burst: the element is less resistable (useful until level 10 for mages) and the slide adds a lot of control. Overall very nice, expecially for blasters. For non-fire blasters imho this spell is a nearly a must have

Hypnotism (HoFL) Will, Charm, Enchantment: very nice power, subtly level scaling, nice in all occasions to force marks and to make elites implode ally enemies, and to slide into dangerous things (in this case beguiling strands works better, unless you want to slide only 1 enemy or pull enemies towards your defender). This power is great for the number of options it has, but suffer of a little hitting problems (for non-enchanter that is really an issue). Enchanters get many way to improve accuracy and for them is a really really really good spell.

Illusory Ambush  (AP) Will, Illusion, Psychic: a decent power, that becomes better if you are a paragon-tier illusionist. If you do, this is probably your second at-will, even if a bit outshined by phantasmal assault. Usually the choice for early illusionists is to choose this at-will or phantom bolt: overall these powers are quite similar in power. If you find that you are attacked a lot, or you are in a small party, choose this power.

Magic Missile (PHB) Autohit, Force: the july update completely ruined this power. It scales horribly and in my opinion is the worst power of the list, but many players like it anyway for the long range. In the heroic tier is it situationally usable. In the paragon and epic tiers it scales so badly that its damage becomes pityful. A little better if you have, again, an enabling leader. Mages get it for Free, so it's a nice weapon in their hands. Alcestis pointed out effects that doesn't work with this kind of power (this is true for all autohitting powers in Dragon 381 and autohitting damaging powers in HoFL, for example the Kelgore's Undeniable Fire in the Evoker's Enigmatic Mage PP).

Technically it is an auto damage power. It does not hit. The distinction is huge. And MM is garbage now because the following does not work with it.

Psychic Lock
Siberys Shards
Academy Master
Critical Effects of any kind
Destructive Wizardry (granted, was only possible with a Magic Missile Wand)
Elemental Echoes
Dual Implement Spellcaster
Item Bonuses (you get the idea, any bonus that only applies to damage rolls)

Nightmare Eruption (D 380) Will,  Illusion, Psychic: at the level of cloud of daggers, but it  targets will and has an hint of friendly targeting. Not a too shabby  power.

Phantasmal Assault (HoFL) Will, Illusion, Psychic: a lot better than winged horde but only single target. Getting free CA is good for every party, expecially if your leader is a decent buffer. Remember that not being able to make OAs doesn't block grabbing and flanking anymore.

Phantom Bolt (AP) Will, Illusion,  Psychic: sliding at-will can be very strong but probably most of  you will use thunderwave for this. It has its uses, though, expecially  in the hand of high level illusionists with Psychic lock. Usually the choice for early illusionists is to choose this at-will or phantom bolt: overall these powers are quite similar in power. If you find that you aren't attacked a lot and you like that occasional (little) forced movement, take this power.

Phantom Cage (HoFL) Will, Illusion, Psychic: surely underwhelming compared to other at wills, it works decently in the first level... then the rider becomes too little to be significant.

Ray of Frost (PHB) Fortitude, Evocation, Cold: another old power that is still good. Cold blasters have served their 3 at wills without having to use a specific implement.

Restless Dead (HoS) Reflex, Necromancy, Shadow, Zone : basically it's a vanilla attack but that could be exploited with terrain advantage to get constant CA. Overall, nothing great.

Rotting Doom (HoS) Fortitude, Necromancy Necrotic Shadow: blah... situational at best. The damage is decent, but the control is basically non-existant and is good only against undeads.

Scare (HoS) Will, Fear, Nethermancy, Psychic, Shadow: unfriendly blast 3, little control. A vanilla version of Winged Horde, not so synergic with Nethermancer features.

Scorching Burst (PHB) Reflex, Evocation, Fire, E: Pretty much overshadowed by freezing burst for anyone except Pyromancers and Fire blasters. Freezing Burst does exactly the same things but better. For "fire users" it is still a must in the lower-heroic tier, since it is the only decent fire at will spell (I don't consider Erupting Flare a viable choice). After, in late heroic-early paragon, when you possibly get your weapon or summer or admixture Freezing Burst (or other ways to add fire damage), you can pretty much forget about its existance and retrain it. If you don't have access to essential books, it is still viable.

Stone Blood (Red Box) Fortitude, Transmutation, E: aoe slowing is very strong at first level. Fortitude isn't often the best defense to target but it can be workable. Overall a nice spell, at the level of other aoe at wills. At the moment this spell isn't legal in LFR.

Storm Pillar (AP) Conjuration, Lightning: this power was nerfed sometimes ago. It is still nice in the blockades and narrow passages. It can also be useful to immobilize a single target, even if the damage isn't so great (but it can be really dangerous): you can place it over a foe to make him choose between immobilization and getting damage. There are many ways, though, to exploit this power. If your party has sliding effects on OA, or you like to have sliding powers like Hypnotic Pattern or Grease, then the power of this spell increases to incredibly strong.

Thunderwave (PHB) Fortitude, Evocation, Thunder, E: this power was a staple in nearly all wizard builds. At the moment it shares many things with beguiling strands: the latter is friendly, this is enlargeable (2 times with Resounding Thunder). Beguiling Strands usually pushes more, this is more damaging. Overall they are fairly similar, except that this spell requires more investment and is a little less easy to use overall. For Blasters it's better than Beguiling Strands, usually, since it has the evocation keyword.

Unraveling Dart (HoS) Fortitude, Nethermancy, Shadow: exploiting vulnerabilities is good, actually. It's only damage, but it can be a lot of damage for blasters. Zero control, though. Basically this is the vulnerability version of arc lightning, which rocks also a +wis modifier: the un-vunerability version of the power can often be more damaging than Arc Lightning, but without elements (unusable by Genasi Blasters, for instance)

Winged Horde (D 381) Will,  Psychic, E: this is so good that is nearly a must for any wizard.  Friendly AOE and free movement in the burst. And you can even enlarge it? This is probably one of the best at wills in the game. Changed to sky-blue because it doesn't stop anymore grabbing and flanking (check the FAQ Here), but in my opinion it is still the best at will, not mandatory for everyone, but a little step above the other ones.

Chauntea/Lathander/Torm Cleric since 1995 My husband married a DM - καλὸς καὶ ἀγαθός


Heroic Tier Spells

A little disclaimer
This handbook is purposefully written for Controller Wizards: most damaging-only spell will get a worse rating, because they simply lack control (unless they are very strong, for example Chain Lightning or Flaming Sphere). If you plan to play a blaster-evoker wizard, damage based with low control, double-check powers before selection.
I actually wrote in the power description if a spell deals more damage than another one, but i have not checked each description twice. If you find that a blasting-evoking-damaging power needs an higher rating, please, write a little note about it.

Take them with a grain of salt. Divided into 2 simply sections: controllers and blasters.

I will write, next to all powers, the descriptors, the defense targeted and if it can be enlarged (E)

Level 1 Encounter Advice: A lot of choice for controllers: Charm of Misplaced Wrath, Grasping Shadows, Icy Terrain,  Illusory Obstacles, Twilight Falls and Orbmaster's Detonation. Blaster: Burning Hands and Force Orb

Level 1 Encounter Spells

Astral Wasp (AP) Fortitude, Conjuration: single target, hits fortitude, not really your power. Better if you are a con-secondary, though

Burning Hands (PHB-HoFL) Reflex, Evocation Fire, E: the targeted area it's HUGE. I like this power even if it's only damaging, and blasters naturally love it. Half damage on a miss, in the HoFL version, makes it a bit better

Charm of Misplaced Wrath (HoFL) Will, Charm, Enchantment: this is a great power, even if it is single target. The target is dazed, slided and has to use a basic attack on a target of your choice (and this can trigger your defender's mark and, expecially, opportunity attacks). The target has to make an attack EVEN if you miss, without the sliding and the dazing. Overall imho one of the best powers in the level. The original version was in D 381

Chill Strike (PHB) Fortitude, Evocation, Cold: nice single target debuff and good damage, but charm of displaced wrath and illusory obstacles are strictly better.

Conduit of Ice (D 382) Reflex, Cold, Zone: nice controlling power, creates a zone where the enemy is encouraged to maintain its position. Better if you like to have your familiar active (for example if you have a gelatineous cube)

Darkening Flame (HoS) Reflex, Fire, Necrotic, Necromancy, Shadow: the extra damage is int based, and the single target damage is reasonable... but there are better blasters power.

Empowering Lightning (AP) Reflex, Lightning: this is basically an improved version of phantom bolt (without the psychic keyword, though). The wand of accuracy kicker isn't that great thing

Force Orb (PHB) Reflex, Evocation, Force, E: what i like of this power is the friendly targeting and huge damage. Not a single hint of control, though. It is a really good pick for blasters, since the secondary attack is friendly and can be enlarged.

Grasping Shadows (AP) Will, Illusion, Psychic, Zone, E: nice targeting, great effect (aoe slowing, why would you take chill strike??). Even if now the damage is only 1d8, it is enough to make this a great power

Icy terrain (PHB) Reflex, Evocation, Zone, Cold, E: knocking prone is nice, the extra slowing effect on the terrain is cool too, but grasping shadows has a superior control and damage type (especially for the zone) and Orbmaster is better for orb users..

Illusory Obstacles (HoFL) Will, Illusion: very nice as first powers used in the encounter, to lock enemies. A lovely and simple power, something similar to a stun against melee enemies. I prefer Grasping Shadows, but this is a really good power too.

Leaden Transmutation (Red Box) Fortitude, Transmutation: 2d8 damage is quite enough for a single target spell but the controlling effect isn't really strong. You are probably going better with Grasping Shadows (aoe and can lead to more damage if used decently)

Orbmaster's Incendiary Detonation (AP) Reflex, Fire, Force, Zone, E: the initial burst is incredible, the extra fire damage is friendly... and the orb of imposition kicker is something extra good since it enlarges the zone (again) and makes it friendly!

Ray of Enfeeblement (PHB) Fortitude, Necromancy, Necrotic: weakening is a very nice effect at every level and the damage is nice. But it hits fortitude and deals necrotic damage, which is the probably the worst type of damage. Now it has the necromancy keyword.

Skewering Spikes (D 383) Reflex: it would be nice for a sorcerer, but you're not a sorcerer. No control but decent damage. No keywords, though, but easy targeting, but short range. A bag full of doubts. There are better choices.

Staffstrike Corrosion (AP) Reflex, Acid: low damage, ridiculous effect, single target, bad kicker.

Twilight Falls (HoS) Will, Nethermancy, Psychic, Shadow, Zone, E: friendly area, single target daze, constant concealment effect that stacks with basic nethermancer feature. Not so bad.

Level 1 Daily Advice: Controllers: Phantom Chasm, Sleep, Arcane Whirlwind, Horrid Whispers, Flaming Sphere. Blasters: Flaming Sphere, Arcane Whirlwind, Summon Dretch, Fountain of Flame,  Rolling Thunder

Level 1 Daily Spells

Arcane Whirlwind (D 383) Reflex, Thunder, Zone: i love this power. If you happen to have a party with agile opportunists allies, this becomes an OA fest. It has a ridiculous effect of sliding 1/round and moving the area 6 (!) squares as move action. Plus, it has the thunder keyword for extra area with resounding thunder. A very nice pick.

Acid Arrow (PHB) Reflex, Evocation, Acid: It is the daily version of cloud of daggers and force orb, but unlike force orb isn't friendly. Good damage, but that's all. Now the secondary attacks are an effect and it has the evocation keywords.

Flaming Sphere (PHB) Reflex, Evocation, Conjuration, Fire: Good damage spell, but it requires a little finesse and party coordination to be used consistently.

Fountain of Flame (HoFL) Reflex, Evocation, Fire: friendly and consistent damage. Overall a great choice. Probably not so damaging as flaming sphere, but more friendly and more abusable with sliding.

Freezing Cloud (PHB) Fortitude, Cold, Evocation, Zone: large area but it can't be moved, and damage instances are very little. Still, in little spaces could have its uses, but flaming sphere controls and deals a lot more damage..

Grease (AP) Reflex, Zone: a nice naughty power. The area doesn't need to be sustained and the proning attack is a free action. Still, it can't be moved, but unless freezing cloud the effect is more controllerish. It gets blue because is friendly.

Horrid Whispers (AP) Will, Illusion, Psychic: friendly aoe psychic damage, the target is slowed and take penalties. Prone as aftereffect is very strong. I has also a very cool miss effect.

Phantom Chasm (HoFL) Will, Illusion, Psychic: this power was completely revamped from the AP version. Now it has a miss effect, it is friendly and has a zone effect that makes enemies prone. Now it is at the level of horrid whispers, even better if you target melee

Ray of Fatigue (HoS) Fortitude, Necrotic, Nethermancy, Shadow: weakening is a strong effect at level 1 at offsets the single creature targeting. A decent power, quite precise too.

Rolling Thunder (AP) Reflex, Conjuration, Thunder: doesn't scale as well as Flaming Sphere does and hasn't got the same innate control that Arcane Whirlwind possess. Still, it is a nice power and deals load of damage.

Sleep (HoFL) Will, Enchantment, Charm: this power is the new version of the old spell in PHB. It is exactly the same (works nicely with save debuffers and imposers) but it doesn't have anymore the Sleep keyword and now shines the Charm one.

Slimy Transmutation (Red Box) Fortitude, Transmutation, Polymorph: the target cannot attack (save end). If you miss it loses at least one round. Cripples melee and ranged. Very strong effect not tied to any elemental damage. A bit worse than sleep only because it is single target.

Spirit Rend (HoS) Will, Necromancy, Necrotic, Shadow: immobilizing save end, friendly, attacks will and has an extraordinary effect to counterbalance the necrotic damage at low level against undeads. Not at phantom chasm levels, but not so worse. Plus, it deals a good bunch of damage.

Summon Dretch (D 385) Summoning: this is the most damaging level 1 summon. Remember that it is an high risk-high reward summon, surely better for blasters or summoners with a nice number of hp (to sustain the 1d6 damage it deals anytime you act on your own). Still, 4d6+8+ double con modifier as standard action each round isn't really crappy damage at level 1.  

Summon Dust Devil (D 385) Summoning: this is a little more friendly summon. Sliding 2 at will is very nice, and the penalty for instrisic nature isn't very harsh.

Summon Fire Warrior (AP) Fire, Summoning: it doesn't really do very much. OA action is nice, and maybe can be useful for a certain niche of fire blasters who don't want flaming sphere (if it exists). Very defensive, but nothing more than vanilla.

Wizard's Fury (D 374) Force: the nerf to Magic Missile really hit it as a truck filled by little trucks. Surely better for mages who can dodge cleverly the worst drawback, being obliged to use an underwhelming at will. Remember to retrain it around level 9-10, when you should have a +2 implement in the offhand, to make better use of your equipment.

Level 2 Utility Advice: Shield, Mystical Debris, Shield, Glib Tongue (enchanters only) or Shield.

Level 2 Utility Spells

Arcane Insight (DMA 2009) Encounter: more a skill power than utility power, it has always its usefulness with coupled with arcana checks for rituals.

Daunting Presence (AP) Encounter, Fear: a nice power but pales  in comparison with shield and can't be used as interrupt.

Expeditous Retreat (PHB-HoFL) Daily: i still like it for the huge  movement possibilities, but being daily quite ruins this power. Heroes of Fallen Lands version didn't change the power.

Familiar Harrier (D 382) At-will: if you want to keep your familiar active, this is a way to increase its movement skills. However, if you happen to possess a nightmare saddle (AV) and the ritual familiar mount (D 382) you will suddenly have teleport 10 speed. And this is obiouvsly incredibly nice.

Feather Fall (PHB) Daily: do you play in sharn? No? Don't take it,  then

Float (AP) Daily: a little, little, little better than Feather  Fall, for the "stealth" features... i wouldn't take it anyway unless you  always play in a mud-like swamp terrain.

Glib Tongue (D 381) Encounter: taken alone is a decent skill bump and a conditional +hit. Taken by an enchanter becomes a monstrousity useful for novas and sure hitting at low level. Gold if your DM ignores your enchanter and you can safely skip shield.

Guardian Blades (AP) Daily, Force: a nice "don't attack me"  power. Couple it with the various white lotus feat for real retribution  on attack effect.

Jump (PHB) Encounter: actually i like it very much. Nice  targeting, encounter. This is your first power in the fly/levitation line

Instant Friend (HoFL) Charm, Enchantment, Daily: i don't like this power very much. This is a quite strange, a 3.5 edition-like power with level check and "doesn't remember you used the power" things. Overall it isn't really bad but it has severe limitations.

Lifetaker (HoS) Daily: a strange leading utility, but it's not really bad at all.

Memory to Mist (D 381) Daily: this is not a combat power,  and i love its fluff... lovely when you punch the king and make him  forget the bashing. Its RP applications are infinite.

Moonstride (D 382) Encounter: as it stands it is a great power...  it gets a little worse when you look at shield. At low level, though, it's quite on par with shield, since save end effects are rarer.

Mystical Debris (D 383) At will: ok, i am partial towards this  power. I like it very much because you can actually control the  difficult terrain pattern. The effect becomes less powerful in late  paragon, when you start to have many flying or teleporting foes. Be  advised that, while is it is a very fun power it is not easy to use,  though. If you are undecided between this and shield, take shield.

Phantasmal Terrain (AP) Daily, Illusion, Zone: the area is huge  and the effect is nice, but usually traps are set by your enemy and not  by yourself. Nice for those campaign where you fight in a place you can  visit freely.

Shield (PHB-HoFL) Encounter, Force: completely negates 1 attack per  encounter. What elso do you want from an utility? All in all, maybe  gold for most players. Heroes of Fallen Lands version didn't change the power.

Spectral Image (D 381-HoFL) Encounter, Illusion: this is bad but  actually can be nicer if your DM is honest and roleplays stupid  enemies as stupid. At best it is good like shield. So, why don't take  shield? (this power is cooler, though, i know). Heroes of Fallen Lands version didn't change the power.

Summon Shadow Serpent (AP-HoS) Encounter, Summoning, Shadow: the worst of the  bunch. Get a rogue instead, or perception skill. HoS didn't change the power, only adding the shadow keyword.

Level 3 Encounter Advice: Controllers: Hypnotic Pattern, Maze of Mirrors, Color Spray. Blasters: Fire Shroud, Cordon of Bones, Icy Rays, Shock Sphere

Level 3 Encounter Spells

Arcane Bolt (D 381) Autohit, Force, Implement: dragon 381 powers are very strange. We have memory of mist, spectral image and this. This is the worst, since, except for implement, you don't get any kind of scaling in this power. Simply the worst choice you could make, even if you were a striker. The July errata, if possible, made this power even worse than it was.

Blissful Ignorance (HoFL) Autohit, Charm, Enchantment: large aoe slowing, interrupt and opportunity denial, all mixed in the effect line. A great combo, probably one of the better if not the best opener spell for your enchanter. Not at Color Spray or Hypnotic Pattern's level in my opinion, but very nice.

Chill Claws (AP) Reflex, Cold: This is like Illusory Ambush, except that i targets up to two creatures. The single target version is even worse than illusory ambush, because it doesn't have the illusion and psychic keyword. It is better than the bags full of idiotic things that are arcane bolt and cinderfall

Cinderfall (D 383) Reflex, Fire, E: ern, what? Bad aoe damage and those 5 damage as an effect. It is barely better than Scorching Burst and much worse, for instance, than Force Orb

Color Spray (PHB) Will, Radiant, Evocation, E: Huge blast of radiant damage and santa arrives with a bag full of dazing. Simple to use and nice effect, expecially great at low levels where form of movements are few. Radiant Damage is nice because it is rarely resisted and can be easily enhanced. Now it sports the Evocation keyword, making it a viable choice also for Evocation Mages.

Cordon of Bones (HoS) Fortitude, Necromancy, Shadow, E: damage can stack high with minion killing, but the control is quite lacking.

Ebony Razors (HoS) Will,Nethermancy, Psychic, Shadow: unfriendly blast 5, large area but clearly inferior to Color Spray. Works with nethermancer features, but it's nothing incredible.

Fireshroud (PHB) Fortitude, Evocation Fire, E: i love this power, even if it is only damage. Ongoing 5 as an encounter is rare, and the new tiefling article in dragon 388 has surely the ways to make this power even better. An obvious choice for fire blasters and mages, with the evocation keyword.

Hypnotic Pattern (AP) Will, conjuration, Illusion: how to waste an enemy round. I love this power, it's a pity that it can't be enlarged. Not too easy to use decently, though.

Icy Rays (PHB) Reflex, Evocation Cold: The bigger brother of Ray of Frost. The immobilized condition, while not AoE, is very strong. Slowed on a miss is the icing on the cake. It also deals good damage and is a nice pick for frost blasters.

Maze of Mirrors (HoFL) Will, Illusion: another illusion concurrent. It's a lovely power as hypnotic pattern, even easier to use but not friendly-aoe as H.P. Unfortunately this power doesn't have the psychic keyword and can't be enlarged but these are details. The HoFL version changed the penalty cap to -4 but added a slowing effect on a miss. The heart of the power didn't change and it is still very strong

Melting Pool (D 382) Fortitude, Acid, E: not really better than cinderfall. The familiar kicker, the larger are and the better damage type takes this power at least to a violet range

Radiant Pillar (D 380) Radiant, Zone: blindness is a really heavy condition at level 3, but it last only if the target is in the zone. Imho is a bad power unless you need to scatter enemies (and this generally isn't good for you). It is not enlargeable.

Pinioning Vortex (AP) Fortitude: the target at the start of its next turn is freed from your effect... i don't know what kind of uses can have a power like this. Maybe better if you have a party full of ranged that can benefit from the immobilized foe to move.

Shock Beetle Swarm (AP) Fortitude, Conjuration, Lightning, E: if it weren't for that "at least" in the power text this power could deal stupid damage. Unfortunately this power isn't good for damage (you have fire shroud), but is nice for fluff.

Shock Sphere (HoFL) Reflex, Lightning, Evocation, E: unfriendly aoe damage (decent but nothing extraordinary)... The area, though, is fairly large. The HoFL version adds only half damage on a miss. Decent, but overall probably fireshroud deals more damage.

Level 5 Daily Advice: Controllers: Stinking Cloud, Tasha's Conscription, Visions of Avarice. Blasters: Stinking Cloud, Summon Magma Beast

Level 5 Daily Spells

Acid Mire (AP) Fortitude, Acid, Zone: quite a simple spell, but i liked the extra damage on prone effect. The only issue is that you can't move a zone which isn't very large.

Bigby's Icy Grasp (PHB) Reflex, Evocation, Cold, Conjuration: this is the single target version of Web, with additional damage tied. It's quite situational since your grab can be escaped quite easily. All in all an underwhelming power.

Fireball (HoFL) Reflex, Evocation, Fire: i'll give this power a violet for my eternal love, but is probably the worst of level 5 dailies... oh, the pity! Oh, the waste! It's a bit better for level 10+ pyromancer, since it leaves an huge carpet of fire on the ground if you have the pyromancer master feature.

Glitterdust (AP) Reflex, Radiant: blinded is a very strong condition, add the impossibility to gain concealment and this is the definitive lurker bane. Not a bad power, but the little area and the little duration of the effect keeps this power in a mid-rating range.

Grasp of the Grave (D 372) Reflex, Necrotic, Zone: a little better than acid mire for the zone and the dazing. Again, you can't move the zone and it deals necrotic damage which is high-resistable

Phantasmal Assillant (AP) Will, Illusion, Psychic: a nice psychic power but it's single target and the condition isn't too harsh. Overall illusionists should go for vision of avarice

Scattering Shock (D 383) Fortitude, Reflex, Lightning: large area for a very tactical spell. Rememeber to slide your friends not adjacent to enemies, so you can target them freely.

Stinking Cloud (PHB) Fortitude, Poison, Zone: a really lovely damaging powers, nice to couple with forced movement tricks but not so abusable as before. For blasters it's still good, since it can still deal a lot of damage, especially if you have multiple characters with forced movement powers in your party.

Summon Abyssal Maw (AP) Reflex, Summoning: a nice summoning power, expecially for the defender-like property on OAs. A nice choice, but other summons are probably better.

Summon Imp (D 385) Poison, Summoning: a very nice summon. The instrinsic nature is party-friendly and the damage is nice. Poison damage isn't great but isn't bad neither.

Summon Magma Beast (D 385) Fire, Summoning: this summon has a little more control for the slow (save end) spreaded in the battlefield. Be sure to position the beast in a way he can attack only enemies. The instrinsic penalties are minimal, since you gain the ability to shift 2 squares as a minor action. A nice choice, overall maybe better than the imp.

Summon Shadow Servant (HoS) Shadow, Summoning: creature you summon is tied to your master specialization. Both creatures are quite good. I prefer the skeleton, which has a good OA and hits fairly hard. The shadow beast has a good at will penalty attack that fits thematically the nethermancer and is quite sturdy. These summons, unlike other ones, last until destroyed, which is really interesting. Attention: At current time the shadow beast has hp equal to your healing surge, which is fairly bad: I hope this issue will be addressed, but for now its rating is substantially worse.

Tasha's Forcible Conscription (HoFL) Will, Enchantment, Charm: a weird power. Stunning at level 5 is very powerful, as the successive melee or ranged attack. But it breaks on attack (not hit) and this make it a bit fragile. Nice but not gamebreaking like visions of avarice.

Thunderstaff (D 380) Fortitude, Thunder: actually i like this power. Immediate interrupt capable to save you, huge push (as effect) and dazing. Not too bad for very defensive wizards, but in this level is hard to shine with such other options.

Visions of Avarice (HoFL) Will, Illusion, Zone: this power was changed and errataed to a less powerful version: the immobilization cannot be repeated anymore, but the pull is always very nice and imho this power is still very good anyway. Orb expertise feat applies here, to a whopping 5 square control. In my opinion it is still the best power of the level, but not an autopick anymore.

Web (PHB) Reflex, Zone: still a great choice, but suffers a little competition with vision of avarice. The area is very large, though, and doesn't need to be sustained.

Level 6 Utility Advice: Emerald Eye (enchanters and illusionists), Iron Cohort, Fire Shield, Insightful Warning

Level 6 Utility Spells

Able Companion (D 380) Daily, Conjuration: this power could be incredibly good as encounter. As a daily, it is still passable.

Darklight (HoS): Encounter, Shadow, Zone: a zone that completely denies the darkvision issue until the end of the encounter. A bit campaign dependant, but i really like it.

Dimension Door (PHB-HoFL) Daily, Teleportation: nice, but overshadowed in every single way by wizard's escape.

Disguise Self (PHB) Daily, Illusion: this is not a combat power, so i won't rate it. By the way: it is really a bad choice. The power lasts only for one hour and you only gain a bonus to perception check. Bad.

Dispel Magic (PHB-HoFL) Encounter: you can't find a power more situational than this. I took it for my wizard and retrained it after 3 levels because i've never had the chance to use it. However, like in video games: gameplay experience may vary, so you could even find this power useful, sometimes. Don't wait too much time to retrain if you find that it's not useful, there are better powers in this level. Note that after July errata-HoFL rewrite it is an encounter power.

Emerald Eye (AP) Encounter: this is really a good power for every wizard, but it is GOLD for illusionists and enchanters, who in practice attacks only will.

Familiar Call (D 382) Encounter, Teleportation: a nice power for those who likes to have an active familiar, this version is surely better than dimension door

Fire Shield (AP) Daily, Fire: this power is really great. The resistances are very useful since fire and cold damage are common. 2d6+int damage is a very good damage to chastise who attacked you. A nice choice.

Force Ladder (D 383) Encounter, Conjuration: this is not a combat power, so it can't be rated. A nice trick, though.

Glowering Wrath (D 381) Encounter: a nice pick if you focus on power which slides or push, like Thunderwave, Beguiling Strands or Vision of Avarice. There are much simpler, and cheaper, ways to get forced movement increase, though.

Invisibility (PHB-HoFL) Daily, Illusion: the sustain standard note and the abysmal range ruin this power.

Levitate (PHB) Daily: i love this power. You become immune to melee damage for the entire encounter. Probably not at the level of Iron Cohort and Wizard's Escape, though, but it offsets the -defenses with added mobility.

Refocus (PHBH) Daily: this power is very nice because it copies what spellbook does. Like spellbook, though, is tied to your knowledge about the adventure, so it can vary from abysmal to very nice.

Shadow Investiture (HoS) Daily, Shadow: no, simply no. Darkvision and necrotic resistance for a level 6 daily? No, thanks

Spectral Hound (AP) Daily, Illusion: a nice overall power, expecially for the bonus to perception. It can flank and it gives a nice bonus to defenses. There are better choices, though.

Summon Iron Cohort (AP) Daily, summoning: this is definitely one of the best choices. It emulates what shield does multiple times and has very good AC and it protects you against melee and ranged attacks. Its only issues, for non-summoners, are AoE. A very nice power, even if it's a daily. Exceptionally powerful for high level summoners (with Rimetongue Caller or Bonded Summoner PP), who can add extra defenses and/or regeneration and damaging aura to the Iron Cohort, effectively deflecting the incoming attack to a very sturdy target.

Wall of Fog (PHB) Daily, Conjuration: not a bad power, it creates a zone of blockade for ranged attackers and blocks line of sight. Overall pretty decent, if it hadn't to be sustained.

Wizard's Escape (AP-HoFL) Daily, Teleportation: this is the level 6 version of shield, with an extra teleport 5. If you like defending utilities, the choice is between this, Summon Iron Cohort or Fire Shield. July 2010 update changed it to a daily and it went from autopick to a bit situational.

Insightful Warning (PHB3, arcana skill power) Encounter: the AoE version of shield, is a nice power. I preferred wizard's escape or summon iron cohort, but if you have a group with 3+ melee allies this is a nice addition. +2 isn't a great bonus, though, so the enemy may hit anyway.

Level 7 Encounter Advice: Controllers: Charm of the Defender, Phantom Foes, Twist of Space. Blasters: Corrosive Mist, Lightning Bolt, Tomebound Ooze, Winter's Wrath.

Level 7 Encounter Spells

Charm of the Defender (HoFL) Will, Enchantment, Charm: the HoFL version of the power is much better than the old one (in D 381). From charm of misplaced wrath the condition changes to Immobilized, they added a miss effect but.... much better, there's no more attack limit. So if you can slide the target into a bunch of enemies, congratulations: you just made a carnage.

Concussive Echo (AP) Will, Charm, Thunder: Quite underwhelming. 5 damage probably won't make the target stop attacks and it's single target. The thunder keyword is wasted and there are better charm spells (look above)

Corrosive Mist (D 383) Fortitude, Acid, Zone, E: area burst 2 isn't really bad, and creates a huge zone. Blue for blasters

Enemies Abound (AP) Will, Illusion, Psychic, E: not a bad power at all, expecially if enemies are positioned in a line or adjacent to each other.

Fire Sea Travel (D 388) Reflex, Fire, Teleportation, E: not a bad effect overall. It's not so tactically rewarding but you can use it to hide again behind your defender and the condition isn't too bad if the enemy is stupid and can't remember where other targets was.

Fire Burst (PHB) Reflex, Evocation, Fire, E: this is the encounter version of Fireball. It deals exactly the same damage but has little less burst area. Only for blasters, and for them probably corrosive mist is better.

Ghoul Striker (HoS) Fortitude, Necromancy, Necrotic, Shadow, Zone: single target immobilize + CA and necrotic damage zone (but only for ending the movement in the zone). Without honor or shame, the black rank is earned with the nice miss effect.

Lightning Bolt (HoFL) Reflex, Lightning, Evocation: again, another power that gained a substantial increase of power from the original PHB version. Now it is Invoker Divine Bolt's bigger brother and deals a lot more possible damage to 3 different targets without having particular targeting problems. A nice pick

Murderous Twin (HoS) Will, Nethermancy, Conjuration, Psychic, Shadow: basically a single target penalty + daze attached. Dazed as immediate interrupt with a full round of psychic penalty is pretty strong, and if you hit with the inital attack the psychic penalty is quite good. A nice power, especially if your DM rules that the dazing blocks further actions from the triggering enemy, which is the standard board interpretation, as erachima pointed out: If you attempt to disjoint the actions you take while dazed from the actions you take while not dazed, taking your standard action, being dazed in reaction, and then /taking another standard action/ is legal. Which makes the "best" intepretation (best for wizard) really plausible

Phantom Foes (HoFL) Will, Fear, Illusion: autoslowing effect, decent area enemies have chance to hit their allies for extra damage... Unfriendly but not so much: if you hit allies they are only slowed (if you aren't a prankster). Since there are many immunes to fear power, those, this power is a bit of chance-game, but most of the time is very strong.

Repelling Sphere (D 382) Fortitude, Force, E: big sliding, even bigger if you enlarge it. The familiar
kicker is a nice addition. Remember to push enemies decently because if you scatter them too much you will have difficulties.

Spectral Ram (PHB) Fortitude, Evocation, Force: if you want to have a single target push, take charm of the defender.

Thunder Cage (D 375) Fortitude, Thunder: not bad damage, but the control is really lacking. The wording, though, does allow this power to become a good double hitter, nice for single target blasters.

Tomebound Ooze (AP) Reflex, Acid, Conjuration: big single target damage and scaling on the kicker. Nice to use expecially against multi-attacking soloes, but overall a cool power.

Twist of Space (AP) Will, Teleportation, E: this is a big control power. You can bring ranged in melee or make charge the only solution for soldiers, totally negating an entire round of nasty effects. At very least you can teleport them in the air, adding another 1d10 damage: remember, though, that they get a save if you teleport them in dangerous terrain/air.

Winter's Wrath (PHB) Fortitude, Cold, Zone, E. Large area and cold damage makes frost blaster love this power, but it's good also for controllers, especially if you can ignore concealment.

Worms of Minauros (AP) Fortitude, Acid, Conjuration: the worse version of Tomebound Ooze.

Level 9 Daily Advice: Controllers: Mirage Arcana, Summon Succubus, Face of Death, Symphony of the Dark Court, Visions of Ruin. Blasters: Mordenkainen's Guardian Hound, Ice Storm, Summon Hell Hound, Wall of Fire.

Level 9 Daily Spells

Animate Dead (D 372) Necrotic, Summoning: definitely a bad summon. It lasts less than other summons because you have to target a fallen enemy. It deals pitiful damage and you don't have control on the size of the monster. It deals necrotic damage. I don't give it red rating because it's definitely cool, and because it is marginally useful against leaders that raises their minion, but it really should deserve it

Circle of Death (HoS) Fortitude, Necromancy, Necrotic, Shadow: the damage is really bad, but the effect is extraordinary. It's better for necromancers, who can ignore the necrotic damage penalty.

Face of Death (AP) Will, Illusion, Fear: a nice power overall. Immobilized save end is strong against melee targets. Helpless without unconscious is a strange condition (i suppose they offer you their neck) but you need save end debuff to fully use this power. This is super-nice for orb of imposition users, though.

Firescythe (D 383) Reflex, Fire: ern, what?? Sorry, wrong door.

Ice Storm (PHB-HoFL) Fortitude, Cold, Evocation, Zone: really BIG burst area (49 squares!), nice range, great immobliziation effect, nice miss effect. A very nice power, only a little inferior to Visions of Ruin but still perfectly viable if you want to deal huge aoe cold damage. It's a pity they nerfed a little frost blasters. The HoFL version added the Evocation Keyword.

Lightning Serpent (PHB) Reflex, Evocation, Lightning, Poison: a strange single target damage power with a little ongoing effect. If you really want Single target powers, tome of Transposition is better and has a better miss effect.

Mirage Arcana (HoS) Will, Illusion, Nethermancy, Psychic, Shadow, Zone: wow. Simply Wow. If you target the zone decently, enemies can't leave it and they can't do anything at all. An incredible choice, with the double keyword illusion-nethermancy. Incredible. My favourite power of the level.

Mordenkainen's Sword (PHB) Conjuration, Evocation, Force: it deals less damage and requires more action than guardian hound. Not bad di per se but completely overshadowed, even after the addition of evocation keyword.

Mordenkainen's Guardian Hound (AP)  Conjuration: The attack is nice and minor-action attacks are an huge dpr boost with a little debuff attached. Definitely superior to Sword, since it can be moved with a minor action. A really nice power. Just remember that it is a conjuration, not a real summon.

Phantasmal Killer (HoFL) Will, Fear, Illusion: this power is decent on paper, but it has some issues: it's too easy for the target to save (it gets a save even from effects as damage zones, MM and such); the secondary attack isn't that much, since it eats your standard action. Imho a bit too strict to be viable, but it is quite strong with psychic lock so it's not complete garbage.

Summon Arrowhawk (AP) Summoning: there is no comparison with Succubus or Hell Hound. The difference is embarassing. This flies, ok, and marks, ok, but deals 1/3 of the damage of the hell hound and has no one of the great features of the succubus.

Summon Hell Hound (D 385) Fire, Summoning: another great high-risk high profit summon. Keep this hell puppy in the fray of enemies and destroy them. 5 damage fire aura is great, at will aoe too. The intrinsic nature isn't even too much dangerous.

Summon Succubus (D 385) Charm, Summoning: for lash-lovers this summon adds incredible control, in the form of constant field superiority. Each target can be dominated only once, but this is often enough. A great form of control, and the intrisic nature isn't too shabby, even if it raises a question: if the succubus attacks an ally and dominates it, i am her controller, so the round isn't completely wasted.

Symphony of the Dark Court (HoFL) Will, Enchantment: big burst friendly area, dazed and immobilized enemies, allies can shift as they want in the area with no worry since enemies are at worst dazed. +4 to damage is the icing on the cake. Overall a very nice power.

Taunting Phantoms (AP) Will, Illusion: this power was one of the experiments of enchanter power, but without the charm keyword. AoE MBA is not really bad and you can gang up an enemy pretty hardly. The debuff will be hardly substantial for your allies. A nice choice.

Tome of Transposition (D 380) Reflex, Psychic: decent single target damage and condition, but the miss effect is too much randomic to plan in advance.

Visions of Ruin (AP) Will, Fear, Illusion, Psychic, Zone: the targets can't get out from the zone and are bunched together for subsequent aoes. A really great power because it doesn't hinder you or your allies.

Wall of Fire (PHB) Conjuration, Fire: i am very partial towards wall and i really like this. Nice for blasters to pack extra damage, nice if you have sliding effects, nice if you put this as a protection against ranged attackers. A very nice choice, even if now the damage occurs only 1/turn (but if still works great with the power's pseudo-difficult terrain)

Level 10 Utility Advice: Illusiory Wall is strictly superior to every other power in the level.

Level 10 Utility Spells

Arcane Gate (PHB-HoFL) Daily: i love this power, even if it can be used by enemies. The range is very nice and your defender can camp the exit gate. Expecially good if you have a party full of high-armored slow allies. It is also extremely good out of combat. With HoFL it lost the teleportation keyword. This means it is a bit more powerful in zones where teleport is prohibited (like in a Forbearance ritual zone, and such)

Blur (HoFL) Daily, Illusion: enemies can't make ranged attacks against you and you gain CA against them. A nice overall bonus. Now you are only invisible, not more "they can't see you". This doesn't change the spell's power in normal conditions but sometimes it can be an annoyance.

Circle of Protection (D 382) Daily, Zone: a very nice defensive power but the zone can't be moved. The damage resistance is nice and the difficult terrain zone remembers me some kind of warden power.

Energy Devourer (HoFL) Daily: a bit under the par for being a daily. The element enemy attack not always matches your attacks and it cannot be used on your turn to suicide bomb yourself. A little better for evokers and pyromancers who ignore enemy resistance but a lot worse than this levels' other options.

Familiar Shape (D 381) Daily, Polymorph: a nice scouting power, expecially if you change into something natural like a crow or a cat. Gelatineous cube for the cheese!

Feywild Spell Surge (DMA 2009) Daily: gain a daily reroll with a bonus if you are eladrin. Not too bad.

Illusory Wall (AP) Daily, Illusion: even if changed to a daily, this power remains a staple of the wizard's power. Enemies on the other side of the wall can't gain line of sight and can't step over the wall. An attack power disguised as utility, really deserves the gold rating.

Mass Resistance (HoFL) Daily: nice scaling resistance of your choice. It can even be better if you play in elemental theme campaigns like P3. Not as good as illusory wall, but can gain a place in your spellbook. Changed to black since the HoFL version doesn't scale as well as it did before.

Mirror Image (PHB) Daily, Illusion: a nice power but being daily quite ruins the feast. Wizard's Escape and Shield are surely better and also blur has greater chances to be useful.

Phoenix Step (D 388) Encounter, Teleportation : since fire damage is quite common this is a nice power. Nicer for fire blaster: with caution you can cast a well-placed scorching burst and use this nice power. (I won't accept complaints for bad use of this power)

Repelling Shield (PHBH) Encounter: a nice higher level version of shield, which also repels enemy after the hit. A nice choice.

Resistance (PHB) Daily: completely overshadowed by mass resistance.

Summon Hammerfist Crusher (AP) Daily, Summoning: quite nice if you want to destroy a fortress or your enemy wizard's tower, or something like that. It deals huge damage to objects only.

True Seeing (AP) Daily: little bonuses merge to create a decent overall power, even if a highly situational.

Umbral Leap (HoS) Encounter, Shadow, Teleportation: a blind-spot encounter no-question asked teleport. Surely a good tactical choice

Wall of Gloom (HoS) Daily, Nethermancy, Shadow, Zone: A really nice blinding+difficult terrain zone. Imho illusiory wall is stronger, but we have a really good power here: double LOS blocker makes it quite unfriendly, though.

Witch's Reversal (D 382) Daily : similar to feywild spell surge, with little differences that do not alter the total value.

Words of Deceit (D 381) Encounter: workable only for enchanters. Stay away from it otherwise.

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Paragon Tier Spells

A little disclaimer
This handbook is purposefully written for Controller Wizards: most damaging-only spell will get a worse rating, because they simply lack control (unless they are very strong, for example Chain Lightning or Flaming Sphere). If you plan to play a blaster-evoker wizard, damage based with low control, double-check powers before selection.
I actually wrote in the power description if a spell deals more damage than another one, but i have not checked each description twice. If you find that a blasting-evoking-damaging power needs an higher rating, please, write a little note about it.

Take them with a grain of salt. Divided into 2 simply sections: controllers and blasters.

I will write, next to all powers, the descriptors, the defense targeted and if it can be enlarged (E)

Level 13 Encounter Advice:
Controllers: Dark Gathering, Prismatic Burst and Mesmeric Hold. Blasters: Blackening, Pyre, Prismatic Burst, Thunderlance and Twisted Lightning

Level 13 Encounter Spells

Arcane Arrows (D 381) Autohit, Force: bad damage, bad targeting. Autohit doesn't make this power better.

Arcane Chastisement (D 382) Will, Charm, Psychic: nice out of turn attack, better against solo or elites, which have more than one attack. The familiar kicker doesn't make this power stronger. Better for would-be single target strikers, since it has good DPR and out of turn easy trigger: this power vaguely resembles a Ranger power.

Blackening Pyre (HoS) Fortitude, Fire, Necromancy, Necrotic, Shadow, Zone, E: VERY good damage, nice for movement exploiters and with good slide attached. A good power for everyone but great for blasters

Dark Gathering (HoS) Will, Nethermancy, Psychic, Shadow, Zone, E: large area, good effect, psychic damage and friendly zone created. On par with prismatic burst, probably even better

Earth Brute (AP) Reflex, Conjuration: a nice single target power, since it can push enemies around for the entire round. It has some tactical and positional issues, though.

Entangling Force (AP) Reflex, Force, E: overall quite decent, it is nice to punish enemy movement. The wand kicker is ridiculous.

Frostburn (PHB) Fortitude, Evocation, Cold, Fire, E: decent damage for blasters and large area. Probably Thunderlance is better also for them, though, especially since zone damage has been nerfed.

Hold Monster (HoFL) Will, Enchantment, Charm: a bit "meh"... Bad range. Restraining is nice but it's nothing exceptional at level 13. Mesmeric Hold trumps this power in every possible way: better targeting, damaging, psychic keyword. Perhaps this spell should have stayed back in 3.5.

Illusory Assailant (AP) Illusion, Psychic: quite similar to earth brute in usefulness, it gets the psychic keyword, though, and the damage is much bigger.

Mesmeric Hold (PHB) Charm, Enchantment, Psychic, Will: free targeting, psychic and charm keyword, immobilized condition is strong, enchantment keyword. A really nice choice.

Mirror Sphere (HoFL) Will, Illusion, Psychic: a nice power in the line of Dragon 381 charms, except that now the target fully loses its next round. An errata, though, changed this power to affect only the next attack and this made this power generally less useful than before and surely inferior to prismatic burst. The addition of the miss effect for half damage to itself... overall it doesn't change the rating. Nice but surely inferior to other spells.

Orbmaster's Umbral Assault (AP) Will, Illusion, Necrotic, Zone, E: i don't like the "blind if you are in the zone" effect. The kicker, though, makes this power good for orb of imposition users. Burst 3 friendly blindness is a very nice effect. However, i think that Prismatic Burst is simply superior.

Prismatic Burst (PHB) Will, Evocation, Radiant, E: It really deserves to fight with Dark Gathering for the throne of the best power of level 13. Now it has been buffed by the addition of Evocation keyword and by the addition of a really good miss effect.

Thunderlance (PHB) Reflex, Thunder, E: decent control effect and an unfriendly large blast. This is basically the big brother of Thunderwave and it has the same strengths and the same limitations, but sports a really large forced movement effect also on miss. Better for blasters, since it is the highest damage power

Twisted Lightning (HoFL) Reflex, Evocation, Lightning: you can easily avoids your allies and hit for fine damage. Overall very nice since you can twist the "wall" line as you want and the damage can be really high.

Wake of Fire (D 388) Reflex, Fire, E: good damage, but the blast is too little for the power being really effective.

Level 15 Daily Advice: Prismatic Beams, Slumber of the White Court. Blasters: Ball Lightning, Blast of Cold (not cone), Stonewrack

Level 15 Daily Spells

Ball Lightning (AP) Conjuration, Lightning: overall a nice power. Deals a little less damage than Flaming Sphere because it doesn't have an aura, but the action management is much lighter. And finally we have a flying conjuration (specifically written in the power text). The slow is nice because it's clever: if you manage it decently you can keep a creature slow-locked.

Bigby's Grasping Hand (PHB) Reflex, Evocation, Conjuration, Force: not a too shabby power. Remember to avoid sliding effects while the hand grab a target. The secondary damage is a bit conditional, but the hands cannot be physically attacked and this is nice. Remember to grab a soldier or a skirmisher, not a brute.

Blast of Cold (PHB) Reflex, Cold: huge cold damage, large friendly area and immoblized. A simple, yet powerful, solution for those who doesn't like difficult spells.

Cone of Cold (HoFL) Fortitude, Cold, Evocation: very large unfriendly area (very difficult to use correctly), deals half the damage of Blast of Cold, the special is quite useless and doesn't make you pop minions. It is saved by total failure for the simple fact that the immobilize and (little) cold ongoing damage is an effect.

Enervation (HoS) Fortitude, Nethermancy, Necrotic, Shadow: slowing and weakening single target. The penalty can become pretty harsh, especially if coupled with all your nethermancy features, but the power it's not the great by itself

Evard's Dreadful Mist (AP) Will, Psychic, Fear, Zone: the initial power isn't really bad, but for successive attacks you have to consider that your line of sight is blocked too, unless you burst or blast enemies, so you get bad penalties to hit. Psychic and fear are nice keywords, though.

Mental Maelstrom (HoFL) Will, Illusion, Psychic, Zone: overall a strange power. Sliding makes it better than visions of avarice, as the free sliding in the zone... but it is really depending from your party, if your party manage to keep them near the zone. My advice is that it is can be nice only if you have an heavy pushing/pulling party, since the zone is quite little and can't be moved. Overall not this great.

Otiluke's Resilient Sphere (PHB) Reflex, Evocation Conjuration, Force: you can get sequester that does a similar thing. 100 damage at level 15 aren't that much (2-3 rounds of constant attacks) and you have to have a good hit ratio to maintain the sphere.

Prismatic Beams (PHB) All defenses, Evocation, Fire, Poison: each attack is separate and gets bonus damage (this power probably deals much more damage than Blast of Cold). Simply the best choice in the level, since it is also ally friendly. Now it's a blast, but it's a big dazing power with an huge damage attached. It's still on par with Slumber of the White Court.

Serpents of Flame (D 388) Reflex, Fire, Polymorph: a great choice for blasters, gives a great OA option and if the target wants really to attack you he'll pay it harshly.

Shunt Between Worlds (DMA 2009) Will, Psychic, Teleportation: "the destination must be on solid ground" >.< No other comments. The damage is nice but the targeting is horrible and this addition ruins all the fun.

Slumber of the Winter Court (HoFL) Will, Enchantment, Charm: unconscious if you hit, unconscious if you miss. This is Sleep #2 and is incredibly better than it. The dazed+slowed initial condition is much more subtle than it seems. When you hit you can bring your enemy with you for a successive barbecue with friends or for an easy questioning with hot daggers and other friendly tools. When you miss you can simply slay them easily.

Soul Puppets (D 372-HoS) Will, Charm, Necrotic, Necromancy, Shadow: a power comparable to blast of cold. The new version in HoS also wrecks undead.

Stonewrack (AP) Reflex, Zone: large area, very big damage, nice proning effect on moving in the zone. Overall a very nasty effect.

Summon Chainbearer (AP) Summoning: the damage isn't great, but this summon is the perfect mate for your defender. Plus it has threatening reach and very high defenses.

Summon Stormstone Fury (D 385) Thunder, Summoning: this is a very dangerous summoning, because it will often hit more than one of your friend when he will shoot in the fray. Still, 1d12 aoe thunder damage at will is nice.

Summon Vrock (D 385) Poison, Summoning: this, instead, is underwhelming, The summon is very mobile but the damage is insubstanstial, and the intrinsic penalty is very high.

Vertigo (AP) Will, Illusion: a really funny effect, makes the battlefield a funny OA feast. I'd take this power only if i had a party full of strong MB attackers or HBO users.

Wall of Ice (PHB) Cold, Conjuration: walls are always tactically rewarding solution. This blocks line of sight and is difficult to remove. A nice choice

Level 16 Utility Advice: Clever Escape, Fly, Stoneskin, Spectral Vision

Level 16 Utility Spells

Beneficient Tranformation (HoFL) Daily: this power has multiple uses. The resistance part is quite meh, the fly, climb or swim speed is surely nicer, as tremorsense. Overall it is better to know what your target has and then use the power... Stealing enemy abilities in "blue mage style" is always nice, though.

Clever Escape (AP) Daily, illusion, Teleportation: a very nice power, similar to a reversed version of wizard's escape. If i remember correctly this spell is classical in the wizard spell list. At very least it eats an attack.

Dancing Shadows (HoS) Encounter, Nethermancy, Shadow: jumping partial concealment.. Mmm.. ok, i guess. I don't think it will save lives most of the times, but it's not so horribly bad

Dimension Switch (D 380-HoFL) Encounter, Teleportation: very similar to the ardent level 2 utility Dimension Swap, it is much more useful for you than for your leader. The HoFL version didn't change the power.

Displacement (PHB) Encounter: a reroll without penalty for enemies. Watch out that if you have more than 1 enemy near you, you provoke OA from the other enemy when you use this power.

Flame's Protection (D 388) Encounter, Fire: this is the encounter version of Fire shield. A nice power that strongly disincentive attacking but lasts only a round and has placement issues.

Fly (PHB-HoFL) Daily: this is nearly always your best bet. Flying is cool and fun and gets you far from melees enemies who want to crunch your robe. The HoFL version didn't change the power.

Greater Invisibility (PHB) Daily: finally the range is decent and it has sustain minor. Still, casting requires standard action.

Phantom Mask (AP-HoFL) Daily, Illusion: another nice disguising power, this can actually cover all your party. The DC changed to 15, but it's not that great issue

Phase Shift (AP) Daily, Polymorph: a daily power wasted to gain an effect that lasts only eont? Completely wasted.

Soul Harvest (HoS) Daily, Healing, Necromancy, Shadow: the trigger is hard to get but the effect is quite nice. Overall, though, this power remains very situational, just because the randomness of the trigger.

Spatial Lock (D 375) Daily, Zone: a nice power, hindering the most common type of movements in epic tier.

Spectral Vision (AP) Daily, Illusion: this gets a blue for the fantastic effect, which can favorably change the shape of the terrain in your favor. If you DM cheats, and unfortunately there are many cheater-DMs, this power is rubbish.

Stoneskin (PHB) Daily: resist 10 to all damage. Put this on you or on your defender.

Summon Diamond Falcon (AP) Daily, Summoning: this is like fly but doesn't occupy your minor action. I don't know why but DMs i met liked to target the falcon on OAs, making it eat 3-4 attacks. If your DM acts this way, this power becomes much stronger.

Words of Truth (D 381) Daily: here's another noncombat power which makes the joy of roleplayers. I think that this power is a even a little too powerful (answer a question without a save is great)

Level 17 Encounter Advice: Controllers: Mass Charm, Charm of False Glory, Phantasmal Horror, Crushing Titan's Fist. Blasters: Dancing Flames, Combust, Furnace of Sand, Crushing Titan's Fist

Level 17 Encounter Spells

Charm of False Glory (D 381) Will, Charm: another great power in the charm line. It has some really fine perks: Huge bonus on hit, can target creature to enable stupid ally damage (the immobilize effect is offset by extra mobility). A really incredible power.

Combust (PHB) Reflex, Evocation, Fire, E: high and large aoe fire damage, on par with Dancing Flames.

Crushing Titan's Fist (PHB) Reflex, Evocation, Force, Zone, E: large zone + immobilization + difficult terrain. A lovely choice.

Dancing Bolts (AP) Reflex, Lightning: bah, a bad choice. It seems nice on paper for the jumping feature, but actually if you stop hitting it stops dealing damage. A bad choice.

Dancing Flames (HoFL) Reflex, Evocation, Fire, E: heavy damage for evokers, big area and miss half is really rare. If you want DPR take this. Probably even better than furnace of sand and surely much easier to use.

Force Volley (PHB) Reflex, Evocation, Force:friendly targeting + dazing + extra accuracy at the end of encounters (or VS solos). Not a too shabby choice.

Furnace of Sand (AP) Reflex, Fire, Zone, E: nice area of blinding and good damage overall. Like acid mire but much more better.

Gripping Chains (AP) Reflex, Force, E: it loses the contest with furnace of sand. The damage is a little bigger but the effects are much worse.

Horrific Shadow (HoS) Will, Illusion, Nethermancy, Psychic, Shadow, E: CB 2 (3, basically) of psychic damage, and a strong disincentive against melee attacks + invisible. It could be worse, but it could be a lot better

Ice Tomb (PHB) Reflex, Evocation, Cold: you delete the target for one round. Phantasmal Horror is a step forward, but this power deals decent damage (nice for cold blasters).

Mass Charm (HoFL) Autohit, Charm, Enchantment: elegant overpowerness. Friendly area, no hit required, heavy sliding to re-unite them and make them kill by themselves. Extremely strong power, incredibly easy to use and probably gold for every wizard but surely gold for enchanters and hard controllers, who didn't get an upgrade for the Charm of False Glory spell (but who cares?)

Phantasmal Horror (HoFL) Will, Fear, Illusion: not only you get your first encounter stun, but you also get a bonus damage. Still a strong power, even if single target. Overall now it is more useful even for non-illusionists since the cha-rider became a fixed +4... and for the miss effect.

Shard of the Endless Avalanche (AP) Fortitude, Conjuration: i like this power. Expecially if targets are aligned it becomes a very strong board controller. And its name is extra-cool.

Soul Blight (HoS) Fortitude, Fire, Necromancy, Necrotic, Shadow, E: decent damage, strong effect VS undeads, vanilla effect for a level 17 power. As for level 3 powers, this couple of HoS 17 encounters are workable, but you should look somewhere else for good powers.

Thunderous Transformation (D 382) Fortitude, Thunder, Teleportation: this is a very damaging single target effect, since you can teleport the target in the air, after a save. The aoe effect is nothing more than a nuisance since it doesn't scale. Overall an underwhelming choice, unless you have an active familiar that is flying high and you teleport the target there for a good laugh with you friends (20 squares are like 25 damage + 5d10). Better for the laugh, than for real power, though.

Wand Coupling (D 380) Reflex: single attack good damage and pushing and if you wield a wand (even in offhand) you can couple an encounter spell from it: there are encounter-wands that couple wizard at wills. This spell is a great choice if you want high-dpr, even if i think that wielding a wand is generally a bad idea, since you need a good wand in the off-hand.

Level 19 Daily Advice: Controllers: Wrath of Battle, Summon Black Devourer. Blasters: Summon Angel Wretch

Level 19 Daily Spells

Acid Wave (PHB) Reflex, Evocation, Acid: it is hard not to hit at least 1 ally in a blast 5, and it deals the same damage as Combust.

Cloudkill (PHB) Fortitude, Poison, Zone: a larger version of Stinking Cloud (but not so larger as before) with extra damage tackled. It made the difference at level 5, now it's kinda nice but not overpowered.

Disintegrate (HoFL) Reflex, Evocation: it was bad in the PHB, it is even more stupid now. Do you really want to waste a daily on this spell?

Entombing Earth (D 372) Reflex, Necrotic: another necrotic effect in dragon 372 line. It is Ice Tomb II, the revenge. Imho it could be even considered worse than ice tomb.

Evard's Black Tentacles (PHB) Reflex, Nethermancy, Necrotic, Zone: it was nerfed badly in may 2010 errata, now it is an immobilizing aoe that deals necrotic damage. Again, probably blast of cold is better.

Evard's Ebon Bindings (AP) Will, Charm, Psychic: Finally a decent power in this bunch of fail that is (was before Wrath of Battle) level 19. Not a bad power at all, even if it is single target. Better, naturally, for orb of imposition users.

Feats of Destruction (D 388) Reflex, Fire, Zone: fire damage (and not even that much fire damage) and an effect that can be utterly ignored by high level monsters. An underwhelming choice.

Oppressive Force (AP) Reflex, Force: quite a meh power and pales in comparison with evard's bindings.

Plague of Illusions (AP) Will, Illusion: the initial effect is very strong, but probably evard's bindings is, again, stronger. The miss effect is simply worse.

Summon Angel Wretch (D 380) Necrotic, Poison, Summoning: extremely nice ongoing poison damage and a good single target and opportunity option. Plus, it is large and has good defenses. A very nice summon, even if the damage types are probably the worst in the game.

Summon Black Devourer (AP) Summoning: often a better option for control than angel wretch, even if it deals much less damage. Grabs, prones enemies and has good defenses.

Summon Couatl (D 385) Lightning, Radiant, Summoning: meh, it deals pityful damage and isn't friendly. The couatl is supposed to be one of the most intelligent monsters in d&d, isn't it?

Summon Rockfire Dreadnought (D 385) Fire, Summoning: a little better than the couatl for friendly-targeting, but the first two summons in the list are frankly better.

Summon Shadow Servant (HoS) Shadow, Summoning: as for the level 5 daily, but you gain more advanced critters. The Shadow Wraith is a fine summon: self-sufficient, good CA aura, decent OA and weakening standard action. Not really bad. The Shadow Brute imho is better: a double save end immobilizing standard action (with a not-so-harsh condition attached) and the immediate reaction is far less hard to use than the level 5 shadow beast. Attention: at the current time the Shadow Wraith has hp equal to your surge value: hoping an errata will fix this issue, the summon will be very frail and quite hard to use correctly.

Thought Cage (HoFL) Will, Illusion: single target save-end stun is nice, but the effect ends too easily in my opinion. The aftereffect is nice but nothing exceptional. A little better than his little brother Phantasmal Horror, but not much better.

Wrath of Battle (HoFL) Autohit, Charm, Enchantment, Fear, Psychic: big burst area, friendly targeting sliding and hitting as usual as effect. Plus, if they miss with the attack, bam! psychic damage in the face. The big burst goes combo with other enchantment spells like mass charm, for example.

Chauntea/Lathander/Torm Cleric since 1995 My husband married a DM - καλὸς καὶ ἀγαθός


Epic Tier Spells

A little disclaimer
This handbook is purposefully written for Controller Wizards: most damaging-only spell will get a worse rating, because they simply lack control (unless they are very strong, for example Chain Lightning or Flaming Sphere). If you plan to play a blaster-evoker wizard, damage based with low control, double-check powers before selection.
I actually wrote in the power description if a spell deals more damage than another one, but i have not checked each description twice. If you find that a blasting-evoking-damaging power needs an higher rating, please, write a little note about it.

Take them with a grain of salt. Divided into 2 simply sections: controllers and blasters.

I will write, next to all powers, the descriptors, the defense targeted   and if it can be enlarged (E)

Level 22 Utility Advice:
Wraithform, Mass Fly, Time Stop, Wall of Force.

Level 22 Utility Spells

Acererak's Apotheosis (HoS) Daily, Necromancy, Shadow: decent necrotic resistance, immunity to poison and basically the surge cost is nullified by the temp hp. Quite vanilla at level 22 but not so bad. The necrotic resistance could be higher, though.

Arcane Recall (HoFL) Daily: again, an hard to judge beforehand the use... it can be a lifesaving tool or an useless slot-filler.

Dimensional Journey (D 380) Daily, Teleportation: Dimension door on steroids. Not enough for a level 22 daily.

Dire Familiar Incantation (D 382) Daily, Polymorph: a nice power overall, it gives your party another meatshield. The pushing/proning effects are nice

Fire Sigil (D 388) Daily: i'd like to give this power little more but the condition "if you move you lose it" is too much to bear

Globe of Invulnerability (AP) Daily, Conjuration, Force: unless you have to enter in a sieged castle and they are throwing boiling oil at you, avoid this power.

Mass Fly (PHB-HoFL) Daily: like fly, but better. The usual nice choice, always useful. The HoFL version didn't change the power.

Mordenkainen's Lucubration (AP) Daily: depending on your power selection this can be a great choice or really bad. You can really save a lot of minor actions, and thus be a little more mobile, which is never a bad thing

Mordenkainen's Mansion (PHB) Daily, Conjuration, Teleportation: camping is nice, but you may want something nicer at level 22. This power offers everything, and there's not even an hint of IKEA stuff inside it.

Phantom Legion (AP) Daily, Illusion: nice if you want to create a no-theatre comedy company or a cricket game with the queen of hearts, but it's not that great even as non-combat power. So, it is red.

Time Stop (PHB-HoFL) Daily: you can make many tricks with this power: conjurations (yes, you, storm pillar) and summons aren't attack spells, as utilities. You can move around, you can gain buffs with your items and some other stuff.

Wall of Force (HoFL) Daily, Conjuration, Force: it would be good, but creatures gain line of sight and so can teleport around the wall. Not to shabby, though. It is also not party-friendly.

Wraithform (HoS) Daily, Nethermancy, Shadow: constant fly speed (hover) and insubstantiality AND phasing. A really mix of defensive powers, for a power probably even superior than the best level 22 spells. You will be very hard to damage.

Level 23 Encounter Advice: Controllers: Charm of False Heroism, Animate Shadows, Deceptive Shadow. Blasters: Chain Lightning, Acid Storm.

Level 23 Encounter Spells

Acid Storm (PHB) Fortitude,  Evocation, Acid, E: burst 4 10 squares... the targeting isn't the best, and  the area covers successive ranged and melee targeting. But the damage this power deal is incredible, the area is huge and the damage type isn't really so shabby. An incredibly nice choice for blasters, especially if coupled with forced movement heavy parties.

Animate Shadows (HoS) Will, Necrotic, Nethermancy, Shadow, E: large area and good effect if you can enhance sufficiently forced movement. The necrotic extra damage isn't enough to stop creatures from moving, but you can abuse forced movement to invalidate targets of melee attacks (stopping movement and charges, a bit like a little fighter) and bring back enemies in the CA zone.

Arcane Volley (D 381) Autohit, Force:  again a bad power in the autohit line. Fixed damage as effect isn't  really good.

Astral Claw (AP) Fortitude, Conjuration: push + prone isn't a good choice in  the epic tier. The punishment for standing up is just silly, and this  targets fortitude.

Chain Lightning (HoFL) Reflex, Lightning, Evocation: like its little brother Lightning Bolt it got an huge upgrade. Once (or more) per encounter you wipe the battlefield, expecially if you have decent static modifiers. Miss Half even on tertiary target for HUGE dpr. Add mark of storm for real laugh. Probably mandatory for blasters.

Charm of False Heroism (HoFL) Will, Charm, Enchantment: the target becomes your handyman for one round. This Charm of --- spell line is tremendously good and well thought. If you use it correctly it can really change the game. While it doesn't possess the raw power of mass charm it can be really useful.

Crushing Necrotism (D 382) Reflex, Necrotic: another bag of fail: pitiful necrotic damage, idiotic range and the damage you deal depends on the target.  Blah

Deceptive Shadows (HoFL) Will, Illusion, Psychic, E: it is fairly better than it was in Arcane Power at the moment: the "cannot see" now is an effect, the damage got upgraded and now is psychic. Overall a quite nice power that covers a fairly large area for an encounter... It doesn't get the best rating because it is still unfriendly.

Flaming Rebuke (D 388) Reflex,  Fire: another addition for your dpr, but probably blasters' top  choice is chain lightning. Anyway this is another off-turn action, and since fire damage is quite common it maybe worth for single target blasters

Freezing Bolts (AP) Reflex, Cold: overall nice targeting, even if immobilized is a bit surpassed at 23th level. It is better for wand users.

Orbmaster's Insuperable Lethargy (AP) Fortitude, E:  again a nice power but not incredible. Weakening is a nice effect,  thowugh. overall at the level of deceptive shadows.

Staffstrike Shock (AP) Fortitude, Lightning: bad, except if you use a  staff. In that case you will be able to escape 1  attack/encounter and get a nice teleport.

Thunderclap (PHB) Fortitude, Evocation, Thunder: single target and decent damage, but it's always a stun, and a daze on a miss.

Vampiric Strike (HoS) Fortitude, Healing, Necromancy, Psychic, Shadow: yeah if i spend my entire wizard career in melee i totally need an healing power, right? Fortitude, meh healing and the effect doesn't even cover all the following round. If i thought i saw enough with Firescythe and Staffstrike Corrosion I was wrong: this power really deserves to join the Fail Club.

Level 25 Daily Advice: Controllers: Phantom Reality, Prismatic Spray, Mind of Rage, Summon Marility. Blasters: Prismatic Spray, Summon Marilith, Summon Abyssal Horde.

Level 25 Daily Spells

Bubbling Acid (AP) Reflex, Fortitude, Acid, Zone: decent targeting and nice effect overall. A bit vanilla, though, for level 25. Expecially when confronted with other powers.

Cinder Storm (AP) Reflex, Fire, Zone: strictly worse than bubbling acid, overall. And worded strangely, the target needs to be in a 5 square range and failed its saving throw, for "mere" blinding. Overall a subpar choice.

Delayed Blast Fireball (HoFL) Reflex, Evocation, Fire: blow 4 minor actions and 1 standard action to deal 8d8 damage in burst 2 unfriendly? There's something wrong in this, expecially when you take a look to the other powers in this level.

Dooming Darkness (HoS) Fortitude, Necrotic, Nethermancy, Psychic, Shadow, Zone: this really looks like a damaging Visions of Avarice, littler but with a really clever OA attached. As for Animate Shadow you need some kind of forced movement enhancer, but it's not so easy to escape from the zone and the damage can stack quite high. It doesn't get a better rating only because the spell targeting and the effect are very unfriendly.

Elemental Maw (PHB) Reflex, Teleportation, Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning or Thunder: a nice movement denial power, the area is large and it has a large selection of elemental damage, and the daze+prone effect is strong if you have forced movement. Overall not too bad and the errata actually makes sense since you cannot repeat the daze+prone endlessly.

Finger of Death (HoS) Fortitude, Necromancy, Necrotic, Shadow: at least deals more damage than disintegrate, but the total effect isn't very different. If you want damage, take Summon Marilith... it's just a little below.

Maze (PHB) Will, Enchantment, Psychic, Teleportation: the power was completely revamped. Now it grants at least one round of banish, two if you have at least a decent will defense (or if the monster is particularly dumb). There are other better choices, but at least the power is viable now.

Mind of Rage (HoFL) Autohit, Enchantment, Charm, Fear: the effect is a bit fragile, but incredibly strong. This is a power that makes your party have fun for this charger run havoc-er fear dispenser charm-controlled enemy. Deactivate your auras, people: we get our personal charging rageblood barbarian and it's free! It is blue-rated, but Skyblue for fun. I'd take it even over other better spells.

Necrotic Web (PHB) Reflex, Necromancy, Necrotic, Zone: web with attached good necrotic damage. Overall not so great, expecially when you look at other powers.

Orbmaster's Prismatic Sphere (AP) All defenses, Fire, Poison: strictly worse than prismatic spray, decently better for orb users but aoe stun >>> aoe daze.

Phantom Reality (HoFL) Will, Illusion: overall can be even stronger than a domination. You get full control of the enemy's targets and the target retains the ability to use its strongest abilities. Now the HoFL version is MOAR skyblue than it was, with the miss effect and any successful save doesn't make the target end the spell. I have to compliment with the power designer for the lovely work.
Prismatic Spray (PHB) All defenses, Evocation, Fire, Poison, Fear: great targeting, great damage, aoe stunning+slow. An incredible choice for everyone, even if the damage now is a little lower.

Summon Abyssal Horde (AP) Summoning: this is one of the best summon in the game: great standard damage, opportunity attacks and marking at will. A very strong choice and summoners should get definitely both this and marilith. This is more useful when there are many enemies around, the marilith when things gets dangerous (you are near the bbeg, for example, or you have the classical tough fights with 2-3 elites)

Summon Earthwind Ravager (D 385) Summoning: immobilization at-will and hovering makes this summon difficult to reach and punish. Overall not strong as abyssal horde and not so damaging as marilith.

Summon Marilith (D 385) Summoning: the damage you take is fixed, so no great problems. The damage IT deals to enemies is absurd. The symbiosis effect is very strong. Overall, probably, one of the best summons in the game.

Level 27 Encounter Advice: Controllers: Charm of the Puppet Strings, Impenetrable Gloom, Steal Time, Confusion. Blasters: Blazing Death Storm, Steal Time, Sequestering Force.

Level 27 Encounter Spells

Black Fire (PHB) Reflex, Necromancy, Fire, Necrotic, E: large friendly blast of fire and necrotic damage. Good damage and damage on miss (but blazing death storm is better).

Blazing Death Storm (HoS) Fortitude, Necromancy, Fire, Necrotic, Shadow, E: finally level 27 gets an election blastery power. This is the bigger brother of Blackening Pyre, and the effect is quite similar, but lacks the (little) control of BP for half damage on miss (which is good to have). Compared to Acid Storm (level 23), this has a more little area, but more range. Imho they are quite similar, since fire is better than acid.

Charm of the Puppet Strings (D 381) Will, Charm: the target is dominated, slided, put inside a bunch of enemies and into a death gauntlet. One of the many great powers this level possess

Confusion (HoFL) Will, Enchantment, Charm, Psychic: damage, free action sliding + MBA. Overall simple and nice. I think, though, that Charm of Puppet Strings is still superior

Forcecage (PHB) Reflex, Evocation, Implement: this is a conditional stun. So why not directly stun the enemy? Still, not a too shabby power.

Impenetrable Gloom (HoS) Will, Nethermancy, Psychic, Shadow, Zone, E: basically this is Dark Gathering (E 13) bigger brother, but this spell rocks 4d6 hit and stuns the enemy in the burst's origin square. Imho it is at the level of Charm of Puppet Strings and Steal Time.

Lost in the Mists (AP) Will, Charm, Illusion: a little worse than charm of the puppet strings, it gets the illusion keyword, though, for extra accuracy for illusionists

Mind-Numbing Presence (D 382) Will, Psychic, Zone: the effect pales in comparison with other powers. Simply no.

Orb of Doom (D 380) Will: a nice aoe power. Restrained is a very nice effect, the burst is large and the penalty is effectively -7 (-5-2 for restrained). A nice choice if you like a more tactical way of controlling, but probably steal time is simply superior.

Phantasmal Dread (HoFL) Will, Illusion, Fear, Psychic: not easy to use, not great when used. -6 to hit with Psychic Lock is nice, but at level 27 it isn't an autofail. If you really want to use this power be sure to use it when the target is already hindered. Overall in my opinion it is a bit underwhelming.

Sequestering Force (HoFL) Fortitude, Evocation, Force, E: a bit better than it was before, but imho there are much better options at this level, even for evokers/blasters.

Soul Fire (AP) Will, Fire, Necrotic, E: vanilla effect, decent damage but nothing more. Pass. (and no, i won't make a free wow quip :P )

Steal Time (AP) Will: this is probably the best encounter power in the game. You stun the target and gain back the action. Unbelievable. Maybe gold!

Tomebound Bloodbeast (AP) Fortitude, Conjuration: a superior version of tomebound ooze, this power can be useful for summoners who took many HP-leeching summons like the marilith or the dretch.

Level 29 Daily Advice: Controllers: False Reality, Visions of Wrath. Blasters: take the other spell you didn't take at level 25.

Level 29 Daily Spells

Energy Drain (HoS) Fortitude, Necrotic, Nethermancy, Shadow: single target stun (save end) + weakening and hit penalty as aftereffect and substantial healing. Imho this is on par with other level 29 spells, but clearly inferior than top choices: the direct comparison points towards False Reality, which is really better.

False Reality (HoFL) Will, Illusion, Psychic: helpless and stunned? Yes please. Good luck living to take those 4d10 psychic damage. Probably one of the best single target control spells in the game

Greater Ice Storm (PHB) Fortitude, Evocation, Cold, Zone: really, not too bad. But you probably want something else, especially at level 29.

Legion's Hold (PHB-HoFL) Will, Enchantment, Charm, Psychic: You Won. And it was a fatality. But enemies lived through the stun, called wizards and they nerfed this power to hell. Now Visions of Wrath is definitely superior. Now it has the enchantment keyword

Meteor Swarm (PHB-HoFL) Reflex, Evocation, Fire: fireball, round III. Always a bad choice

Miasma of Enfeeblement (AP) Fortitude, Necrotic, Zone: this power is very good, but it deals necrotic damage and isn't party friendly. Plus it still targets fortitude.

Moilian Flames (HoS) Reflex, Cold, Necromancy, Necrotic, Shadow: basically this is an AoE masquerading as single target spell. Huge ongoing damage rolling with a substantial save penalty is good, but the initial damage isn't decent at all. Quite a mixed bag, even for blasters.

Prismatic Wall (AP) Conjuration, Fire, Poison: this power is a bit better than wall of force, coupled with orbmaster's prismatic sphere effect. Not really a bad power, friendly targeting too.

Summon Balor (D 385) Fire, Lightning, Summoning: what a mess. A great power ruined by its difficulty of using it against your enemies. You can potentially deal more damage to yourself (and to your allies) than to enemies using this summon. A real waste

Summon Djinn Stormcaller (D 385) Lightning, Summoning, Thunder: when i read the instrisic action penalties i cried. If you are stunned, or dominated, or in another way unable to make your standard action you find yourself prone and restrained. Too bad. It manages to be a little better than the balor, though.

A little note: naturally for summoners the two level 25 summons are the best choice in the game. You may want to take Living Mountain as third choice, or use a non-summoning spell.

Summon Living Mountain (AP) Summoning: not a bad choice at all, the huge size and the range of the melee attack and of the burst makes this summon the kind of large rooms or open spaces. This power isn't skyblue only because it misses Threatening Reach on the OAs, a real pity.

Visions of Wrath (AP) Will, illusion: this power can win fights for you and the lack of the charm keyword is a godsend for those pesky creatures immune to charm effects. Aoe large zone of domination, who cares if they have to attack? Auto-fail save if they miss. A lovely power. Do you see an hint of gold, in this power? I do.

Chauntea/Lathander/Torm Cleric since 1995 My husband married a DM - καλὸς καὶ ἀγαθός


Wizard Paragon Paths and Epic Destinies

Advised Paragon Paths

Since there are a LOT of paragon paths, i created a list of build-based paragon paths that are generally strong choices for your wizard. You can find the descriptions of these paragon paths in the sections below.

  • Generally good: Blood Mage, Arcane Wayfarer, Academy Master, Spellstorm Mage, Adroit Explorer (only Human), Turathi Highborn (only tiefling)

  • Imposer and illusionist, Necromancers, save debuffers in general: Life Singer (MC bard), Divine Oracle (MC cleric), Planeshifter, Phiarlan Phanstasmist, Enigmatic Mage (only illusionist mage)

  • Enchanter: Entrancing Mystic (MC warlock)

  • Nethermancer: Enigmatic Mage (only nethermancer mage) or Phiarlan Phantasmist

  • Pyromancer/Fire Blaster: Master of Flame or Enigmatic Mage (only mage)

  • Thunder Blaster/Evoker: Malec-Keth Janissary (MC swordmage)

  • Lightning Blaster/Evoker: Storm Scourge (MC warlock)

  • Cold Blaster/Evoker: Bralani Wintersoul (only eladrin)

  • Summoner: Bonded Summoner or Rimetongue Caller

Wizard Paragon Paths

Academy Master (D 374): this is an enhancing paragon path. If you like so much your at wills and your encounters and want to enhance them take this path. Extra damage, +1 to hit with at wills against the same target, rerolls. Not really a bad choice.

Arcane Wayfarer (AP): one of the staple teleport-based PP in the game. Features are very nice, teleporting the target on crit has a very nice controlling effect, wayfarer's action isn't a bad AP effect and the 16th level feature is incredibly useful, especially if exploited. Powers are somewhat decent: hammerfall step is twist of space II, the revenge. The utility can be quite nice, and Terrifying Journey is an AOE banish. Not bad.

Battle Weaver (HoS): slowing on at will is decent at level 11, decades a bit later. Since any decent illusionist has constant CA; CA on AP is useless. Level 11 power is large but the effect is kind of weak. Illusory Shelter is a nice tactical power (especially for the difficult terrain). Level 16 feature is a classical -save penalty (only in the first save, though), and the reshape battlefield is a decent daily, but it seems not easy to use. At first glance this is a very tactical PP class but lacks powerful features or powers.

Battle Mage (PHB): features are quite nice: +4 to hit with ap extra standard action (and your standard action if you use it after the AP) is very nice. You get also a free opportunity attack, which can be useful sometimes. The level 16 feature is probably the best, since you can possibly use thunderwave as immediate reaction. Powers are really bad: forceful retort is probably the worse, for the bad bad bad range (you don't want to be in melee, even if you are a "battle" mage). Arcane Rejuvenation is probably useful. Closing spell, imho is definitely bad, with an horrible condition (what do i do if i need to use this power soon?)... the nerf was like a shoot in the leg to a cripple.

Blood Mage (PHB): this is a standard damaging path, that was renowned for the horribly overpowered blood pulse combo that brought Hell-locks to fame. Now (unfortunately) the path has been nerfed multiple times. The AP feature is nice, not OP and it's worth a lot for tieflings with icy clutch. Bolstering blood has become situational, and the level 16 feature is so-so. Powers, instead, are incredible: blood pulse, even if errataed (in a very strange way, i'd say... willingly is bad), has a strong aoe immobilizing effect. Soul burn is a very good nova recover power and destructive salutation is good for a level 20 power.

Bonded Summoner (AP): one of the two summoning PP, this summon-leading option (adding them HP, regenerations, new actions, and so on). Summoner's Slip can be useful, time to time. Summoner's Action is quite good, especially at higher levels where you can summon 2-3 creatures per encounter. Summoner's Might makes your creature extra strong, but is really DM dependant. About Powers: planar gateway remembers me a lot visions of avarice. Enduring Summons, again, depends on your DM. The bonded protector is quite a good controlling summon, capable of dazing at will and serves perfectly as your personal defender.

Draconic Antithesis (D 369): overall not a bad paragon path. You gain extra flying denial abilities, and the elemental resist feature is nice. Level 11 encounter and level 20 daily powers have to be used correctly but they can be very powerful.

Enigmatic Mage (HoFL): this is actually a collection of paragon paths. There are some common features but others depends from which kind of mage are you. Please note that you have to be a mage to enter this PP. I'll divide the PP into four separate section for each mage specialization path.

There are only two fixed features: Enigmatic Spellcasting (level 11), which is a tome of readiness-like feature for utilities and is very very nice when coupled with situational utilities like mass resistance and the level 16 feature Enigmatic Spell Lore which is does the same for encounter powers. Overall these two features fill the lack of a tome-like ability and makes the Mage's spellbook choices a lot more interesting and useful.


This is a very strikerish path. The AP benefit is great when you have a multihitting power like Chain Lightning or Prismatic Beams. The level 11 power is just bad, a fire version of MM. You add only the main hand implement enhancement to the damage. This kind of power has the same problems Magic Missile and such powers have: bad scaling
Level 12 utility is quite decent: it permits you to boost your damage at the expense of an healing surge.
Level 20 daily power is surely underwhelming: an unfriendly burst that creates a not-too-large area that can be done and can damage agaiin but only if you expend a standard action.

Overall this PP isn't a great choice for evokers-blasters, in my opinion. The AP feature is nice but others are quite under the par, expecially the attack powers. I think that blood mage will serve evokers better.


The AP benefit is in the line of the apprentice mage feature: a bonus to AC and Ref is quite nice.
The level 11 encounter attack is very strong in my opinion, expecially because you can choose any power up to level 7. For example an illusion-keyworded Twist of Space seems a very good idea
The level 11 daily utlity is a strangely leader-ish feature. Very defensive, quite nice, but with a strange flavour on an illusionist. Overall it isn't really bad, expecially if the enemy is fire focusing you and you have already used your second wind.
The level 20 Daily attack is like the level 11 encounter, but works with encounters or dailies up to level 19... Very nice indeed, expecially if you abuse of some powers like mass charm or prismatic beams.

Overall i have to say that this PP seems quite nice and a good choice for Illusionists. It doesn't possess the raw power Divine Oracle, Life Singer and Phiarlan Phantasmist have, but it is much more than viable, expecially if you learn to use decently your Spellbook.


The AP feature is nice when you are clunked in a very difficult situation. Sliding 4-5 squares isn't a little thing
Level 11 Encounter attack is another spell in the line of "slide-attack" but now the target gets dazed as an effect (very nice). So, if you slide the target correctly you can make it waste a round.
Level 12 Daily Utility is the bigger brother of Instant Friends and share the same strengths and weaknesses. Overall i don't like it since it favours meta-gaming... but if you use it correctly it can become very strong.
Level 20 Daily attack is the classical domination attack. In practice it is a game-stop, since you can't even attack its allies. Frankly i don't like this power but it may have its uses if you face only a target and you don't want him dead. It is too fragile imho, needs to be reworded a little to be more useful

Overall this PP is quite decent. Again, not too powerful but won't gimp your character. If they change the Daily to make it a bit more viable, i'll change the rating to blue


The AP feature has simply crappy range, and breaks formations if enemies are necro-resistant
Level 11 power is simply situational. I like it, personally, but it's very easy to use it badly and ruin your perfect chess-table
Level 12 utility... i've rarely seen a more crappy utility, and Death Ward was a CLERIC spell!!
Level 20 daily is cool, but sacrificing a surge and a daily power to summon 5 minions is quite... unoptimal

Overall i've rarely seen a PP worse than this. It's really a trap and offers nothing that you can't find better in another paragon path. I strongly suggest you to avoid this path


The AP feature rocks total concealment for one round, which is fairly nice. The area is little, but workable. More importantly, this means you will have combat advantage for one round, coupled with your master feature
The level 11 power is tactically rewarding: psychic (for psychic lock), big slide and useful push in burst 2+CA (until start of your next turn, but probably you won't need it anyway, since you have it from the feature) to put enemies near your defender.
Level 12 power is a nice range extender and solves all LOS problems. Nothing incredible, but sounds decently useful
Level 20 daily is basically a monster. It is basically an at will burst 5 restraining (save end) and, if the target ends its turn in the wall, can only attack its mate. Yes, it's that powerful. One of the most gruesome dailies i've seen.

Overall this is a good PP, which has its high point, obiouvsly, in the daily. The final rating takes account of the daily. If you stop before level 20, the path is black.


This is a very high-risk high reward paragon path. The AP feature is very striker-oriented (pick an enemy and focus fire... no pun intended): try to use a power with the largest number of dices against it (for example the daily 20).
Level 11 Encounter attack can be fairly damaging if you hit at least a minion or a very low-health enemy. The miss effect is a bit more control oriented.
Level 12 Daily utility is the classical fire-damage boosting power (a bit like Burning Transformation in the d 388 pyromancer article): very dangerous to use, since you ignore in any way target resistance... be sure to take war wizard or a feat like that to avoid to roast your allies.
Level 20 Daily attack is a LOT of risky damage. You take 1/2 of your HP in damage, but 10d10 is a lot... probably the most damaging power in D&D, at least from dice damage.

Overall this PP seems fairly better than the evoker one, expecially if you are a bit more careful and avoid to damage your allies.

Entrancing Mystic (AP) Requires Warlock MC: this was one of the previous charm-pp made for the fey warlock. It is probably way better for mage enchanters, since it focus on charm powers (and nearly all enchanting powers have the charm keyword). Except for the level 11 AP feature and the level 11 Encounter power, all other features are top-tier, probably gold-level for enchanters. The level 16 feature is win: if you miss all the targets you retain the power... but most enchanting powers will have an effect also on a miss. You need high-charisma but it is really worth, expecially because this path is much stronger than the Enigmatic Mage PP for enchanters.

Familiar Keeper (D 374): imho this PP is quite underwhelming. The level 20 daily is the standard dominate (not bad at all), but other features aren't very desiderable. A subpar choice also because it obliges you to have your familiar alive and ready to use some powers and this really convenient.

Hermetic Saboteur (AP): Being able to choose the initial square of the blast is really good, but the level 12 and 16 features are quite vanilla. Level 11 Psychic detonation is decent, the utility is nasty but the daily is underwhelming. Overall this remains path that could be much more frightening, but remains a viable choice.

Malec-Keth Janissary (MOTP):Requires Swordmage MC: with the change of Fleeting Dweomer (Battle Engineer, artificer path) to Daily, this path has remained the only choice for you to add elemental keyword at will to your powers (with the level 16 feature), and this is good expecially for (genasi) thunder blasters. Features are decent, the level 11 AP one is extraordinarily good for damage dealers. Level 11 encounter attack can be eliminated with the Reserve Maneuver feat (PHB2) unless you really want to stay in melee, but generally it isn't a great idea (it was errata-ed to be int-based, so you don't have anymore the "strength" problem, even if for genasi wizards strength is often on par with Intellect). Other powers are around the par.

Master of Flame (D 388): very nice for fire blasters. Level 11 ap feature is quite substandard, but the real winners are the critfishing feature (level 11) and the free enlarging on all fire spells at level 16, which can really change the way you play. Powers are also quite nice, expecially the daily utility.

Phiarlan Phantasmist (EPG): probably the best choice, paired with Divine Oracle and Life Singer for illusionists. This is a very strong Paragon Path, that packs a constant +1 to hit, a -2 to saves and the ability to gain invisibility as AP as features. Powers are very strong, i love expecially the utility spell which marks and stacks another -2 to hit.

Planeshifter (MOTP)
: i love this Paragon Path, for three reasons: the planeshifter's action, the feature location mastery (which becomes even stronger in the epic tier) and sequester, which is one of the few encounter powers in the game with a save end effect (the other one in the wizard's list is fireshroud). Quick portal is incredibly nice if you really need to get the hell out of dangerous places and Dimensional cascade deals a load of elemental damage and an hint of banishment.

Rimetongue Caller (AP): this is the second summoner PP choice. This PP specializes in creating more offensive summons. Winter's Embrace is quite meh, Blizzard action requires a little preparation, but adding a cold aura to your summons (also to utility summons, by the way) is great. You get a very nice wall as encounter power (walls are quite always dailies), icy calling adds more damage to your summons and rimefire brute probably is better than bonded protector for a pure damage factor.

Shadow Shaper (HoS): level 11 feature grants substantial hit bonus against controller type monsters. AP feature is quite vanilla, since you aren't probably going to use an at-will with your AP. Night Terror is a decent power, especially if you have many close attacks, and dazing as effect is good. Never-Ending Nightmare is an extraordinary utility, really good, which can extend effects like hypnotic pattern and maze of mirrors. Level 16 feature leaves you free from Phantom Echoes feat and nightscape is a large but quite vanilla effect. Overall this pp is good, especially for the level 11 feature and the level 12 utility power.

Silverstar (FRPG): quite bad PP, except for that great encounter stun at level 11 (!!). This bring this class to decent rating. You also get an hint of leading and extra accuracy.

Simbarch of Aglarond (FRPG): a nice, defensive and bizarre paragon path. You gain more surges, chances to save and minor leading abilities. Silver fire which is a very interesting damage increaser. Not too shabby, especially for players who lack a leader in their party.

Sivis Truenamer (EPG): another good choice, even if the level 16 feature is kind of wasted for a typical wizard. Powers, though, are very strong. A nice choice overall, expecially for imposers who will be able to use 2 times per encounter the save penalty.

Spellguard Wizard (FRPG): a strange mix of powers, like simbarch of aglarond. This PP theme is the Mythal, enemy magic denial. You gain strong anti-healing abilities and a very nice anti-teleporting utility. Changing bursts to blasts is a very nice option when needed. Overall a very nice collection of abilities.

Spellstorm Mage (PHB): i like very much this Paragon Path. Damaging feature on AP, really nice power recovering at level 11 and decent aoe damage at level 16. Powers are decent: Storm Cage is a really good power, fairly damaging expecially against spreaded enemies (and for the thunder keyword). Sudden storm isn't that great for a level 12 utility, but Maelstrom of Chaos is very very very nice expecially when coupled with an AP.

Tome Adept (D 380): the features are very nice, dazing as critical is strong enough to be noted. It's a pity that powers are really so bad. The level 20 daily is pretty much identical to sequester, level 11 encounter (!) of the planeshifter Paragon Path. Not really a great choice.

Unseen Mage (AP): i don't like this PP at all. features are bad except unseen advantage, which, though, requires a little action investment. Powers are decent and focused on invisibiliy, but not so great.

War Wizard of Cormyr (FRPG): a lovely choice. You can use encounters as basic attack (great if you have an enabling leader), war wizard's decimation is a great features. One-way barrier is another decent way to make ranged enemies move towards you, kind of an higher level Illusion Wall.

Weaver of Chance (AP): this is, imho, one of the worst PP ever created. You have exactly the same chance of gaining and losing entropy points, and powers are also casual. If you like random things, really, play a wild sorcerer. At least it is even more fun.

Wizard of the Spiral tower (PHB): This path was revamped in the Class Compendium: now the sword proficiency actually has a sense. Radiant Censure was and remains pretty bad. The One Sword and Corellon's blade are two nice power, but only if you are well prepared. Shape The Dream is basically a no-no with can also active defender's punishment: not so bad. The path could be considered worthy for a hybrid which likes to stay in melee (with a decent charisma modifier)

Multiclassing Paragon Paths

Divine Oracle (PHB): Multiclass Cleric. A lovely PP designed for those who frequently target will defense (illusionists and orb users). You can't be surprised, gain an extra move action on ap and a great great GREAT reroll on will attacks. Prophecy of Doom can trigger an absurd number of combos, good omen is a lovely enabler for nova rounds and hammer of fate.. well, at least if you miss you don't expend the action. I tend to prefer this PP to Life Singer for will-attackers, but their power is quite similar.

Entrancing Mystic (AP) Multiclass Warlock: See above for description

Hammer of Vengeance (PHB2): Multiclass Invoker. You get -2 to saves, but also a quite nice daily attack power that is lovely for high-wisdom imposers. Overall a nice choice, even if the penance feature is quite a waste.

Life Singer (AP): Multiclass Bard. Features are great, you enter this paragon path only for the level 16 feature which makes you reroll any will attack. Powers are nice but you need an high charisma to completely use them, and this may cause you to lose some staple feats that requires dexterity or wisdom.

Malec-Keth Janissary (MOTP): Multiclass Swordmage. See above for description

Storm Surge (AP) Multiclass Warlock (Fey Pact): except for the level 11 encounter power (you need to reserve-maneuver it) this is a great path. The level 16 feature is something incredible. The level 20 daily effect is much more important that its hit line. Overall a great path for lightning blasters.

Racial and Other Paragon Paths

Adroit Explorer (PHB2): Requires Human. Imho a great choice. You get more action points (which translates, in the epic tier, into more daily powers), more encounter powers (more twist of spaces and prismatic bursts) and great defensive features. A great path

Ancestral Incarnate (PHB2): Requires Deva. Can be used, if you really really want, but its features aren't so great. Deva Wizards will probably choose something else

Avenging Haunt (D 374): Requires Revenant. It is more suited for a melee character (a defender) which gets some beating, but it's not so horrible for you either. The focus on necrotic damage is meh, though. Overall subpar.

Blooded Champion (PHB3): Requires Minotaur. Not made for you

Bloodfury Savage (PHB2): Requires Half-Orc. Not made for you.

Bralani  Wintersoul (D 384): Requires Eladrin. Nice  cold-based PP for eladrin cold controllers-blasters. Features are very  very nice, powers too expecially the level 20 daily.

Chameleon (EPG): Requires Changeling/Doppleganger. The power of this PP varies greatly from abysmal to great.

Drow Wanderer (FRPG): Requires Drow. Not made for you

Elemental Tempest (FRPG): Requires Genasi. Alas, not made for you.

Element Unchained (D 391): Requires Genasi. Very nice features, expecially for lightning blaster genasi who can add lightning damage to any encounter and daily spell. Leader-ish extra features with bonus against movement disabling conditions. Powers, though, aren't really great, expecially the multi-element level 11 encounter (requires to be reserve-maneuvered, imho). Imho is on par with Storm Scourge for Lightning Blasters, and saves you also to be tied to charisma.

Fey Beguiler (PHB2): Requires Gnome. A nice PP specialized on invisibility/illusion effects. Nice for feylocks and for you. You may gain the rogue power Gap in the armor (requires training in perception) or Combat Tumbleset (training in acrobatics).

Firstborn of Moradin (PHB2): Requires Dwarf. Not made for you

Glee-born (D 385): Requires Dragonborn. This PP is tailored around bards, but it is not too shabby for you. Ninefold Master is superior, though.

Half-Giant Thug (DSCS): Requires Goliath. Not made for you

Halfling Scoundrel (PHB): Requires Halfling. Not made for you

Lightwalker (EPG): Requires Kalashtar. Not made for you

Lost Soul (PHB T): Requires Tiefling. A standard leech-themed paragon  path, this is probably more suited for warlocks. However, this is not a  bad choice for fire blasters, even if there are better ones. This  paragon path is a nice choice if you see that your DM likes to hit you  frequently. Features are quite nice, powers a little less but the level  20 power is a very nice wall. Overall a standard-power choice, turathi highborne is really a superior choice.

Moonstalker (PHB2): Requires Shifter. Not made for you

Mul Battle Slave (DSCS): Requires Mul. Not made for you

Nature's Avatar (PHB3): Requires Wilden. I'm in love with wildens, this enhances their already nice encounter racial powers. This path is similar to academy master, since it is tied to powers you already possess. Add bonus damage when you're bloodied and extra saves and a very nice level 20 daily power and you're set for a very nice choice.

Ninefold Master (PHB D): Requires Dragonborn. A very nice choice for Dragonborn Blasters. It makes your breath a really great choice and you get elemental resistances and a double use of dragon breath on AP. Very nice indeed.

Phantasmagoric Scoundrel (D 386): Requires training in Bluff or Thievery: A good choice for a Mage looking for out-of-combat utility or RP flavour with deceptive rituals and arcana skill usage as features. A pair of decent powers and an additional use of an illusion power round out the path, and make up for the slightly subpar AP feature. (Can't have everything) (by RuinsFate)

Rrathmal (PHB3): Requires Githzerai. Not made for you

Scion of Arkhosia (PHB2): Requires Dragonborn. Not made for you

Soul  of Erosion (D 380): Requires Genasi. Not too  bad features but powers have bad targeting issues.

Shadowthief (HoS): the whole shadow feature is good, but it shares the same problems Warlocks have with pact boon. The problem of this pp is that powers are really bad. You can gain substantial hitting benefits and features are really good, but powers are under par, especially the level 11 encounter (bad necrotic damage). Overall this makes this PP decent but not so impressive.

Shadow Dancer (HoS): free CA and extra teleport on AP. The Shadowy Tendrils is a really good power, but unfortunately the only basic attack the wizard possess is Magic Missile. Shadow Stalk is nice since you can target an ally and move with him. Level 16 feature is good if you have a lot of sight-hindering effects like the nethermancer. Trail of Shadows is simply a really good power, which can substantially hinder a group of enemies if used correctly. Overall i like this PP very much, but it requires you to have a decent RBA and be a nethermancer or invest heavily in stealth.

Shard Disciple (PHB3): Requires Shardmind. Greatly enhances your racial power for extra accuracy and makes you really more sturdy. A nice choice even if you don't like the psionic material.

Shiere Knight (PHB2): Requires Eladrin. A standard, fun choice. You get a bonus if you teleport and the level 11 encounter is a nice pseudo-dominating power. Not too shabby

Stoneblessed (PHB2): Requires Goliath. Guess what? Not made for you

Thri-Kreen Predator (DSCS): Requires Thri-Kreen. It's not that it's not made for you... it's probably a bad idea to be in melee so much time. So, bad rating.

Turathi Highborn (PHB2): Requires Tiefling. A decent choice. Nice for fire blasters and nice for Enchanters. Fun fact: bolts of bedevilment can be used on your friend Barbarian if he has a nice mba (barring bag of rats rule). The PP used to be better than it is now, since the cuncurrence is quite heavy.

Twilight Guardian (PHB2): Requires Elf. Usual standard effect of accuracy + movement that makes this Paragon Path a very nice choice if you really want to play an elf wizard.

Warforged Juggernaut (EPG): Requires Warforged. Not made for you

Whirlwind Genasi (FRPG): Requires Genasi. Overall decent PP based on movement enhancing and denial, nice for windsoul genasi players who doesn't care too much about min-maxing damage (this PP deals very little damage).

Class Epic Destinies

Archlich (AP): Overall not too bad. You become immortal at 21th level instead of 24 as usual, and recover a fear/necrotic power. A nice choice

Archmage (PHB): it makes you use your dailies more and more and more. This alone makes this ED one of the best in the game

Archspell (AP): imho this ED is inferior to Archmage, unless you really love one power. You get +2 to hit and the 26 encounter is nice but not too strong. Overall pretty decent

Elf High Mage (D 367): naturally you have to be eladrin or elf to enter this ED. A great choice even if, imho, sage of ages is better. You get an effect like the old dice of auspicious fortune, a very nice defensive boost but i don't like the leader-ish feature of the level 26 daily. Overall pretty nice, though.

Immanence (AP): quite nice elemental-defensive ED, more leaderish though.

Lords of Fate (AP): features were very strong, to the point that they were errata-ed to something more decent. Overall nice, but doesn't possess anymore those "OMG" buttons.

Magister (AP): overall nice, but archmage is again better. Casting rituals as standard action, though, has its appeal.

Parable (AP): imho underpar. You gain "death" feature at level 30, and the encounter no-effect attack level 26 encounter isn't enough.

Sage of Ages (AP): Roll twice each round and mixed powers (for example a +2 to all arcane attacks) make this ED a wonderful choice. Your check should be enough high to be in the 51-55 easily, and you can crank high your arcana skill to get all benefits. This ED really personify the "Knowledge is Power" concept

Other Epic Destinies

Chosen/Demigod (PHB/DP): this is a great standard choice. Level 30 feature was changed (nerfed) twice, but it isn't this important. Level 26 daily is great, expecially high arcana (DP) and anthem of progress (AP)

Deadly Trickster (PHB): this is a very nice path only for illusionists, for the 21 charisma needed to enter. The skill needed is usually a wasted feat, MC rogue is a nice solution for this. For illusionists it is really nice. A lot of rerolls and nice powers/hp recovering features are great. If you like to juggle with rerolls, cheese with dice of auspicious fortune or get other kind of rerolls with racial features or with the help of your leader the power of the ED raises a lot

Draconic Incarnation (D 388): a nice dragon-themed ED. Dragon transformation at level 26 is a quite decent ability, as for the standard action blast (it's a pity that it doesn't scale decently). +2 to int at 21st level is quite rare, as the ability to gain a couple of random arcane level 25 dailies at 30. Overall a nice, but not incredible, ED.

Eternal Seeker (PHB): this is a generally not a great idea for wizards, because you already have great powers. But you may pick something great and this is why this class get a green rating.

Feyliege (AP): a nice charm-themed ED, but little short on features. Level 30 is outdated by glasya's charming word tiefling feat (PHB T)

Harbinger of Doom (PHB2): another "wild sorcerer" themed destiny, but this is (as weaver of chance isn't) totally in your favour. Very nice also the random enemy stunning (even if it is not "smart" as usual)

Keybearer (D 372): features are not too bad, however the 26th daily is difficult to use because, if the initial burst is friendly, others aren't.

Indomitable Champion (HoFL): this is the only ED presented in the HoFL book and frankly it isn't that great... Very vanilla: stat boost at level 21, defenses and HP boost at level 24. Daily "death feature" at level 26 without particular flashy effects and a very simple attack interrupt like the Deadly Trickster at level 30. Overall the result isn't so bad, but it's quite boring.

Planeshaper (D 372): probably one of the best ED for you. Great banish effect on crit, double your favourite encounter power and the aura is very very very nice (retrain out Mystical Debris).

Prince of Hell (D 372): it can be surely worked into something nice, expecially for fire blasters.

Punisher of the Gods (D 372): this ED is nicer for defenders and strikers, but you can work it if you really want it

Radiant One (DMA 2009): this is the path of choice for fire blasters. You get extra bonus damage and starry rift and starflesh are two very strong features. Overall very nice.

Storm Sovereign (D 372): not too bad for thunder genasi, the level 30 feature makes you add thunder keyword to all powers (it's a bit too late, though).

Winter Sovereign (D 372): cold blasters (genasi or not) want this absolutely. Features are great and you can finally use another weapon instead of cold. Lingering cold is another -2 to saves and frozen in ice, while errataed, is still very strong. Rime Armor makes you literally untouchable for one encounter

Chauntea/Lathander/Torm Cleric since 1995 My husband married a DM - καλὸς καὶ ἀγαθός


Wizard Heroic, Paragon, Epic Feats and Familiars

Note: Near any feat i'll write the prerequisite needed.
I'll rank only black+ rating feats. If you don't find a feat here, probably it's because it is bad (or i simply forgot it).
Finally, i decided to rate familiars in another section at the bottom of this post because not all players like to use them.

What do you want to obtain taking feats?

Feats are rated according to my personal game experience. Your own game experience may be different from mine, for example regarding defensive feats. As usual, you should take ratings and advices with a grain of salt, using your brain.

Feats accomplish basically 5 things, not necessarily ordered by importance:

1) Accuracy: The first and most important factor, as specified, is Accuracy: feats boosts accuracy, starting with the vanilla (but hated and mandatory) Expertise line of feats, finishing with the superior implement feat. In the middle there are a lot of extra options, expecially build-related feats like Phantom Echoes or racial feats like Hellfire Blood. While Enlarge Spell isn't really an accuracy feat, it can be considered as such, since it makes you hit more targets (and logically more often). Combat Advantage feats aren't usually a must-have, but they are a nice backup choice if you have difficulties coordinating with your party.
2) Initiative: initiative is an incredibly important factor in 4e, and even more so for a dedicated controller. The basic feat is improved initiative. You can retrain it to Danger Sense in the paragon tier (it's a reroll, +5 bonus) and to Superior initiative in the epic tier. This is the basic initiative feat line. You can add other tools to it, like the Divine Oracle PP, the battlewise feat, Quick Draw, a full collection of items, but the result should be clear: if you play a wizard, aim to start first or second each encounter.
3) Damage: damage is quite important too, expecially (but not only) for pseudo-strikers. The basics of damage (Dual Implement Spellcasting - Implement Focus - Wizard Implement Expertise) should be available to every wizard build, with the notable exception of the enchanter. If you follow the pattern specified above, even an illusionist can become a decent damage dealer.
4) Defenses: Improved Defense and Unarmored Agilty (or Armor Proficiency: Leather) usually are enough for the wizard. You are generally not tied to a particular secondary stat: in this way you can build a nice and balanced AC-NADs character, if this is your wish. Some players like a more offensive approach, though. I strongly suggest you, expecially if it is your first wizard experience, to take at least these feats.
5) Versatility: each feat that doesn't fit in the other description is a versatility feat: the most notable example is Arcane Familiar. These feats are really sought after, since they are usually the most funny to use. Other examples are Enlarge Spell, Quickened Spellcasting and Second Implement.

Heroic Feats

Class Feats

Burn Everything (D 388): strongly advised for fire blasters (but check your DM first). Pyromancers should take it anyway just to ruin DM's evil plans. Fire immunity isn't so common like fire resistance, though. You may want to take a look if you really need it.

Careful Summoner (AP): again, simply needed for pure summoner builds (coupled with good defenses and HP, to keep your summons vertical)

Destructive Wizardry (AP) dex 13: blasters will take this after other needed talents (Weapon Focus, Wintertouched, Burn Everything, etc)

Dual Implement Spellcaster (AP) dex 13: this feat ramps up good damage and is very nice for all kinds of wizard. Mandatory for higher level blasters, especially when your off-hand implement starts to be high enough (at very least +2).

Enlarge Spell (AP) Wis 13: this feat makes all your at will and encounter spells larger for a minimal investment. I consider this a must for any wizard, except, maybe, enchanters: for them, consider your spell picks and act accordingly, since most of their power don't deal damage actively.

Expanded Spellbook (PHB) Wis 13: if you like to be prepared for everything, take this feat. It works only for dailies, though. Better for high level mages, since they can change dailies during a short rest. There are better choices, though.

Orb Expertise (HoFL): as the classical expertise, but with an attached slide bonus. Gold and for forced movement abusers, but usually staff expertise is better.

Phantom Echoes (AP) Cha 13: very nice for illusionists and some stunlockers. Its value gets better for illusionists when they get illusionist gloves

Staff Expertise (HoFL): as expertise, but with an attached no-OAs bonus. Too good to be true, mandatory imho for any wizard except, maybe, orb users. Just better than the old versatile feats. +1 Range if you really really want to smash things (nice for hybrids and gishes). This feat will probably substitute the old Shimmering Armor for most wizards freeing a probably uncommon slot.

Stoking The Fire (D 388): another welcomed damage boost for fire blasters

Sympathy of Flame (D 388): this is quite un-needed in the heroic tier. But in the paragon tier its value raises because you can force fire vulnerability with combustion whetstones (AV 2) and add damage to consuming the weak. OR you can get the same effect with the Master of Flame level 11 Critical Conflagration feat. Overall a quite nice feat, but nothing mandatory.

Wand Expertise (HoFL): as expertise but with an attached cover-ignore bonus. Obiouvsly mandatory if you use wands. Not for Off-Hand, though. It still manages to be worse than Orb and Staff expertise because it can possibly overwrite the many covering-ignore features the wand users possess.

War Wizard's Staff (D 391): makes you really able to get nasty effects out of close attacks and reposition a friend out of the unfriendly blast. A really welcomed feat if you like blasting.

White Lotus Riposte (D 374): A nice penalty for those who attack you.

Special Mention: The Fail Trio: The three school of magic feats (from the Class Compendium Feats) should NEVER, ever ever ever ever be taken. For three feats and the loss of AIM you gain the three school  features. Wow. This makes your 4e wizard nothing more than a lame mage  (which gets also the bonus of a SECOND school).

General Feats

Aberrant Mark of Madness (EPG): -2 to enemy will when you hit with a daily. Impressive at higher levels, probably even gold if not for fluff reasons... bearing an aberrant mark can be difficult. You can have only one Mark feat.

Aggressive Advantage (HoFL): Getting CA first turn is nice, but it may not be worth a feat. Still, someone may like it. However, Superior Reflex does exactly the same thing and is clearly superior since you always qualify for it.

Armor Proficiency (Leather) (PHB): +2 to AC with a single feat expense. I consider this a must for each wizard, since i'm constantly attacked by my DM. If you are constantly harmed, the value of this feat maybe raises to gold. Take this or Unarmored Agility.

Armor Proficiency (Hide) (PHB) Str 13: nice if you have the stats, expecially good for genasi blasters

Battlewise (HoFK): did you want to completely ignore dexterity? Now you can, expecially if you are an imposer.

Beguiling Enchantment (PHB3): like psychic lock, 10 levels before. A nice choice, expecially for enchanters/illusionists, who can stack a -4 penalty to hit against you.

Burning Blizzard (PHB) Int, Wis 13: a nice bonus for cold blasters. Be careful, since it is a feat bonus

Cold Adaptation (HoFL): resist cold. Too much campaign-dependant to rate, but it can be useful.

Coordinated Explosion (PHB2): usually this isn't a great choice, but it becomes better if you have many friendly attacks.

Defensive Mobility (HoFL): good for gishes but a normal wizard should need only staff expertise if very threatened by OAs.

Disciple of Inspiration (HoFL) 13 Int: +1 to hit after you miss. If you have a lot of single target spells (probably it's the best for illusionists) it is very worth. Otherwise not.

Disciple of Lore (HoFL) 13 Int: +1 to all trained skills. Overall decent.

Distant Advantage (PHB2): same as coordinated explosion, but imho less useful

Echoes of Thunder (PHB2): decent boost for thunder blasters

Hafted Defense (PHB3): very nice for staff users and summoners.

Heat Adaptation (HoFL): scaling fire resist bonus. See Cold Adaptation.

Implement Focus (HoFL): finally weapon focus for implements. Nice for everyone... obiouvsly one of the first picks for evokers. For enchanters it is pretty bad, really.

Improved Defenses (HoFL): scaling feat bonus to defenses. It makes paragon and robust defenses obsolete and i think it is a great pick for every wizard. Personally I like it from level 1 and  I consider it gold. More offensive players should take it as late as the very start of the paragon tier.

Improved Initiative (PHB): going first for a controller is very important. A +4 bonus (upgradable to +8 in epic) is a nice way to be able to apply strong control immediately.

Mark of Shadow (EPG): only for illusionists.. decent, not better. Prerequisite for Phiarlan Phantasmist. You can have only one Mark feat.

Mark of Storm (EPG): sliding at will with your powers is very strong... obiouvsly better if you are a thunder blaster/evoker. You can have only one Mark feat.

Oncoming Storm (PHB2): Nice for high level Malec-Keth blasters with a lightning weapon

Quick Draw (PHB) Dex 13: a nice way to juggle with your implements, but only if you attack with them.

Raging Storm (PHB) Con 13, Dex 13: prerequisites aren't the best but overall is a nice bonus.

Surging Flame (PHB2): not only you ignore resistance with Burn Everything, but you also get bonus damage. A little touched by RAI, imho.

Superior Fortitude/Reflex/Will (HoFL): a feat bonus to the defense (doesn't stack with the Improved Defense Feat) may be useful if you feel particularly soft in a particular situation. Overall Improved Defenses should be enough most of the times, but Superior Will is very nice in the epic tier when getting a save out of pretty much the worst conditions can be life-saving. Superior Reflex guarantees accuracy in the first round, which is fairly good for a controller.

Superior Implement Training (PHB3): From a single +1 to hit, to more bonus damage, this feat is in the range from very nice to mandatory

Terrain Advantage (HoFK): nice in combo with zones and Mystical Debris. CA isn't terribly difficult to obtain, though.

Toughness (PHB): an unusual but not shabby choice for careful wizards. Surely better for summoners, who likes the extra HP to summons.

Unarmored Agility (PHB3): this is identical to Ar.Prof.Leather (take this or that), and you retain your cloth for some special enchants

Versatile Expertise (PHB3): Obsolete. Unless you use a tome.

Vicious Advantage (PHB3): can be nice if you constantly choose immobilizing/slowing effects.

Weapon Focus (PHB): overshadowed by Implement focus, now it doesn't even work for weaplements.

Wintertouched (PHB): the combat advantage and bonus damage line for cold blasters is all in the combo wintertouched-lasting frost. Cheap and fun, even if errataed in march.

World Serpent Grasp (HoFK): wizard has 23 slowing powers and 30 immoblizing power, at least one for each power level. The strength of the prone condition, though, decays through levels. It is exceptionally strong at level 1 but frankly vanilla in the high paragon+ tier. A good combo if you have many slowing or immobilizing powers.

Racial Feats

Action Surge (PHB) Human: a lovely choice if you are human.

Aerenal Arcanist (EPG) Aerenal Background, Elf: you have 3 utilities per level. Not really too bad.

Battle Intuition (D 374) Deva: a nice choice for all devas. GREAT if you are a deva orb-user (and why shouldn't you be?)

Bred For Battle (DSCS) Mul : +2 bonus to initiative and a bonus to first round attacks and speed is really really nice.

Draconic Spellcaster (AP) Dragonborn: a great bonus for dragonborns, 2 per 1 feats are lovely

Eladrin Sword Wizardry (AP) Eladrin: not too bad for Eladrin Wand Users, since it makes you retain your Wand ability also when you use a longsword (a cunning longsword, for example)

Elemental Echo (AP) Genasi: take this after elemental empowerment with your genasi blaster

Elemental Empowerment (AP) Genasi: this is why genasi blasters are the best.

Elven Arcane Precision (AP) Elf: probably a staple of Elf builds. Rerolling all miss in an aoe power is very strong.

Hellbook (PHB T) Tiefling: like tome of readiness but only for fire/fear power. GREAT!

Hellfire Arcanist (D 381) Tiefling: this is a great feat for fire blasters. +1 damage and you aren't restricted to weaplements (you probably want to use them anyway)

Hellfire Blood (PHB) Tiefling: free +1 to attack and damage for tiefling fire blasters.

Gnome Phantasmist (AP) Gnome: Combines the effect of implement focus and expertise in a single feat. After heroic it doesn't stack with the various implement feats, so it's better for you to get one of them. It is still nice. It definitely needs an errata like hellfire blood to be nicer in paragon+

Icy Clutch of Stygia (PHB T) Tiefling: gives your sympathy of flame another way to be strong

Imperious Majesty (D 381) Tiefling: overall makes you change Dex into a dump stat if you are not interested in damage feats. Enchanters probably wants this feat even more since they will probably have more than decent charisma and a couple of free slots

Powerful Breath (PHB D) Dragonborn: makes your breath scarier, since it will be int-based

Psychic Focus (PHB3) Shardmind: nice bonus damage with psychic keyword powers.

Vistani Heritage (D 380): Opens a new encounter power and more options

Wizard's Wrath (D 381) Tiefling: aoe CA and lose all resistances. Plus you ignore resistances and immunities when the target is bloodied. A really great choice for fire blasters.

Paragon Feats

Class Feats

Arcane Admixture (AP): it can be useful for blasters to change the elemental type of their favourite at will to X (thunder, for example). Pay attention because the investment can become pretty heavy.

Arcane Reach (PHB) Dex 15: the prerequisite isn't the best for all wizards. Quite nice, but it depends from your power selection.

Consuming The Weak (D 388): this is the last piece of the fire blaster feat investments. If you have a large amount of consuming whetstones to force fire vulnerability, you can use this feat decently. As it stands, it is not that great, but it is the only choice you have.

Improved Orb of Imposition (AP) Wis 15, orb feature: the damage can be pretty heavy on aoes.

Improved Staff of Defense (AP) Con 13, Dex 13, staff feature: a very very nice bonus that stacks with Paragon Defenses

Improved Tome of Binding (AP) Con 15, tome of binding feature: 10 temp hp aren't that much, really, but it is overall nice

Improved Tome of Readiness (AP) Con 13, Wis 13, tome of readiness feature: This feat imho is lovely for each wizard for a simple fact: you can use a daily utility power as an encounter power, preparing the encounter spell and swapping each encounter the selected spell in the tome. Using illusion wall as encounter spell is probably your best bet, but mass fly and mass resistance can work too. Too good not to take.

Improved Wand of Accuracy (AP) Dex 15, Wand feature: since you don't need line of sight for bursts and blasts, this feat isn't so great. Workable if you have many single-target spells. Outdated by Wand Expertise feat (why do you want to use a wand?)

Phantasmal Destruction (D 380): nice crit range for illusionists.

Second Implement (PHB): Add new effects to your list, expecially if your first implement isn't particularly tied to a secundary stat. Overall a very nice choice and let you grab feats like Imp. tome of readiness. Mage can't take this feat.

Spell Focus (PHB) Cha 13: a free -2 to all your saving throws is extra-nice for a controller class. This is one of the feat most wizard players crave. Probaby gold for most build except, maybe, blasters and summoners.

War Wizardry (FRPG): -5 to hit your friends in the burst and half damage. Very nice.

White Lotus Master Riposte (D 374): one of the classical defensive feats for wizard. Repeat the at will attack against creatures who attacked (july update) you is pretty strong.

General Feats

Armor Specialization (Hide) (PHB) Con 15: not too bad for evokers, summoners and genasi blasters.

Danger Sense (PHB): rerolling initiative is very strong. This can be estimated in a +5 bonus, and stacks with the various initiative feats.

Inescapable Force (PHB): many conjurations deal force damage. Even if it is not the strongest elemental damage, it is still very nice because it is rarely resisted

Lasting Frost (PHB): the second piece of the frost blasters combo.

Lightning Arc (PHB): nice for thunder blasters, since many powers with the thunder keyword will also have the lightning keyword.

Paragon Defenses (PHB2): overshadowed by improved defenses

Psychic Lock (PHB): a must for illusionists, solid for everyone else. Enchanters and puppeteers, stay far from this feat!

Reserve Maneuver (PHB2): nice to save a paragon path from its bad 11th level encounter attack (for example Malec-Keth janissary for most wizards)

Resounding Thunder (PHB): this is the feat which most thunder blasters are built around.

Solid Sound (PHB) Con 13: a nice pick for thunder blasters, but after paragon defenses.

Racial Feats

Critical Breath (PHB D) Dragonborn: a very nice way to make breath criticals much more dangerous.

Fiery Rebuke (PHB) Tiefling: nice to add extra fire damage to your infernal wrath

Dispater's Iron Discipline (PHB T) Tiefling: for a defensive approach this feat is incredible. Get double save with Superior Will and a huge save bonus with this feat. The price is expensive but can be really valuable

Glasya's Charming Words (PHB T) Tiefling: if you crit with a charm power, dominate the target. This is actually a fairly good enhancement, but it looks nicer on paper than it really is in the game.

Prophetic Preparation (D 380) Vistani Heritage: no sane DM will allow the RAW interpretation. As it stands it makes you change a level 1 daily for a level X once per day.

Secrets of Belial (PHB T) Tiefling: God only knows what you can do with this feat. Lab_Monkey pointed out the druid power Serpent's Cunning (HoFK): easy +1 to hit and large bonus to int skills (yes, also Arcana for Sage of Ages you cheese!). All this at the simple cost of a feat. So, if you want ANOTHER +1 bonus to hit take it. Mdonais pointed out, instead some other nice choices:
Cloak of Shades (invis 2 rounds per encounter)
Reorient the axis (move everyone around, possibly out of your AOEs)
Divine Call (pull 2 people, possibly out of your AOEs)

Shared Danger Sense (PHB3) Githzerai: more for leaders, but going first is nice

Thundering Breath (PHB D) Dragonborn: your breath gains the thunder keyword.

Epic Feats

Class Feats

Arcane Mastery (PHB): this becomes the best way to use your action point. This feat is really so good, coupled with a simple symbol of victory it makes you retain your dailies over and over.

Explosive Spellcasting (AP): nice for blasters. Anyway not mandatory at all

Focused Wizardry (AP): ok, this feat is often undervalued, but many players take ONLY aoe powers. For them it is a +2 to hit. Not really bad.

Nightmare Wizardry (AP) Cha 17: not bad and not great.

Quickened Spellcasting (AP): add great control and dpr. The possibility to use Winged Horde or Thunderwave as minor action is lovely.

Spell Accuracy (PHB): Pick your AoEs freely and retrain war wizardry if you have a little bit of wisdom modifier (+2 +3 not more)

Wizard Implement Expertise (PHB) Dex 15, Int 21, Wis 15: prerequisite are steep (not too much, though). This in my opinion is a feat to have.

General Feats

Epic Fortitude/Reflex/Will (PHB2): these feats are great, expecially epic Fortitude, since these are untyped bonus. But you have to take improved defenses before.

Epic Resurgence (PHB): for wizards it is not great as for other characters.

Font of Radiance (PHB): nice for some builds (radiant one fire blasters).

Irresistible Flame (PHB): take burn everything.

Robust Defenses (PHB2): overshadowed by improved defenses

Superior Initiative (PHB3): retrain your Improved initiative to a lovely bonus

Racial Feats

Adamantine Mind (PHB3) Githzerai: +4 to all defenses when you use iron mind

Clarifying Presence (PHB3) Shardmind: leaderish but makes your ally save twice from bad conditions.

Concussive Breath (PHB D) Dragonborn, Thunder Breath: your breath dazes and pushes.

Draconic Restoration (PHB D) Dragonborn: regain the use of dragon breath

Draconic Triumph (PHB D) Dragonborn: again, regain the use of dragon breath.

Freezing Breath (PHB3) Dragonborn, Frost Breath: your breath immobilize.

Royal Command of Asmodeus (PHB T) Tiefling: dominating instead of stunning goes a long way.

Vanishing Act (PHB2) Gnome: a nice teleport added to your interrupt

Vistani Foresight (D 380) Vistani Heritage: +2 bonus to initiative and another nice AP!

Familiar Choice & Feats

Gaining a Familiar is a very nice benefit for a single feat. You can communicate with it easily, and it can be a wonderful scout, give nice combat bonus or simply another chance for funny roleplaying moments.
"Roleplaying" familiars are those which can't give combat bonus and will be rated green: they can be used as meat shield for one attack but not for anything else.
Other familiars will be rated for their usefulness, as usual. In Arcane Power there are only Heroic Tier Familiars.
Dragon 374 and Dragon 382 added many new paragon and epic tier familiar options, rituals and even items for the "familiar" slot

Familiar Feats

Active Familiar (D 382) Arcane Familiar: you can move also your familiar with you

Aggressive Familiar (D 374) Arcane Familiar, paragon tier: not great, again. The bonus lasts very little time.

Alert Familiar (D 374) Arcane Familiar, paragon tier: not too bad.

Arcane Familiar (AP): take it or forget this section

Bonded Familiar (AP) Arcane Familiar: very nice if you want a scouting familiar

Cast Afar the Spirit (D 382) Arcane Familiar: overall inferior to active familiar

Quick Familiar (D 374) Arcane Familiar: moving your familiar as minor action is very very nice

Persistent Familiar (D 382) Arcane Familiar: not great

Shared Speed (D 374) Arcane Familiar, Dex 15: considering that +1 to speed is a paragon feat, this is very very nice

Shielding Familiar (AP) Arcane Familiar: preddy bad overall

Sight of the Familiar (D 382) Arcane Familiar, paragon tier: very nice because some familar have tremorsense or similar beauties

Space Bending Familiar (D 382) Arcane Familiar, paragon tier: quite shabby.

Spellseer Familiar (AP) Arcane Familiar: the +1 to attacks is nice, while risky. The daily reroll too, but again you lose your 6th level utility and this is plain bad.

Swift Familiar (D 382) Arcane Familiar: change active/passive mode more freely

Heroic Tier Familiars

Arcane Eye (D 374): at the level of the falcon and dragonling

Badger (D 374): nice bonus for blasters and for summoners

Bantam Fastieth (D 377): one of the best familiars around, it makes your movements better and doesn't need to be moved since it moves with you

Bat (AP): decent, overall. Nice if you have many single target powers. Blindsight is nice for scouting invisible enemies

Bloodthorn Vine Barb (D 377): nothing special. Forestwalk is nice but there are better choices

Book imp (AP): Invisible. Resist fire is very welcomed

Bound Demon (AP): leech power for the win

Canine Construct (D 374): nothing special

Cat (AP): scout homunculus is better, this is sweeter

Clockwork Scorpion (D 377): a strange bonus to grab checks and you can use a poison 1/encounter

Coure Attendant (D 390): like the disembodied hand, 1/round. Plus it gives CA until destroyed in a burst 2 area, bonus to arcana and flies. Overall a great choice.

Crafter Homunculus (AP): decent for the skill bonus

Critic Lizard (D 397): decent buff for the surprise round, but unless you augment it it's quite vanilla. If you don't want to be surprised just take the white-eyed crow.

Disembodied Hand (D 374): it is the best choice for orb users who juggle among implements, but the coure attendant is better now for most uses. If you heavy juggle, among items, though, this still remains the best.

Dragonling (AP): quite nice benefit and you have many close blasts (thunderwave, for example)

Dragonmark Reflection (D 377): this is for artificers

Falcon (AP): very nice again, on par with the dragonling

Fiddling Grig (D 390): decent, but nothing impressive.

Fire Lizard (D 374): very sweet but does nothing that a nice book imp can't do

Floating Polyp (D 397): movement enhancer, but nothing really noticeable.

Floating Weapon (D 377): this is very nice for gishes, since it makes you shift as a free action!

Gadfly (D 377): nice for summoners to make them control the battlefield

Galliant Hawk (D 382): great for swordmages and hybrids... normal wizards should stay far

Hurrum (D 397): sleep and healing benefits are quite good by themselves.

Jank (D 397): not really worthy unless you play a campaign where food is really sought after. The extra damage benefit doesn't apply to implement attacks.

Kes'Trekel (D 397): free bonus damage against bloodied creatures is really really good for blasters, and the extra free push can be really good.

Kivit (D 397): quite defender-ish familiar and the OA bonus is kinda nice for a class which is not known for its OAs. It could be a nice addition for blasters (but probably the Kes'Trekel is less situational)

Least Air Elemental (D 382): not too shabby

Least Earth Elemental (D 382): this is very nice: you get prone-protection and tremorsense is very strong. A nice choice.

Lightning Lizard (D 374): again high on sweetness, low on utility

Magpie (D 377): a nice thief as the rat

Marmoset (D 377): as the magpie

Moon Wisp (D 382): situational... nothing great.

Muse spirit (D 382): overall unimpressive, the active benefits are decent in an heavy skill-based campaign.

Octopus (D 377): very very nice for aquatic campaigns

Ooze (D 374): the acid version of the Lizards. It is a great scout, though!

Owl (AP): another nice scouting familiar

Parrot (D 374): a very nice roleplaying familiar

Rat (AP): overall a nice thief

Raven (AP): again a roleplaying familiar

Rootling (D 374): the serpent is generally more useful

Saddle squire (D 377): very nice if you have the space to mount

Scout Homunculus (D 374): probably the best scout, since it can also fly

Serpent (AP): nice shifting bonus and the active effect is a little winged horde

Skull (D 374): once per encounter a +2 bonus to attack. Nice for illusionists and orb users!

Sitak (D 397): a very nice RP thematic familiar, with great communication powers

Soarwood Wings (D 377): +1 to fly speed and you can move your ally near you

Specter (D 382): quite nice but nothing special

Spider (AP): a very nice penalty to saves for immobilized condition makes this familiar one of the best, probably the best passive.

Summoner Homunculus (D 377): obiouvsly great choice for summoners. +1 to all defenses and to all attacks is a great bonus

Tiny Gelatineous Cube (D 382): invisibile, but nothing else.

Toad (D 374): a lovely leaderish choice

Tome Caddy (D 377): very strong choice for tome users and for summoners. Probably one of the best choices around

Warforged Faceplate (D 377): you sleep but he's awake for you!

Weasel (D 374): sweet but does nothing.

White-Eyed Crow (D 382): you can't be surprised (yes it is that great) and rerolling an attack, even once per milestone, can be great. Top choice for non-jugglers.

Wrab (D 397): the insight reroll is quite decent and the free temp hp 1/encounter are vanilla but cool. There are better choice, though.

Z'Tal (D 397): the unfriendly version of winged horde as minor action buys this familar a good rating, especially coupled with the extra running power. A very nice choice.

Paragon Tier Familiars

Air Mephit (D 374): decents resists

Ambush Vine Shoot (D 377): -2 penalty to saving throws against immobilized and restrained. VERY strong for some builds.

Arcane Wisp (D 374): nice for teleporters and hard to destroy. Better for warlocks, though.

Beholderkin (D 374): sweet but the damage is very little

Blackspawn Darkling (D 374): nothing special

Bluespawn Nimblespark (D 374): again

Crawling Clot (D 377): a nice sacrificing familiar

Dimensional Pet (D 377): very strong for defenders

Earth Mephit (D 374): reduce your forced movements and gain an encounter blockade

Fire Mephit (D 374): a bit better than the book imp but nothing special

Grayspawn Shortfang (D 374): nothing special as his draconic colleagues

Ice Mephit (D 374): similar, and probably better, than the earth mephit

Living Infusion (D 377): very strong for artificers

Minor Foulspawn (D 377): not too bad but there are better choices

Rakshasa Claw (D 374): like disembodied hand, BETTER!

Redspawn Spitfire (D 374): nice name but nothing special

Smith's Hammer (D 377): nice for artificers and for you

Stone Fowl (D 374): a nice bonus against pretty bad conditions

Whitespawn Snowstepper (D 374): the paragon version of the badger.

Epic Tier Familiars

Blazing Skull (D 374): very nice for fire blasters, and a passive resistance to fire is welcomed

Chaos Shard (D 374): +2 bonus against domination and target an extra random target for your aoes. Top choice

Gibbering Pet (D 374): if active it grants you a -2 hit aura on aoe

Lingering Nightmare (D 377): overall nice, but you don't have many fear attacks

Shadow Incarnate (D 374): very nice, also for the bonuses and it is not too easy to hit.

Silver Lamp (D 377): a little situational

Chauntea/Lathander/Torm Cleric since 1995 My husband married a DM - καλὸς καὶ ἀγαθός


Wizard's Hoards & Artifacts (Item Selection)

I'll specify each item level (tied to its price). Items are listed in alphabetical order.

Again, i'll rate only black+ rating items. If your favourite item isn't in the list (and you think it's good enough to be used by other wizards, not necessarily heavy optimizers) please write a post or a PM.



Orb of Fickle Fate (AV) 4: with this item you can still have a decent save penalty and stacks with cunning weapon

Orb of Heightened Imposition (AV2) 12: like orb of inevitable continuance but works on your encounter powers and uses the orb of imposition feature.

Orb of Indisputable Gravity (PHB) 7: a very nice item to help your defender against very mobile foes

Orb of Inescapable Consequences (AV) 8: whether you hit or not, the target is hit by the condition. Extremely Important.

Orb of Inevitable Continuance (PHB) 3: add time to your nasty effects.

Orb of Judicous Conjuration (AV) 3: a level 3 orb is very nice to avoid expending minor actions to maintain powers

Orb of Karmic Resonance (AV) 13: force an enemy auto-failing a power.

Orb of Impenetrable Escape (AV) 6: technically it's a -5 to one save. At 6th level it is incredibly strong, and doesn't hinder your save penalties. It becomes mathematically weaker when you accrue penalties, though.

Orb of Mental Dominion (AV) 6: identical to Impenetrable Escape. But this orb works for ALL saves (not only the first) and only for Will attacks. So, only for Illusionists and (some) Imposers, but lovely for them.

Orb of Mental Constitution (PHB3) 3: gives a nice defensive interrupt (works also with fortitude) and works in the offhand. A nice choice even if you don't have power points.

Orb of Nimble Thoughts (PHB3) 3: keep the level 3 orb in your offhand to gain +enh bonus to initiative. Nerfed in june 2011 errata, it's still a good item, but a lot more expensive, obiouvsly.

Orb of Temporal Dissonance (D 365) 13: with this orb, the whole party gains a stupid bonus to initiative

Orb of Unintended Solitude (AV) 18: a banish effect tied to a slide is very nice


Aversion Staff (PHB3) 2: a +2 bonus to all defenses against enemies subjected to your effects. Very nice!

Defensive Staff (AV) 2: +1 bonus to nads and possibly to AC

Earthroot Staff (AV) 3: nerfed, but still decent. Restraining on a crit is very strong

Mnemonic Staff (AV) 2: nice expecially in the heroic tier

Queen's Staff (AV2) 15: Incredible for Lightning Specialists

Reliable Staff (AV) 13: for blasters with many single target spells

Staff of Ruin (AV) 3: now works only in the main hand. Thunder blasters will probably use it but others will go for their specifical elemental weapons

Staff of Sleep and Charm (AV2) 3: Enchanters wants this and only this. Don't accept a "no" as answer from your DM.

Staff of the Traveler (PHB3) 5: you gain a lovely teleport as shift

Staff of the War Mage (PHB) 3: increasing the size of bursts and blasts is very nice!

Summoner's Staff (AV2) 7: enemies that attack your summon empower your party


Iron Wand (AV2) 24: a bit costy, but it is considered also a melee weapon (and thus you can attach shards)

Master's Wand of Magic Missile (AV) 3: makes your MM push 1 and an autohit power can be quite useful in some occasions. Nice to have one low level wand in your inventory for blasting.

Master's Wand of Thunderwave (AV) 3: a nice option to make thunderweave burst 1

Wand of Thunderous Anguish (AV2) 14: leaderish but very very strong for thunder blasters


Deck Of Spells (AV2) 14: a little randomic but gaining a +2 to a random daily attack is very nice. Plus the daily power is very very nice for a tome user

Gossamer Tome (AV2) 8: web is already a very nice power. Adding the restraining condition is very strong.

Summoning Tome (AP) 5: free extra damage for your summons

Tome of Enduring Creation (AV2) 14: gaining up to 8 temp hp each time you attack is very nice for your summons

Tome of Forty Steps (AP) 3: free movement for your summons.

Other Implements or Weaplements

Cunning Weapon (AV) 8: a -2/3/4 to the first saving throw. Attach it to a staff. The end game enchant for a good half of wizards.

Flaming/Frost/Lightning/Radiant Weapon (PHB/AV) 3-5: change the type of your damage to the type of the weapon and adds elemental keyword. Nice for blasters to add their feats/items to the right spell without having to take the "FIRE" spell.

Sandstorm Weapon (DSCS) 8: a very nice benefit on crit and defensive, and a very nice daily power.

Symbol of Power (PHB) 7: nice for hybrid imposers, since it doesn't occupy a space.

Symbol of Victory (PHB) 9: nice to get other AP(s) during the day

Armor Slot

Armor of Starlight (AV) 13: not really bad, the punishment for OAs is very harsh

Assassinbane Armor (AV) 15: cannot be suprised is very nice. Divine oracles don't need it

Battle Harness (DMA 2009) 4: power (!) bonus to initiative and free sheath weapons&implements. Great!

Chaos Wave Armor (AV) 14: very nice resist armor

Flowform Armor (PHB3) 4: a no action save as encounter power starts bad, but its value increase a lot in the paragon and epic tier. Check out if you really need it, though, your leader may cover this role more than sufficiently.

Irrefutable Armor (AV) 7: very nice if you miss THAT attack

Parchment's Armor (AV2) 4: i love this attack bonus

Robe of Bloodwalking (AV) 17: nice and constant teleports. Quite fun to use

Robe of Eyes (AV) 2: very nice, blinding is a quite common and bad condition

Robe of Forbearance (AV) 24: another "escape an attack" piece, but comes a little late

Robe of Stars (AV) 13: a very strong attack disincentive

Robe of Scintillation (AV) 2: at low levels this is probably one of your best bets. Then, a little less.

Shadowdance Armor (SAC): like shimmering armor, for leather.

Shimmering Armor (AV) 4: the choice of pretty all wizards. No OA is a very strong effect. If you have staff expertise this enchant is obiouvsly useless

Skybound Armor (AV) 5: like the jump power

Stoneskin Robe (AV) 3: encounter temporary hp. Not bad

Translocation Armor (AV2) 14: gain an encounter teleport

Warmage's Uniform (AV2) 3: nice bonus to hit when you choose to use it

Neck Slot

Abyssal Adornment (AV) 13: daily resist to elemental effect

Amulet of Attenuation (AV) 14: daily resist to damage

Amulet of Inner Voice (AV) 14: if your DM likes dominations effect, pack this little gift

Amulet of Elegy (AV2) 2: another save-debuffing item

Amulet of Elusive Prey (AV) 14: very nice if you are a teleport-lover

Amulet of Seduction (PHB T) 5: decent save penalty for enchanters (charm limited, though). Better if you have high charisma, naturally.

Brooch of Vitality (AV) 15: simply extra HPs

Cape of the Mountebank (AV) 5: a nice "wizard's escape"-like effect.

Cloak of Distortion (AV) 4: probably one of the best necks in the game. Scaling penalty to attack is very nice

Cloak of Resistance (PHB) 2: overall not too shabby

Cloak of Translocation (AV2) 9: very nice bonus when you teleport

Collar of Recovery (AV) 4: nice bonus to surge value

Possum Amulet (AV2) 23: not Opossum, but they treat you like a dead animal.

Steadfast Amulet (AV) 8: avoid being stunned or dazed

Talisman of Terror (AV2) 7: great penalty against fear saves!

Torc of Power Preservation (AV) 15: lovely for archmages who has dailies as encounter powers, but nice for everyone.

Arms Slot

Bloodhound Bracers (AV2) 13: a very nice bonus for fire blasters, who lives for ongoing damage

Bracers of Archery (AV) 6: nice if you use a bow or a crossbow as implement (for example hybrid artificer)

Bracers of Iron Arcana (AV) 14: get a huge bonus to AC as a daily

Crest of Vigilance Eternal (AV2) 12: a very nice way to reroll your failed saves against the most horrible conditions

Executioner's Bracers (AV2) 3: bonus damage when you crit. Vanilla, but effective.

Rapidstrike Bracers (AV) 15: nice item bonus to initiative (the orb is better) and if you have a warlord or another enabling leader and you don't want to take Magic Missile you can use this with phantom bolt (or another single target power)

Skull Bracers (AV) 7: quite vanilla but effective, expecially on aoes

Feet Slot

Acrobat Boots (PHB) 2: really nice at low level, after, not so much.

Boots of Free Movement (AV) 6: +2 saving throw bonus and make saves against movement disabling effects

Boots of Striding (PHB) 9: +1 to speed in the heroic tier. Nice

Boots of the Fencing Master (AV) 7: very nice free shifting and bonus to AC and reflex after shift.

Butterfly Sandals (AV) 12: if you have an easy way to gain fly speed (use your tome of readiness cheese on fly, for example) gain +2 speed bonus. Much more cheap than Zephyr Boots.

Eladrin Boots (PHB) 16: if you are an Arcane Wayfarer, or you have a way to teleport often these are VERY nice!

Feyleaf Sandals (AV) 2: your first teleport boots

Phantom Chaussures (AV) 18: if you move constantly (and you should) you get constant concealment. This is a great feature. The invisibility of the item doesn't break with your attacks, so it's very nice for unseen mages (if there are any)

Sandals of Avandra (AV) 25: shift your speed at will and +2 bonus to speed.

Zephyr Boots (AV) 24: do you REALLY want something else?

Hands Slot

Antipathy Gloves (AV) 10: nice movement reduction effect and very nice restraining daily power.

Burning Gauntlets (AV) 6: very nice gloves for fire blasters, who get a reliable way to apply fire ongoing damage (which is useful for a couple of tricks)

Gauntlets of Blood (AV2) 4: very nice unnamed bonus damage against bloodied targets

Gauntlets of the Ram (PHB) 8: makes your pushing and sliding powers even greater

Gloves of Grace (AV) 5: nice daily save

Gloves of Ice (AV2) 11: needed for cold blasters

Illusionist's Gloves (AV2) 9: illusionist don't want anything else. Constant -2 to saves with CA (very easily obtained by phantom echoes) and daily reroll. Great.

Many Fingered Gloves (AV2) 20: if you really really, really want a third ring take this gloves.

Resplendent Gloves (AV2) 5: incredibly nice for imposers and illusionists who frequently attack will.

Head Slot

Circlet of Arkhosia (PHB D) 14: save against stunning and dazing at the start of your round. An incredibly nice defensive item.

Circlet of Mental Onslaught (AV) 11: +1 to will, ok. +1 to attack for one encounter is really nicer

Crown of the Brilliant Sun (AV2) 14: this is a way for thunder/lightning blasters to avoid resistant enemies

Headband of Intellect (AV) 10: this is the psychic version of the laurel circlet. Very nice for illusionists and some imposers

Firebird (AV2) 27: endgame fire blasters get another damage boost.

Laurel Circlet (AV) 10: incredibly nice item for illusionist, can be nice also for imposers.

Phrenic Crown (AV) 7: this item is still very nice, even if it debuffs only the first save. Probably the best choice for imposers, illusionists usually prefer laurel circlet.

Skull Mask (AV) 5: the wizard has only 4 fear descriptor powers, but this item's property applies to ALL party attacks. Resist necrotic is quite nice. Overall a nice object if you manage to have a party that has many fear attacks.

Waist Slot

Belt of Vim (AV) 8: classical nice belt, but overshadowed by diamond cincture (level 10)

Diamond Cincture (AV) 10: very similar to belt of vim, but grants also an healing surge. Overall very nice.

Viper Belt (AV) 4: very nice at low level, poison is quite common

Belt of the Witch King (AV2) 18: as the paragon level belt of vim, but you also get very good surgeless healing. Overall the best choice for you (and probably for all arcane characters)

Sash of Regeneration (AV2) 28: regeneration 5 while bloodied! It's a pity it's so expensive...


Eladrin Ring of Passage (Trollhaunt Adventure) 14: another +teleport distance. Nice for wayfarers and eladrins.

Greater Ring of Invisibility (AV2) 23: this ring isn't really made for you, but it's incredibly nice. Invisibility for 2 rounds per encounter can boost your durability a LOT (encounters in the epic tier lasts usually 7-10 rounds)

Nullifying Ring (AV) 30: +3 to all saves and denies another attack. This ring, though, costs really really too much to be considered a "must"

Opal Ring of Remembrance (AV) 29: +2 to all attacks, +4 to all int-based skills. Do you really want something else? For enchanters, remember that it doesn't stack with staff of sleep and charm.

Ring of Action Reversal (AV2) 20: nice +item bonus to initiative and makes encounter attack power reliable

Ring of Free Time (AV2) 29: Resist 5 all damage and you get an extra minor action each round. Barely inferior to opal ring of remembrance.

Ring of Giants (D 378) 13: it's strangely worded, and it obliges you to wield a weapon (or a weaplement), but +2 unnamed bonus damage per enhancement bonus on crits is very nice for blasters.

Ring of Retreat (AV) 17: another +teleport distance, and it can possibly stop a TPK once per day

Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor (AV) 15: if you have a lot of close attacks or you are a dragonborn this is the choice for you. You can also use an encounter power as immediate interrupt and not expend it, which is very very nice

Ring of the Radiant Storm (AV2) 17: lightning (thunder) blasters and fire (with radiant one ED) blasters get a nice damage boost. A very very nice item.

Ring of Wizardry (PHB) 21: very nice for Sage of Ages for the bonus to arcana, and for archmages to regain the use of expended encounter (which can be a daily) attack power

Wondrous Items, Tattoos, Solitaires, etc

Charm of Protection (D 382) 8: save your familiar from 1 attack per encounter. Since it doesn't occupy a space, it can be extremely useful for any wizard that loves to have his/her familiar active.

Citrine Solitaire (AV) 11: spend healing surge when your crit 1/day

Curse Eye Tattoo (AV2) 8: extremely cheap way to debuff saves. Very strong item.

Dice of Auspicious Fortune (D 381) 11: roll 3 dices and store them for a future swap.

Salve of Power (AV) 10: regain an encounter attack power by spending an healing surge. Lovely for archmages, nice for everyone else.

Siberys Shard of the Mage (EPG) 3: this explains why blasters use staffs. Unnamed bonus to damage is too good to pass, for any kind of wizard.

Whetstone of Combustion (AP) 10: a cheap way (only 200g) to make important targets vulnerable to fire damage, and thus making him subject to consuming the weak and sympathy of flame.

Zaarani's Solitaire (SAC) 10: 1/encounter prone and slide on crit is very very nice

Chauntea/Lathander/Torm Cleric since 1995 My husband married a DM - καλὸς καὶ ἀγαθός


Wizard Builds

Note: some of these builds are a bit outdated since they don't include any post-essential material. I'll put an * Near out of date builds.

Tiefling Dominatrix*

Implement Attack: +36 (roll twice vs. Will), [P]+27, -2 enlarged, -6 with cunning staff, +5 against will
    Crit: +6d10+12 damage, regain encounter power, gain action point
Initiative: +34, roll four times
Movement: Fly 6

Dominatrix, level 30
Tiefling, Wizard, Divine Oracle, Archmage
Arcane Implement Mastery: Tome of Readiness
Background: Born Under a Bad Sign
Tome of Readiness: Furnace of Sand
Improved Tome of Readiness: Illusory Wall
Spell Recall: Visions of Wrath
Archspell: Prismatic Spray

Str 10, Con 18, Dex 15, Int 28, Wis 15, Cha 14

Str 8, Con 12, Dex 12, Int 18, Wis 12, Cha 10

AC: 44 Fort: 38 Reflex: 41 Will: 36
HP: 154 Bloodied: 77 Surges: 10 Surge Value: 38
AP: 1
Current HP: 144
Surges: 10
Temp hp: 0

Arcana, History, Religion, Heal

Free: Versatile Expertise (Staffs, Orbs)
Level 1: Unarmored Agility
Level 2: Superior Implement Training (Accurate Staff)
Level 4: Enlarge Spell
Level 6: Improved Initiative
Level 8: White Lotus Riposte
Level 10: Initiate of the Faith
Level 11: Improved Tome of Readiness (retrain White Lotus Riposte for Spell Focus)
Level 12: Arcane Familiar (Rakshasa Claw)
Level 14: Danger Sense
Level 16: Paragon Defenses
Level 18: White Lotus Riposte
Level 20: White Lotus Master Riposte
Level 21: Wizard Implement Expertise (retrain White Lotus Master Riposte to Epic Resurgence)
Level 22: Secrets of Belial (retrain Improved Initiative to Superior Initiative)
    Level 23: retrain White Lotus Riposte to Quickened Spellcasting
Level 24: Robust Defenses (retrain Paragon Defenses to Arcane Mastery)
    Level 25: retrain Arcane Mastery to Royal Command of Asmodeus
Level 26: Arcane Mastery
Level 28: Dual Implement Spellcaster
Level 30: Spell Accuracy

Wizard at-will 1: Winged Horde
Wizard at-will 1: Beguiling Strands (retrained to Thunderwave at 20)
Wizard encounter 1: Grasping Shadows
Wizard daily 1: Flaming Sphere
    Spellbook: Sleep
Wizard utility 2: Shield
    Spellbook: Guardian Blades
Wizard encounter 3: Maze of Mirrors
Wizard daily 5: Visions of Avarice
    Spellbook: Stinking Cloud
Wizard utility 6: Wizard's Escape
    Spellbook: Emerald Eye
Wizard encounter 7: Twist of Space
Wizard daily 9: Summon Succubus
    Spellbook: Visions of Ruin
Wizard utility 10: Repelling Shield (Illusory Wall with Improved Tome of Readiness)
    Spellbook: Mass Resistance
Wizard encounter 13: Prismatic Burst (replaces Grasping Shadows)
Wizard daily 15: Prismatic Beams (replaces Visions of Avarice)
    Spellbook: Wall of Ice
Wizard utility 16: Repelling Shield
    Spellbook: Stoneskin
Wizard encounter 17: Phantasmal Horror (replaces Maze of Mirrors)
Wizard daily 19: Entombing Earth (replaces Prismatic Beams)
    Spellbook: Evard's Ebon Bindings
Secrets of Belial utility 22: Rune of the Hero's Resolve
Wizard encounter 23: none taken
Wizard daily 25: Prismatic Spray (replaces Entombing Earth)
    Spellbook: Summon Marilith
Wizard encounter 27: Steal Time (replaces Twist of Space)
Wizard daily 29: Visions of Wrath (replaces Visions of Avarice)
    Spellbook: Summon Abyssal Horde

Adventurer's Kit, +6 Shimmering Starweave Armor (2,625,000 GP), +6 Accurate Cunning Staff (2,125,000 GP), +6 Accurate Staff of Ruin (2,125,000 GP), +1 Orb of Nimble Thoughts (680), +5 Cloak of Distortion (525,000 GP), Replendent Gloves (Epic, 625,000 GP), Opal Ring of Remembrance (2,625,000), Diamond Cincture (paragon, 125,000 GP), Ring of Giants (level 13, 17,000 GP), Siberys Shard of the Mage (epic, 425,000 GP), Dice of Auspicious Fortune (level 11, 9,000 GP), Symbol of Victory (4,200GP), Symbol of Victory (4,200 GP), Crest of Vigilance Eternal (level 12, 13,000 GP), Curse Eye Tattoo (level 8, 3,400 GP), Phrenic Crown (epic tier, level 27, 1,625,000 GP), Zephyr Boots (545,000 GP)

GP Spent - 13,401,480

Lightning Blaster Evoker/Lightning Scourge by RuinsFate

level 30 Genasi, Mage, Storm Scourge, Radiant One
Pact Initiate: Pact Initiate (fey pact)
Elemental Manifestation: Stormsoul
Quickened Spellcasting: Stoneblood
Background: Auspicious Birth (Auspicious Birth Benefit)

Str 24, Con 10, Dex 15, Int 26, Wis 15, Cha 14.

Str 14, Con 8, Dex 13, Int 16, Wis 13, Cha 12.

AC: 44 Fort: 44 Reflex: 45 Will: 44
HP: 152 Surges: 6 Surge Value: 38 Initiative: +30

Arcana +35, History +35, Religion +35, Insight +22, Bluff +22

Acrobatics +17, Diplomacy +17, Dungeoneering +20, Endurance +17, Heal +17, Intimidate +17, Nature +22, Perception +17, Stealth +17, Streetwise +17, Thievery +17, Athletics +22

Wizard: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Superior Implement Training (Accurate staff)
Level 2: Elemental Empowerment
Level 4: Staff Expertise
Level 6: Improved Defenses
Level 8: Unarmored Agility
Level 10: Mark of Storm
Level 11: Pact Initiate
Level 12: Enlarge Spell
Level 14: Elemental Echo
Level 16: Dual Implement Spellcaster
Level 18: Reserve Maneuver
Level 20: Vicious Advantage
Level 21: Wizard Implement Expertise
Level 22: Quickened Spellcasting
Level 24: Devastating Critical
Level 26: Lightning Arc
Level 28: Epic Will
Level 30: Superior Initiative

Mage Features:
Apprentice Mage: Evocation (Secondary: Free)
Expert Mage: Evocation (Secondary: Free)
Master Mage: Evocation

POWERS (Spellbook in brackets)
Cantrips: Light, Prestidigitation, Suggestion
Reserve Maneuver: Lightning Bolt
Mage: Magic Missile
Pact Initiate: Eyebite (1/enc)
At-Will 1: Arc Lightning
At-Will 2: Stoneblood
Encounter 1: BOrbmaster's Incendiary Detonation (Burning Hands)
Daily 1: Phantom Chasm or Flaming Sphere or Fountain of Flame (Choose one for spellbook as well)
Utility 2: Shield (Arcane Mutterings [Arcana Skill Power])
Encounter 3: Color Spray (Icy Rays)
Daily 5: Scattering Shock (Visions of Avarice)
Utility 6: Fire Shield (Summon Iron Cohort)
Encounter 7: Lightning Bolt (Twist of Space)
Daily 9: Ice Storm (Symphony of the Dark Court)
Utility 10: Blur (Illusory Wall)
Storm Scourge 11: Judgement of the Storm (Fed to reserve maneuver)
Storm Scourge 12: Lightning Dance
Encounter 13: Twisting Lightning (Prismatic Burst)
Daily 15: Prismatic Beams (Blast of Cold)
Utility 16: Fly (Stoneskin)
Encounter 17: Dancing Flames (Mass Charm)
Daily 19: Acid Wave (Wrath of Battle)
Storm Scourge 20: Wrath of the Clouds
Utility 22: Mass Fly (Mordenkainen's Mansion)
Encounter 23: Chain Lightning (Who cares, pick what you like)
Daily 25: Prismatic Spray (Phantom Reality)
Encounter 27: Steal Time
Daily 29: Prismatic Wall (False Reality)

Opal Ring of Remembrance (epic tier)
Siberys Shard of the Lightning (epic tier)
Lightning Accurate staff +6
Amulet of Protection +6
Magic Starweave Armor +6
Accurate staff of Ruin +6
Eye of Awareness (Epic Tier)
Belt of the Witch King (Paragon Tier)
Boots of Quickness (Epic Tier)

The idea of this build is giving you a nice little reliable aoe nova every encounter. The idea is to use Promise of Storm, Stoneblood (are burst 2 CA generator as a minor action thanks to Vicious Advantage, Enlarge Spell and Quickened Spellcasting), Chain Lightning (And AP Dancing Flames, Lightning Bolt, Arc Lightning, whatever you have available) to hit multiple targets, preferably which have already been clumped with Mark of Storm, then dealing twice your int mod in enemies-only splash damage through the Storm Scourge 16 and Radiant One 21 features. The AP feature combined with Chain Lightning's multiple attacks will also allow some very easy repositioning or free movement. With Elemental Echo, Opal Ring and the Accurate Staff, each hit comes in at +38 (inc CA thanks to Vicious Advantage) before any external buffs, making you very accurate.

A lot of power and item selection is flexible, barring certain neccesities such as Stoneblood, Arc Lightning, Chain Lightning and obviously, the Lightning Staff. The items chosen here were to make the build as well-rounded defensively and item-generic as possible. The same goes for utility choices. Even the ED is flexible, although Radiant One is possibly the most damaging option, and offers an extremely potent defensive utility. Planeshaper is also a good choice, although you are welcome to alter it to taste. Feat order can be adjust to preference and playstyle, and if your campaign does not allow mark of storm, perhaps something like Destructive Wizardry (Also a good replacement for the expertise feat if you are being given that free).

The starting ability score array is if you want to maximise Strength, but still qualify for Wizard Implement Expertise at epic. If you're not comfortable with a con of 8 (understandable), drop dex and wis each by 1 and up con to 10, then change 2 str boosts as you level (but before 21) to dex and wis. You lose 1 pt of dmg and fort defense for 1 extra healing surge. You can change dex and wis to 11 each and con to 12 for 2 extra surges, but I don't think it's a worthwhile trade at that point.

Genasi Blaster by Alcestis

level 30
Genasi, Wizard, Element Unchained, Radiant One
Build: War Wizard
Arcane Implement Mastery: Tome of Readiness
Second Implement: Staff of Defense
Elemental Manifestation: Stormsoul
Quickened Spellcasting: Winged Horde
Background: Auspicious Birth (Auspicious Birth Benefit)

Str 24, Con 14, Dex 15, Int 26, Wis 15, Cha 10.

Str 14, Con 12, Dex 13, Int 16, Wis 13, Cha 8.

AC: 44 Fort: 41 Reflex: 43 Will: 44
HP: 152 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 38

Arcana +32, Religion +32, Nature +24, History +32

Acrobatics +17, Bluff +15, Diplomacy +15, Dungeoneering +17, Endurance +19, Heal +17, Insight +17, Intimidate +15, Perception +17, Stealth +17, Streetwise +15, Thievery +17, Athletics +22

Wizard: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Elemental Echo
Level 2: Elemental Empowerment
Level 4: Enlarge Spell
Level 6: Destructive Wizardry
Level 8: Staff Expertise
Level 10: Superior Implement Training (Accurate staff)
Level 11: Dual Implement Spellcaster
Level 12: War Wizardry (retrained to Spell Accuracy at Level 21)
Level 14: Implement Focus (Staff)
Level 16: Unarmored Agility
Level 18: Improved Tome of Readiness
Level 20: Superior Reflexes
Level 21: Arcane Mastery
Level 22: Quickened Spellcasting
Level 24: Wizard Implement Expertise
Level 26: Superior Will
Level 28: Second Implement
Level 30: Epic Will

Tome of Readiness: Black Fire
Wizard at-will 1: Arc Lightning
Wizard at-will 1: Winged Horde
Wizard encounter 1: Grasping Shadows
Wizard daily 1: Flaming Sphere
Wizard daily 1 Spellbook: Fountain of Flame
Wizard utility 2: Mystical Debris
Wizard utility 2 Spellbook: Shield
Wizard encounter 3: Fire Shroud
Wizard daily 5: Stinking Cloud
Wizard daily 5 Spellbook: Fireball
Wizard utility 6: Refocus
Wizard utility 6 Spellbook: Strategist's Epiphany
Wizard encounter 7: Twist of Space
Wizard daily 9: Wall of Fire
Wizard daily 9 Spellbook: Visions of Ruin
Wizard utility 10: Illusory Wall
Wizard utility 10 Spellbook: Blur
Wizard encounter 13: Prismatic Burst (replaces Grasping Shadows)
Wizard daily 15: Prismatic Beams (replaces Flaming Sphere)
Wizard daily 15 Spellbook: Cone of Cold
Wizard utility 16: Warp in the Weave
Wizard utility 16 Spellbook: Spectral Vision
Wizard encounter 17: Thunderlance (replaces Fire Shroud)
Wizard daily 19: Feast of Destruction (replaces Stinking Cloud)
Wizard daily 19 Spellbook: Blast of Cold
Wizard utility 22: Time Stop
Wizard utility 22 Spellbook: Mordenkainen's Mansion
Wizard encounter 23: Chain Lightning (replaces Twist of Space)
Wizard daily 25: Prismatic Spray (replaces Wall of Fire)
Wizard daily 25 Spellbook: Summon Marilith
Wizard encounter 27: Steal Time (replaces Black Fire)
Wizard daily 29: Meteor Swarm (replaces Prismatic Beams)
Wizard daily 29 Spellbook: Greater Ice Storm

Spellbook, Opal Ring of Remembrance (epic tier), Ring of the Radiant Storm (paragon tier), Accurate staff of Ruin +6, Cloak of Distortion +6, Battle Harness Starweave Armor +6, Belt of the Witch King (paragon tier), Circlet of Mental Onslaught (paragon tier), Gauntlets of Blood (epic tier), Eberron Shard of Lightning (epic tier), Orb of Nimble Thoughts +1, Magic Tome +6, Bracelet of the Radiant Storm (paragon tier), Boots of the Fencing Master (heroic tier)

Eladrin Cold Evoker/Blaster by Myself

New build for you: this is the time for an uncommon Eladrin Cold Blaster. I chose eladrin to qualify for Winter Sovereign ED. This is a mix build: damage based but with more than decent control (twist of space and steal time as encounter, Prismatic Spray and Elemental Scourge as dailies are quite controllerish).

Constant CA on the main target and the Opal Ring gets this character huge accuracy. The ability to teleport after each cold spell as a free action, due to ring of free time is huge in no-flying zones. Use AP to regain powers, since evoker level 10 master feature overwrite level 11 Janissary AP one.

Main hand implement: naturally staff of ruin (pre level 16, a frost staff is very nice, but it can be avoided with a decent power pick, which isn't impossible). For the offhand i chose a quite cheap Summoner Staff, since as capstone power was taken the Marilith for its huge damage potential a and at level 19 the angel wretch for its absurd 20 ongoing poison (and frost) damage, that works well with Winter Sovereign save debuffs, even if nerfed to -2 from the original -5... Vulnerable 20 Frost is huge, expecially if you couple it with a prismatic beam or spray effect for double hitting, and the occasional quickened arc lightning. Possible Spellbook choices are: mordenkainen's guardian hound at level 9, the other conjuration Ball Lightining at 15 for minor action extra single target damage.

This character can also take a frost weapon offhand, switch to thunder extra damage in the janissary level 16 feature and go for Echoes of Thunder.

Off features it gets a +3 bonus to fire spells, so choosing fire spells is nice anyway.

As a side note, its utilities are very defensive (as i like) and it has 6 trained skills, so it is very nice also in non-combat encounters.

Eladrin Evoker MC Swordmage/Malec-Keth Janissary/Winter Sovereign

Str 8 Con 13 Dex 12+2 Int 16+2 Wis 14 Cha 13

Level 30 Str 10 Con 18 Dex 16 Int 26 Wis 16 Cha 16

HP 144 Bloodied 72 Surges per day 10 Surge Value 36

AC 42 = 10 + 15 + 7+ 8 +2
Fort 42 = 10 + 15 + 6 + 4 + 7
Ref  42 = 10 + 15 + 6 + 8 + 3
Will 46 = 10 + 15 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 6 + 3 + 7 (+5 vs charm, save stun and daze start of the round)

Init  38 = 15+8+8+6 with orb of nimble thoughs
Speed fly 8 (teleport 5 as free action after cold spell)

Trained skills
Arcana, Dungeoneering, History, Insight, Endurance, Religion


At Will
Freezing Burst
Arc Lightning

Conduit Of Ice - Twisted Lightning - Steal Time

Icy Rays - Dancing Flames

Winter's Wrath (retrained at 11 Lightning Bolt) - Chain Lightning

Twist of Space

Fountain of Flame - Prismatic Beams - Summon Marilith

Stinking Cloud - Summon Angel Wretch

Ice Storm - Prismatic Spray

Elemental Scourge

Wizard's Escape
Illusory Wall
Ever Present Escort
Clever Escape
Mass Fly
Rime Armor


1 Staff Expertise
2 Implement Focus
4 Improved Initiative (retrain at 21 Sup.Init)
6 Improved Defenses
8 Enlarge Spell
10 Heart of the Blade
11 Wintertouched
12 Lasting Frost
14 Unarmored Agility
16 Reserve Maneuver (Twist of Space)
18 DIS
20 Destructive Wizardry
21 Wizard Implement Expertise
22 Quickened Spellcasting
24 Arcane Mastery
26 Epic Fortitude
28 Explosive Spellcasting
30 Epic Will

Equipment: +6 Battle Harness Mindpatterned Cloth, +6 Staff of Ruin, +6 Summoner Staff, +1 Orb of Nimble Thoughts, +6 Torc of Power Preservation, Crest of Vigilance Eternal, Zepyr Boots, Gloves of Ice, Belt of the Witch King, Opal Ring of Remembrance, Ring of Free Time, Curse eye tattoo, Siberys shard of merciless cold (epic), Circlet of Arkhosia

Human Mage Illusionist by Myself

Human, Illusion Mage, Phiarlan Phantasmist, Archmage
Features: Illusion Master feature, Enchanter Expert feature.
Quickened Spellcasting: Winged Horde

Str 10, Con 14, Dex 16, Int 26, Wis 16, Cha 17.

Str 8, Con 10, Dex 14, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 11

AC:  42 = 10+15+6+8+1+2
Fort: 43 = 10+15+6+3+2+4+2+1
Reflex: 42 = 10+15+6+3+8+1
Will: 47 = 10+15+6+3+1+3+4+1+2+2 (+superior will)

Illusion spell features: monsters has -2 to hit (-4 if also psychic) and grant CA to the illusionist and to the next hit when hit by illusion attack. The illusionist have concealment, has +1 on the next charm fear psychic or illusion hit roll Phiarlan Phantasmist: Any enemy affected by one of your charm, fear, illusion, or psychic powers takes a -2 penalty to saving throws against that power's effect.

Saving throws penalty: with CA (automatic with phantom echoes) penalty is -2 (illusionist's gloves) -2 (spell focus) - 2 (phrenic crown, only first) -4 (cunning staff, only first) -2 (phiarlan phantasmist) -2 (curse eye tattoo with AP)

HP: 130 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 32

Initiative: +45 = 10+15+8+6+6 (roll twice)

Arcana +42, Diplomacy +30, History +41, Religion +41 Nature +41

Human: Staff Expertise
Level 1: Unarmored Agility
Level 2: Mark of Shadow
Level 4: Superior Implement Training (Accurate Staff)
Level  6: Enlarge Spell
Level 8: Improved Initiative (Retrained to Superior Initiative at level 21)
Level 10: Improved Defenses
Level 11: Psychic Lock
Level 12: Arcane Familiar (Rakshasa Claw)
Level 14: Spell Focus
Level 16: Phantom Echoes
Level 18: Dual Implement Spellcaster
Level 20: Superior Will
Level 21: Arcane Mastery
Level 22: Quickened Spellcasting
Level 24: Wizard Implement Expertise
Level 26: Epic Fortitude
Level 28: Danger Sense
Level 30: Epic Will

Wizard at-will 1: Illusory Ambush
Wizard at-will 1: Winged Horde
Human at-will 1: Phantasmal Assault
Wizard encounter 1: Grasping Shadows
Wizard encounter 1 Spellbook: Illusory Obstacles
Wizard daily 1: Phantom Chasm
Wizard daily 1 Spellbook: Horrid Whispers
Wizard utility 2: Shield
Wizard  utility 2 Spellbook: Mystical Debris
Wizard encounter 3: Hypnotic Pattern
Wizard encounter 3 Spellbok: Maze of Mirrors
Wizard  daily 5: Visions of Avarice
Wizard daily 5 Spellbook: Web
Wizard  utility 6: Emerald Eye
Wizard utility 6 Spellbook: Fire Shield
Wizard  encounter 7: Phantom Foes
Wizard encounter 7 Spellbook: Twist of Space
Wizard daily 9: Visions of Ruin
Wizard  daily 9 Spellbook: Summon Succubus
Wizard utility 10: Illusion Wall
Wizard  utility 10 Spellbook: Mass Resistance
Wizard encounter 13:  Illusory Assailant (replaces Grasping Shadows)
Wizard encounter 13 Spellbook: Prismatic Burst
Wizard daily 15:  Slumber of the White Court (replaces Horrid Whispers)
Wizard daily 15 Spellbook:  Vertigo
Wizard utility 16: Insightful Riposte
Wizard  utility 16 Spellbook: Stoneskin
Wizard encounter 17: Phantasmal Horror (replaces Hypnotic Pattern)
Wizard encounter 17 spellbook: Mass Charm
Wizard daily 19: Wrath of Battle (replaces Visions  of Avarice)
Wizard daily 19 Spellbook: Summon Angel Wretch
Wizard utility  22: Time Stop
Wizard utility 22 Spellbook: Mass Fly
Wizard  encounter 23: Deceptive Shadow (replaces Twist of Space)
Wizard encounter 23 Spellbook: Charm of False Heroism
Wizard daily  25: Phantom Reality (replaces Visions of Ruin)
Wizard daily 25  Spellbook: Mind of Rage
Wizard encounter 27: Charm of Puppet Strings (replaces  Illusory Assailant)
Wizard encounter 27 Spellbook: Lost in Mists
Wizard daily 29: Visions of Wrath (replaces Evard's Ebon Bindings)
Wizard  daily 29 Spellbook: False Reality

Spellbook, Accurate Cunning Staff +6, Cloak of Distortion +6, Orb of Nimble Thoughts +1, +1 orb of mental fortitude, Magic Orb +6, Battle Harness  Mindpatterned Armor +6, Ring of Free Time (epic tier), Siberys Shard of  the Mage (epic tier), Phrenic Crown (Paragon Tier),  Illusionist Gloves, Boots of the Fencing Master (heroic  tier), Belt of the Witch King (paragon tier), Opal Ring of Remembrance, Curse Eye Tattoo

Tiefling Enchanter by Myself

Tiefling Wizard (Enchanter Mage) MC Warlock/Entrancing Mystic/Archmage

Starting Stats

Str 8 Con 12 Dex 12 Int 16 Wis 10 Cha 16

Final Stats

Str 10 Con 14 Dex 14 Int 28 Wis 12 Cha 28

HP 140 Bloodied 70 Surges 14 Surge Value 35
AC 42  = 10 + 7 (armor) + 2 (feat) + 15 (levels) + 8 (int)
Fortitude 40 = 10 + 6 (neck) + 7 (feat) + 15 (levels) + 2 (con)  
Reflex 46 = 10 + 6 (neck) + 7 (feat) + 15 (levels) + 8 (int)
Will 47 = 10 + 6 (neck) + 3 (feat) + 15 (levels) + 8 (cha) + 2 (armor) + 2 (class)

Initiative +37 = + 8 (int) + 8 (feat) + 6 (armor) + 15 (levels)

Arcana +33= +15 (levels) + 5 (trained) + 8 (int) +3 (class) +2 (familiar)
Bluff  +29= +15 (levels) +2 (race) + 2 (enchanter expert) + +2 (illusionist expert) + 8 (charisma)
Diplomacy +25= +15 (levels) + 2 (enchanter expert) + 8 (cha)
Insight +21=+15 (levels) + 1 (wisdom) + 5 (trained)
Religion +31 =+15 (levels) + 8 (int) + 3 (class) + 5 (trained)  
Stealth +21= +15 (levels) + 2 (race) + 2 (dexterity) + 2 (illusion expert)

At wills

Beguiling Strands

1 Charm of Misplaced Wrath - Retrained to Mesmeric Hold at level 13 and to Charm of Puppet Strings at level 27
Spellbook: Grasping Shadows - Illusory Assailant - Steal Time

3 Hypnotic Pattern - retrained to Mass Charm at level 17
Spellbook Maze of Mirrors  - Charm of False Glory

7 Charm of the Defender retrained to Charm of False Heroism at level 23
Spellbook Twist of Space - Chain Lightning

11 Hekiah's Trance --- Retrained with Reserve Maneuver at level 12 to Phantom Foes and at level 23 to Charm of the Defender.

Multiclass encounter power: Eyebite

1 Phantom Chasm - retrained to Slumber of the Winter Court at level 15
Spellbook Sleep - Prismatic Beams - Visions of Wrath
5 Visions of Avarice - retrained to Wrath of Battle at level 19
Spellbook Tasha's Forcible Conscription - Evard's Ebon Bindings
9 Symphony of the Dark Court - retrained to Mind of Rage at level 25
Spellbook Summon Succubus - Phantom Reality
20 Ultimatum of the Third Order

2 Shield - spellbook Glib Tongue
6 Emerald Eye - spellbook Wizard's Escape
10 Illusory Wall - spellbook Blur
12 Shroud of Adeptus
16 Fly - spellbook Clever Escape
22 Wall of Force - spellbook Mass  Fly

1 Staff Expertise
2 Orb Expertise
4 Improved Defenses
6 Superior Implement Training (Accurate Orb)
8 Improved Initiative (retrained to superior initiative at level 21)
Pact Initiate (Fey)
11 Arcane Familiar (Rakshasa Hand)
12 Reserve Maneuver
14 Unarmored Agility
16 Spell Focus
18 Glasya's Charming Words
20 Secrets of Belial (Serpent's Cunning)
21 Quickened Spellcasting
22 Epic Fortitude
24 Arcane Mastery
Beguiling Enchantment
28 Epic Reflex
30 Epic Resurgence

Important Items: +6 Battle Harness Mindpatterned Armor, +5 Staff of Sleep and Charm (+5 is not an error), +6 Accurate Orb of Inescapable Consequences, +1 Orb of Fickle Fate, Resplendent Gloves, Belt of the Witch King, Ring of Free Time, Ring of Tenacious Will, Phrenic Crown (Epic Tier), Zephyr Boots, Crest of Vigilance Eternal, +6 Cloak of Distortion.

A couple of notes: the feat build is far from definitive. I had 3 (yes, three) open feat slots, because you can't really take enlarge spell, DIS and implement focus. I took Disciple of Inspiration, Epic Reflex and Reserve-Maneuvred out the ugly Entrancing Mystic 11 encounter for an always nice phantom foes.

Naturally i've left out features, as for all builds. You get +1 to hit and the ability to retain  charm powers (most of your power selection) if you miss all targets. Another base +1 to hit with serpent's cunning and the double Emerald Eye-Glib tongue grants a 4 rounds +2 to hit. Plus a very nasty -5 to all saves, to be applied only is some occasions (for example when the target is disabled, stunned or dominated). Glasya works well for the random domination, even if you crit only with a 20.

I didn't want to use a full-bag of magic items, so i went for usual ones. I don't have Opal Ring because its +hit bonus doesn't stack with the Staff, which is only +5 for a budget reason, but you can surely afford the +6 one, at least at level 29-30.

Defenses are decent. Fortitude is a bit lighter than a normal wizard, due to the fact that all leveling point went to charisma for the level 20 daily. Will defense is much better than normal, naturally, and with that charisma i chose Ring of Tenacious will for that 5-6 extra surges that are never bad.

The power selection is pretty vanilla. I chose the best enchanting powers, when i had the chance. At level 13 i went for Mesmeric Hold, since it is a charm power anyway. Finally i kept Slumber of the White Court at level 29, because it is very strong at higher level, but you can retrain to False Reality or Legion's Hold without danger.

Last but not least: i chose no warlock powers, even if i could swap a couple of them. The reason is that i don't like too much fey warlock powers. There are a lot to be considered, though: Delusions of Loyalty and Curse of the Golden Mist are two examples.

Tiefling Fire Blaster by Myself

Pyro-kun level 30
Tiefling, Mage, Master of Flame, Sage of Ages
Master Mage feature: pyromancer mage
Expert Mage feature: evoker mage

Str 10, Con 18, Dex 15, Int 26, Wis 15, Cha 14.

Str 8, Con 10, Dex 13, Int 18, Wis 13, Cha 12.

AC: 44 Fort: 43 Reflex: 45 Will: 43
HP: 144 Surges: 10 Surge Value: 36

Level 1: Staff Expertise
Level 2: Improved Defenses
Level 4: Icy Clutch Of Stygia
Level 6: Hellfire Blood
Level 8: Enlarge Spell
Level 10: Dual Implement Expertise
Level 11: Hellfire Arcanist
Level 12: Arcane Admixture (Thunder Cage level 7-17, Winged Horde level 17-23, Acid Storm level 23-30, fire)
Level 14: Superior Implement Proficiency (Accurate Staff)
Level 16: Secrets of Belial
Level 18: Destructive Wizardry
Level 20: Unarmored Agility
Level 21: Arcane Mastery
Level 22: Quickened Spellcasting
Level 24: Wizard Implement Expertise
Level 26: Epic Will
Level 28: Epic Fortitude
Level 30: Stoking The Fire

Wizard at-will 1: Scorching Burst
Wizard at-will 1: Winged Horde
Wizard encounter 1: Burning Hands
Wizard daily 1: Flaming Sphere
Wizard daily 1 Spellbook: Summon Dretch
Wizard utility 2: Shield
Wizard utility 2 Spellbook: Mystical Debris
Wizard encounter 3: Fireshroud
Wizard daily 5: Summon Magma Beast
Wizard daily 5 Spellbook: Visions of Avarice
Wizard utility 6: Fire Shield
Wizard utility 6 Spellbook: Summon Iron Cohort
Wizard encounter 7: Thunder Cage (fire admixtured)
Wizard daily 9: Summon Hell Hound
Wizard daily 9 Spellbook: Wall of Fire
Wizard utility 10: Illusory Wall
Wizard utility 10 Spellbook: Blur
Wizard encounter 13: Blackening Pyre
Wizard daily 15: Prismatic Beams
Wizard daily 15: Spellbook: Stonewrack
Wizard utility 16: Clever Escape
Wizard utility 16: Spellbook: Fly
Wizard encounter 17: Dancing Flames (retrain thunder cage)
Wizard daily 19: no retrain
Wizard utility 22: Wraithform
Wizard utility 22: Spellbook: Wall of Force
Wizard encounter 23: Acid Storm (fire admixtured)
Wizard daily 25: Prismatic Spray
Wizard daily 25: Spellbook: Summon Abyssal Horde
Wizard encounter 27: Blazing Death Storm
Wizard daily 29: Summon Marilith
Wizard daily 29: Spellbook: Prismatic Wall

Items: +6 war mage accurate staff, +6 accurate staff of ruin, +6 battle harness starweave armor, +1 orb of nimble thoughts, Burning Gauntlets (Epic tier), Boots of the Fencing Master, Crest of Vigilance Eternal (heroic tier), Circlet of Arkhosia, Belt of the Witch King, Opal Ring of Remembrance, Ring of Free Time, Siberys Shard of the Mage (epic tier), +6 Torc of Power Preservation, Curse eye tattoo, 4x whetstones of combustion (heroic tier)

Wizard|Swordmage classical gish "Succubus" by Furion Thamior*

Tiefling Succubus, level 30
Tiefling, Wizard|Swordmage, Blood Mage, Archmage
Swordmage Aegis (Hybrid): Aegis of Shielding
Hybrid Talent: Arcane Implement Mastery
Arcane Implement Mastery: Staff of Defense
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Light Blade)
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Staff)
Archspell: Destructive Salutation

Str 10, Con 22, Dex 13, Int 28, Wis 12, Cha 14.

Str 8, Con 14, Dex 11, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 10.

AC: 45 Fort: 48 Reflex: 48 Will: 45
HP: 179 Surges: 13 Surge Value: 44

Religion +33, History +33, Arcana +35

Acrobatics +16, Bluff +19, Diplomacy +17, Dungeoneering +16, Endurance +21, Heal +16, Insight +16, Intimidate +17, Nature +16, Perception +16, Stealth +18, Streetwise +17, Thievery +16, Athletics +15

Level 1: Hybrid Talent
Level 2: Wizard's Wrath
Level 4: Unarmored Agility
Level 6: Versatile Expertise
Level 8: Superior Implement Training (Accurate dagger)
Level 10: Improved Initiative (retrained to Superior Initiative at Level 23)
Level 11: Arcane Familiar
Level 12: Spell Focus
Level 14: Paragon Defenses (retrained to Robust Defenses at Level 22)
Level 16: Vistani Heritage
Level 18: Vistani Healer (retrained to Vistani Foresight at Level 24)
Level 20: Intelligent Blademaster (retrained to Royal Command of Asmodeus at Level 21)
Level 21: Arcane Mastery
Level 22: Improved Staff of Defense
Level 24: Renewed Wrath
Level 26: Epic Fortitude
Level 28: Epic Reflexes
Level 30: Epic Will

Hybrid at-will 1: Sword Burst
Hybrid at-will 1: Winged Horde
Hybrid encounter 1: Orbmaster's Incendiary Detonation
Hybrid daily 1: Sweeping Frostblade
Hybrid utility 2: Channeling Shield (retrained to Shield at Level 16)
Hybrid encounter 3: Dimensional Vortex
Hybrid daily 5: Visions of Avarice
Hybrid utility 6: Wizard's Escape
Hybrid encounter 7: Twist of Space
Hybrid daily 9: Summon Succubus
Hybrid utility 10: Mass Resistance
Hybrid encounter 13: Prismatic Burst (replaces Orbmaster's Incendiary Detonation)
Hybrid daily 15: Prismatic Beams (replaces Visions of Avarice)
Hybrid utility 16: Fate-Spurned Foe
Hybrid encounter 17: Phantasmal Horror (replaces Twist of Space)
Hybrid daily 19: Planar Shock (replaces Sweeping Frostblade)
Hybrid utility 22: Time Stop
Hybrid encounter 23: Surprising Transposition (replaces Prismatic Burst)
Hybrid daily 25: Prismatic Spray (replaces Prismatic Beams)
Hybrid encounter 27: Steal Time (replaces Surprising Transposition)
Hybrid daily 29: Legion's Hold (replaces Summon Succubus)

Cunning Accurate dagger +6, Belt of Vim (epic tier), Salve of Power (heroic tier), Phylactery of Action (heroic tier), Phrenic Crown (epic tier), Defensive Staff +1, Cloak of Distortion +6, Resplendent Gloves (epic tier), Opal Ring of Remembrance (epic tier), Zephyr Boots (epic tier), Siberys Shard of the Mage (epic tier), Battlemaster's Dagger +3, Orb of Nimble Thoughts +1, Battle Harness Mindpatterned Armor +6

High Defenses Summoner by Alcestis

level 30
Human, Wizard, Bonded Summoner, Indomitable Champion
Build: Summoner Wizard
Arcane Implement Mastery: Tome of Binding
Second Implement: Staff of Defense
Epic Heroism: Epic Heroism (Constitution)
Epic Heroism: Epic Heroism (Intelligence)
Human Power Selection: Bonus At-Will Power
Quickened Spellcasting: Winged Horde

Str 10, Con 24, Dex 15, Int 28, Wis 16, Cha 12.

Str 8, Con 14, Dex 13, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 10.

AC: 45 Fort: 51 Reflex: 50 Will: 49
HP: 205 Surges: 13 Surge Value: 51

Nature +23, Arcana +33, Religion +33, Dungeoneering +23, History +33

Acrobatics +17, Bluff +16, Diplomacy +16, Endurance +22, Heal +18, Insight +18, Intimidate +16, Perception +18, Stealth +17, Streetwise +16, Thievery +17, Athletics +15

Wizard: Ritual Caster
Human: Toughness
Level 1: Unarmored Agility
Level 2: Improved Defenses (retrained to Superior Will at Level 11)
Level 4: Superior Fortitude
Level 6: Superior Reflexes
Level 8: Careful Summoner
Level 10: Superior Implement Training (Accurate staff)
Level 11: Second Implement
Level 12: Improved Tome of Binding
Level 14: Improved Staff of Defense
Level 16: Dual Implement Spellcaster
Level 18: Staff Expertise
Level 20: Improved Initiative (retrained to Superior Initiative at Level 21)
Level 21: Vengeful Summoner
Level 22: Quickened Spellcasting
Level 24: Wizard Implement Expertise
Level 26: Arcane Mastery
Level 28: Epic Will
Level 30: Epic Fortitude

Bonus At-Will Power: Winged Horde
Wizard at-will 1: Arc Lightning
Wizard at-will 1: Storm Pillar
Wizard encounter 1: Charm of Misplaced Wrath
Wizard daily 1: Summon Dretch
Wizard daily 1 Spellbook: Summon Dust Devil
Wizard utility 2: Shield
Wizard utility 2 Spellbook: Summon Shadow Serpent
Wizard encounter 3: Blissful Ignorance
Wizard daily 5: Summon Magma Beast
Wizard daily 5 Spellbook: Summon Imp
Wizard utility 6: Summon Iron Cohort
Wizard utility 6 Spellbook: Refocus
Wizard encounter 7: Charm of the Defender
Wizard daily 9: Summon Succubus
Wizard daily 9 Spellbook: Summon Hell Hound
Wizard utility 10: Illusory Wall
Wizard utility 10 Spellbook: Mirror Image
Wizard encounter 13: Prismatic Burst (replaces Charm of Misplaced Wrath)
Wizard daily 15: Summon Chainbearer (replaces Summon Dretch)
Wizard daily 15 Spellbook: Slumber of the Winter Court
Wizard utility 16: Emerald Eye
Wizard utility 16 Spellbook: Glib Tongue
Wizard encounter 17: Mass Charm (replaces Blissful Ignorance)
Wizard daily 19: Summon Angel Wretch (replaces Summon Magma Beast)
Wizard daily 19 Spellbook: Summon Black Devourer
Wizard utility 22: Time Stop
Wizard utility 22 Spellbook: Phantom Legion
Wizard encounter 23: Chain Lightning (replaces Charm of the Defender)
Wizard daily 25: Summon Marilith (replaces Summon Chainbearer)
Wizard daily 25 Spellbook: Prismatic Spray
Wizard encounter 27: Steal Time (replaces Prismatic Burst)
Wizard daily 29: Summon Abyssal Horde (replaces Summon Angel Wretch)
Wizard daily 29 Spellbook: Summon Living Mountain

Spellbook, Summoner's Accurate staff +6, Tome of Forty Steps +6, Brooch of Vitality +6, Belt of the Witch King (paragon tier), Eye of Awareness (epic tier), Opal Ring of Remembrance (epic tier), Ring of Free Time (epic tier), Boots of Quickness (epic tier), Crest of Vigilance Eternal (paragon tier), Battle Harness Starweave Armor +6

Chauntea/Lathander/Torm Cleric since 1995 My husband married a DM - καλὸς καὶ ἀγαθός


Multiclassing, Skill Powers and Rituals

Multiclassing Options
Multiclassing can be a nice option for many characters.

Thunder and Cold blasters will mostly Multiclass Swordmage for the Malec-Keth Janissary Paragon Path.

Orb of Imposition (Imposers) and Illusionists will find MC Cleric and Bard very useful for the leader options and the paragon paths Divine Oracle and Lifesinger

MC Invoker is nice for the similar role and stats match you have: you also gain access to Hammer of Vengeance Paragon Path which has a static -2 to saves which is very valuable for orb of imposition users (you will need high wisdom, though). Invoker has nice summons, too, and a vast feat support. Mc invoker may get you into the so-called "radiant mafia", which is abusing radiant vulnerability by using a radiant weapon, the sun domain channel divinity and/or the Morninglord paragon path. It's not at all bad choice, but it's not generally the way to go for wizards (at least for what i consider a wizard).

Finally the Warlock is a very strong strikery options, expecially for power swapping. Warlock powers are more strikerish than Wizard's but they have an huge controller-ish flavour (generally). This is nice expecially for high-charisma tiefling wizards and expecially enchanter mages

MC shaman was another nice choice to get the free spirit at will, but was badly nerfed in the may errata. It is still nice, but not so much.

Hybrid Options

The hybrid wizard is one of the best hybrid in the game (as most arcane characters). The wizard has very little features and very very little armor proficiency (let’s draw a veil over weapon proficiencies). You lose the spellbook feature, and you can't recover it even with the Hybrid Talent feat. This can be somewhat important, so evaluate carefully before choosing the "hybrid path".
You can gain back Arcane Implement Mastery with Hybrid Talent, though.

Why hybridizing? For example, If you played a campaign in the paragon tier, let's say level 15-19, you may have noticed that wizard powers in that level are a bit weaker than in others (since 9-13 powers are overpowered you may not care about this, but this is only my opinion EDIT: this is not more true, fortunately, after HoFL... slumber of the white court, mass charm and wrath of battle deleted this problem). This may be changed by hybriding into another class. Maybe your party has already another controller, or need an help for leading. In these cases, hybridizing can be a really nice choice.

Another reason could be boosting toughness of the class: the wizard is considered, rightfully, one of the most fragile classes (even if it has many ways to escape/reduce damage of attacks). Unless you multiclass it with another controller class or the assassin, you will get a bonus in your HP and surges.

The third reason could be focusing of a theme. I'm quoting JoeMama1512: Say you are making a radiant-wizard.   Wizard+invoker will cover your bases where wizard alone would be pretty limited in power selection.  Ditto with a cold or fire or stun or whatever build.  In general the wizard has enough good powers for general purpose, so the only time I feel the need to expand power selection is with a theme-build.

Last but not least, and again suggested by JoeMama1512, hybrids can use more implements than "normal" wizards: Maybe I want to use a holy symbol or sword as an implement without spending a feat (or impossible in the case of symbol).

Which class? You have essentially 3 "simple choices", which are intellect based as the wizard and more choices that requires heavy investment in a secundary stat.

Share intellect as main stat

Artificer: nice leader-y choice, very nice summonings, extremely nice utilities. Can work very well as a second leader in a large party and remains a decent controller.

Psion: this is a very strong controller, with a great power selection. You can cherry-pick the best from both classes, or choose specific builds.

Swordmage: the classical "gish". Nearly all swordmages build are swordmage|wizard or swordmage|warlock. A very nice defensive character, strong controller and decent defender

Intellect as secundary, or good general choices

Bard: similar to the cleric, the bard opens quite few option. It has very nice ally movement and damage prevention features and its powers (expecially the cunning bard ones) are very nice for a controller. You won't have implement issues.

Cleric: the cleric, expecially the pacifist cleric, is a strong controller. You can create a tiefling radiant/fire blaster that abuses of cleric powers and is a decent leader. Or choose non damaging wizard powers (these are few, but nice: web and visions of avarice, for example) and welcome the way of the pacifism. Plus, using the holy symbol as implement is probably the best choice.

Invoker: the invoker has a nice power selection and its powers are generally friendly AOE even at low level. Good feat support and Hammer of Judgement feature make this a very nice choice.

Shaman: you will bring good dpr-boosting leader powers, the ability to use the spirit and a nice all-around leading ability.

Warlock: going for charisma-warlock is very nice for some races (tiefling, gnome, shardmind for example): your powers will be much more offensive and you will gain very nice defensive abilities typical of the class. Constitution warlock are also very nice, even if there are less races available

Warlord: The synergy between our class and the warlord is surprisingly strong. Naturally i'm referring to the Tactical Warlord, that is intellect based. You have two solutions:
1) Being a Lazy Warlord: there are a lot of warlord powers that do not require hit. You can safely dump into the ground Strength, use you free Hide Armour and enable and control at the same time.
2) being a Genasi with very high strength (on par with Intellect) so you can choose between all kind of warlord powers and possibly even take a warlord paragon path.
Both builds are a bit feat starved: in my opinion there are some required feats: Hybrid talent (warlord armour) is needed, because you are often in melee and you need that AC. If you want to use heavy swords you have to take arcane implement proficiency to use them as implements.
That said, the warlord is one of the most powerful classes in the game and the mix between wizard and warlord can be truly devastating.


Order Adept (D 399)

This is probably a good choice for wizards, since it has really good specialized features:

Argent Rain Reflex, Fire, Zone: better for blasters, decent for controllers. The zone damage isn't iterative but works also on entering the zone.
Level 5 Feature :  +2 to Arcana and another utility power just because you can. Really good.
Level 10 Feature: the bonus to arcana becomes +4 and you gain an incredibly good power bonus to Will. Again, why not?
Extension Daily: Like Mordenkainen's Lucubration but without the sustain. Surely not needed at level 2, but it scales very well.
Far Reaching Encounter: personally i like having 20 range on some dailies, and it's a free action.
Mnemonic Enhancer Daily: the limitation to the lowed level encounter power ruins a bit this utility.

Scholar (D 399)

A really good benefit, especially since as a wizard you will be expected to make a lot of monster knowledge checks.

Use Vulnerability: if you beat the hard DC you are untouchable for one round and you deal extra int damage to the target. For a free action, what do you want more?
Level 5 Feature: additional training to a knowledge skill or a +2 bonus to one knowledge skills if you are well prepared... and an extra language. Why not, i'd say??
Level 10 Feature: you know all languages and you can decipher arcane stuff quite easily. A lovely benefit
Useful Lore Daily: +5 to a skill, but as a daily... there are surely better choices
Inimical Lore Encounter: as encounter power you can exploit vulnerabilities or change damage types. Its only issue is the range... which is really bad.
Defensive Lore Daily: full enemy weakening and -defense. Great, but the range kills the power. It's really better in the hand of a swordmage or a melee artificer.

Wizard's Apprentice (D 399)

This are nice benefits, but Order Adept is overall stronger in my opinion

Color Orb Will, Radiant: a single target daze is strong at level 1, but scales so&so and the range is crappy.
Level 5 Feature: there are some nice choices, but common items are fairly limited
Level 10 Feature: take a look to Order Adept level 10 feature, now look back. You aren't on a boat.
Disappear Daily: a daily single round invisibility... mmm, ok?
Winged Step Encounter: an encounter fly is really good in my book, definitely better than dimension door.
Minor Polymorph Daily: mainly a scouting power. You should have your familiar for this kind of stuff.

Veiled Alliance (DSCS)

This is a very control-focused theme (which is good for us) but with a slightly leaderish hint. As a nice mechanic boost, all three encounter powers can be enhanced by expending an extra minor action when casting.

Excise from Sight Will, Psychic: eyebite on steroids, and the slide with minor action can be handy. A nice benefit at level 1.
Veiled Arcana Encounter: gaining CA as minor action 1/encounter can be a good little perk.
Dazzling Flash Fortitude, Radiant: Friendly CB 5 slow + big penalty on OAs is a really good mix. With the minor action expense  enemies can't basically punish marks or do anything when they're not in their turns.
Psychic Veil Will, Psychic: this instead is really bad. Deafening (WHY??) and little penalty on out-of-turn actions is really too few for a daily to be viable.
Veiled Escape Encounter: minor action shift enhancer... with an extra bonus for nethermancers
Sandman's Veil Reflex, Psychic, Teleportation: "cannot see" is a nice bonus, especially if you have a ranged-based party. It is a strong incentive to defender-attacking.
Sequestering Veil Fortitude, Psychic: wow, this power is good, especially with the extra free penalty tackled with a minor action. The only thing keeping it out from max rank is the little area.
Sensory Absorbtion Daily: this is a bit like Evard's All Seeing Worm (from nethermancer enigmatic mage), but worse. Overall quite underwhelming.

Veiled Alliance Paragon Paths

Master Preserver (DSCS): nice leader-ish features, as Praetor Legate. You lose the ability to defile (which doesn't seem to be a really harsh loss) but you gain a nice bonus on ritual skills. Powers are very strong, indeed. Expecially the level 20 daily is really a jewel.

Veiled Guardian (DSCS): not made for you.

Templar (DSCS)

Based on Dark Sun tyrannical leaders, the templar is good for arcane leaders, but works also for wizard

Templar's Fist Will, Psychic: Psychic damage, hits will and adds a good attack bonus to the next ally. While not exactly wizard-ly it is a really good benefit.
Reward the Obedient Encounter: fits greatly the leaderish theme and healing surge + saving throw is really good. Requires a bit of positioning to be workable, though.
Fearsome Command Will, Fear, Psychic: aoe slow burst 2 is decent at 3rd level, but wizard has better choice.
Glare of Oppression Will, Healing, Radiant: aoe immobilisation + regeneration 3 is a good benefit. Naturally it's not really comparable to dailies like Visions of Avarice or Stinking Cloud
Mantle of Might Daily, Fear: it would be really strong, but not for you. This is really good for a melee bard or a melee artificer.
Fettering Glare (violet) Will, Psychic: CB 2 + proning is quite meh. Overall nothing incredible and the ally reroll is frankly out-of-character.
Imperious Gaze Will, Psychic: CB 2 dazing + regain encounter for an ally. Overall a nice benefit, but not so incredible
Berate the Weak Daily, Healing: naturally better for a leader, but that's really a good backup benefit. Removing dazing and stunning, especially, is incredible.

Templar Paragon Paths

Master Defiler (DSCS): thematically tied to defiling (obvious), which frankly seems a quite underwhelming mechanic (free to contradict me). Powers, though, are really nice (especially the level 12 utility).
Prateor Legate (DSCS): overall a quite nice, even if a bit leaderish theme: being able to put out a little distance between you and enemies, though, is quite strong. Overall quite decent. The entry theme power is pretty nice.

Skill Powers

As usual non-combat skill powers will be rated green. All skill powers presented here, unless written otherwise, are in PHB 3.
Combat skill powers will be rated according to their power.
I'll rate only skill powers tied to standard wizard skills (so, no Heal or Endurance ones)

Arcana (Int)

Arcane Senses 2 Encounter: you know how many creatures surrounds you, but you don't know where they are. Imho underwhelming

Arcane Mutterings 2 Encounter: very nice way to become the party face

Experienced Arcana 6 Daily: can be useful for some rituals (scrying, for example).

Warp In the Weave (D 385) 6 Encounter: a little expensive. Can have its uses in some context (your leader is sleeping). Better at higher level since you can also avoid bad effects like stunning or dominating, but nothing exceptional.

Insightful Warning 6 Encounter: overall probably one of the best skill powers. With the slight nerf of Wizard's Escape this can prove very useful.

Elemental Countermeasures 16 Encounter: this is also very nice. Resist 15-17 elemental damage is a very nice effect and you can keep Fly or Spectral Vision in your Spellbook.

Diplomacy (Cha)

Soothing Words 2 Daily: nice if you have high charisma, expecially for MC bards.

Haggle 6 Encounter: you shouldn't be the party face, generally. If you are this can be useful

Stirring Speech 6 Daily: a nice power expecially if you know how to use it correctly.

Befriend 10 Encounter: decent bonus to bluff and diplomacy checks

Cry for Mercy 10 Encounter: nice effect, expecially for you. It's a pity that level 10 is full of win for wizards

Noble Sacrifice 10 Encounter: bad idea as a wizard :D

Indomitable Ally 16 Encounter: can save a life, sometimes. Quite situational, though.

Dungeoneering (Wis)

Deep Shadows 2 Encounter: not so great in general

Otherwordly Lore 2 Encounter: very situational power

Eyes of the Deep Delver 6 Encounter: blindsight 10 is very strong, but lasts really too little time

Stonecunning 6 Encounter: hopefully in your party there's someone with an high perception score

Trap Sense 10 Encounter: again, situational.

History (Int)

Legend Lore 2 Encounter: you are usually good at knowledge checks. Pass.

Perfect Recall 2 At-will: as legend lore

Strategist's Epiphany 2 Daily: this is a quite strong effect, but usually your initiative check is higher than your history roll. However, rerolling for all your party is quite nice.

Historical Revelation 6 Encounter: quite shabby

Tactician's Measure 10 Encounter: not too bad but there are many better choices

Insight (Wis)

Anticipate Maneuver 2 Encounter: the range is really bad. Overall underwhelming

Emphatic Read 6 Encounter: quite nice to help the party face

Insightful Counter 6 Encounter: imho better for a defender, a little situational for you

Prescient Maneuver 6 Encounter: an out of round movement, probably superior to some teleport power. Not too bad.

Insightful Comment 10 Encounter: nice for chit-chatting imposers

Prescient Defense 10 Encounter: not at the level of your usual powers (name: shield, wizard's escape)

Insightful Riposte 16 Encounter: quite similar to the Deva Racial, a little better (since you can add the bonus after you know you missed). Some DM doesn't approve this kind of power, though. Pay attention.

Nature (Wis)

Mounted Coordination 2 Encounter: decent bonus if you are mounted. Nothing game-breaking, though.

Nature Sense 2 Daily: it makes you and your friends nearly unhittable in the first round of combat. Quite nice.

Path of the Bounding Stag 6 Encounter: teleport powers are better.

Practiced Rider 6 At-will: if you play a mounted-campaign, this can be a nice choice.

Spot the Path 10 Encounter: not too shabby but not incredibly strong

Religion (Int)

Faith Healing 2 Daily: standard action & melee touch aren't a nice business card for this power.

Censure the Unholy 6 Encounter: not made for you, the zone is too little to be really useful.

Theologian's Shield 6 Encounter: this can vary from situational to great. Generally it's not bad, necrotic is fairly common.

Conviction 10 Encounter: imho underwhelming.

Recitation 10 Daily: a bad bless. If you want to waste a feat, take bless.


I'll start ranking rituals from PHB, PHB2 and AP. Since there are many rituals, for semplicity, I'll rate only black+ rating ones

As already said, the wizard is probably the best ritualist among all classes. It gets, during its chareer, 10 free rituals and this is very very nice. Plus it has as class skills all skills needed to perform the most common rituals, and intellect is a great stat for "knowledge skills" like arcana and religion.
Remember that, unlike the "classical" 4e wizard, mages don't get ritual casting as free feature and they don't get free rituals.

How to read rituals: Name (Source), Level of the ritual, Key Skill. Rituals are divided into three tiers. Divination Rituals are rated Green because they're really too much player-dependant to judge them.

Heroic Rituals

Animal Friendship (PHB2) 5 Nature: the watch feature is fairly nice and the cast time is short.
Arcane Lock (PHB) 4 Arcana: i actually used it to flee. A very nice ritual, quite cheap too.
Beast Growth (AP) 4 No Check: at this level you are still tied to mundane travel methods and this makes your donkey more strong are more able to transport heavy weights
Bloom (PHB2) 2 No Check: I've used it to prepare a battlefield for an incumbent battle. Didn't regret it but probably it's very situational.
Brew Potion (PHB) 5 No Check: if your party lacks a leader, this ritual can be very useful to save you by creating an incredible number of potion of healing
Call Wilderness Guide (PHB2) 6 Nature: a cool choice but probably covers the same area as divination rituals.
Consult Mystic Sages (PHB) 10 Religion: Quite decent, as usually this kind of powers should be used in combo with your DM. Try to talk with him first
Create Campsite (PHB2) 1 Nature: Wow, a really nice low level ritual, and is also reliable for avoiding night ambushes. Imho it's a must have ritual, at least at low level.
Create Holy Water (DP) 1 Religion: this is a really good way to add extra damage against demons or undeads, and it's quite cheap too.
Cure Disease (PHB) 6 Heal: very nice.... if you have heal. If you don't, stay far from this ritual.
Detect Secret Doors (PHB) 3 Arcana: you have cleared the dungeon but you suspect there's something hidden? Use this.
Detect Treasure (AP) 9 Arcana: i find Detect Secret Doors much more useful
Discern Lies (PHB) 6 Religion: decent sometimes.
Disenchant Magic Item (PHB) 6 No Check: your DM hates you and you have found the #6 Useless Orb of Fickle Fate +2? Disenchant it in front of his face
Enchant Magic Item (PHB) 4 No Check: take it. End of Transmission
Endure Elements (PHB) 2 Arcana or Nature: i've used this ritual a couple of times (in Calimshan) and i've found it incredibly useful.
Fool's Gold (AP) 3 Arcana: too cool to pass, too useful and too fun to skip its use.
Gentle Repose (PHB) 1 No Check: cheap way to help you have time to raise money for your fallen comrade
Hallucinatory Item (PHB) 5 Arcana: the little brother of Hallucinatory Creature: try to create something believable
Hand of Fate (PHB) 4 No Check: "should we get killed trying to steal the diamond from the evil god's den or should we play poker instead?" "NATURALLY THE DIAMOND OMG !!!ONE111!!!". Except for this little issue, a good ritual.
Ironwood (PHB2) 6 Nature: nice to change the Indiana Jones style bridge in a Golden Gate
Iron Vigil (DP) 4 No Check: another way to be aware in the sleeping time, but probably create campsite is better
Knock (PHB) 4 Arcana: i've found that this ritual is too useful to pass.
Leomund's Secret Chest (PHB) 6 No Check: nice if you want to enlist the army. Don't let that evil sergeant steal your stuff!!
Linked Portal (PHB) 8 Arcana: take it and love it. From now on you don't have to ride an horse/camel/elephant/goliath anymore.
Lower Water (AP) 2 Nature: play Moses for an hour, the area is quite little at low level, though
Magic Map (AP) 9 Arcana: THE creature location ritual. Really really nice to find someone.
Magic Mouth (PHB) 1 Arcana: nice for dungeon exploration and for other uses.
Make Whole (PHB) 1 No Check: living in a metric-system country i had a problem to quantify how much material is a 20foot cube... it's quite a lot. Nice to repair Indiana Jones' style bridges and such.
Object Reading (AP) 5 Arcana: rituals like this often clears darkness out of your path. Very useful
Phantom Steed (PHB) 6 Arcana: it seems nice, but 2 levels after you have Linked Portal that is much better.
Pyrotechnics (PHB2) 2 No Check: wow, fireworks. Cool as ever and situationally useful
Raise Dead (PHB) 8 No Check: yes, you can raise dead.
Remove Affliction (PHB) 8 Heal: unless you have trained heal, please leave this ritual to the Cleric.
Sending (PHB) 6 Arcana: nice if you DM likes to split you, to harass you or to make you part of an army
Silence (PHB) 1 No Check: there are better level 1 choices, but this is cheap. Get a perception master instead
Snare (PHB2) 4 Nature: This + create campsite = you can sleep well
Speak with Dead (PHB) 6 Religion: again this is a divination ritual that is difficult to rate. Sometimes useful.
Speak With Nature (PHB2) 5 Nature: another divination ritual, probably more useful than speak with dead.
Tenser's Floating Disk (PHB) 1 Arcana: your multitasking disk. If you think you can't do something with it, think again. There's a whole thread about using efficiently the disk.
Thief's Lament (DP) 6 Arcana or Religion: one of those rituals difficult to use correctly, and it's quite expensive too.
Tree Shape (PHB2) 2 No check: unfortunately it has a quite long cast time, otherwise it would be really useful.
Tree Stride (PHB2) 6 Nature: you may want it at level 6, but at level 8 there's the incredible Linked Portal.
Unseen Servant (AP) 1 No Check: another way to gain something that lift weights for you, cleans up for you and builds the campsite for you.
Water Breathing (PHB) 8 Arcana or Nature: one of those rituals that is always nice to have.
Water Walk (PHB) 2 No Check: guess what? Walk on the water, simply. Nice to have.
Wizard's Sight (PHB) 8 Arcana: has a situational use, since it is limited to a 20 squares distance, but can be useful for a number of things (getting around corners or locked doors, dungeon walls, etc...)
Wyvern Watch (PHB2) 6 Arcana: the arcana version of snare, even better, since the area is larger and the trap attacks will (and is an arcana check).

Paragon Rituals

Adjure (DP) 16 Religion: you compel an immortal creature to your service. This is only limited by your imagination, but usually can be a risky thing, since the creature's big brother can come back for your head after the service ends.
Arcane Barrier (AP) 12 Arcana: it's the higher level version of Arcane Lock and it's quite cool, since it can also be made permanent.
Consult Oracle (PHB) 16 Religion: this is better than consult mystic sages, and you get immediately the answer. Remember to talk with your DM before using the ritual.
Control Weather (PHB2) 14 Nature: creating a storm or a blizzard is quite cool, but i wouldn't know how to use it (for a good alignment non-troll wizard)
Drawmij's Instant Summons (PHB) 12 No Check: probably can be useful sometimes, if your DM likes to imprison you like I do.
Farsight (AP) 16 Arcana: as its lower level brother Wizard's Sight it could be useful, but it's quite limited for its short duration.
Forbiddance (PHB) 20 Arcana: if you have the time to prepare the ritual for the fight, some monsters are really screwed. A lovely ritual.
Guards and Wards (AP) 18 Arcana: the healing surge cost keeps it from being much better, but it's really a nice collection of rituals
Hallowed Temple (DP) 12 No Check: it's the little brother of Mordenkainen's Mansion, but with a long casting time and creature type limitation. It is quite nice, though.
Hallucinatory Creature (PHB) 12 Arcana: one of the funniest things in the game. Try to use your brain and create something believable
History Revealed (AP) 11 Arcana: an arcane divination ritual, with the style of Speak with Dead.
Passwall (PHB) 12 Arcana: i see this ritual as Knock's bigger brother . Even more useful, though.
Planar Portal (PHB) 18 Arcana: simply Linked Portal's bigger brother. Even better, naturally, since it can be used to travel between planes.
Shadow Walk (PHB) 12 No Check: imho linked portal is better, but this can be useful if you often travel in the wilderness. A bit risky, though, the shadowfell isn't often the best of the places to be in
Silt Walk (DSCS) 12 No Check: if you play in a desertic landscape or in Dark Sun, this is useful
Succor (DP) 20 No Check: costy, but it can literally save your entire party life. A really good addition to your arsenal.
Summon Demon (Demonomicon) 16 Arcana or Religion: more risky than asking to gods, actually... but it could be more rewarding.
View Location (PHB) 14 Arcana: this ritual has great uses if you have to exit a dungeon for the night or if you left something important at the inn. A very nice choice.
View Object (PHB) 18 Arcana: as view location, but you can choose an object instead. It is probably better since you don't have to have seen the object.

Epic Rituals

Ease Spirit (DP) 25 No Check: if someone in your party happens to die quite often, here is your favourite ritual.
Imprisonment (AP) 28 No Check: this was one of the most incredible spells in 3.5 editions. Now it's a nice ritual
Observe Creature (PHB) 24 Arcana: it costs a lot, but can be really useful. Use it wisely.
True Portal (PHB) 28 Arcana: the biggest brother of linked portal, without limitations.
Voice of Fate (PHB) 26 Religion: the capstone of divination rituals, asks directly to a god and the reply is accurate.

Chauntea/Lathander/Torm Cleric since 1995 My husband married a DM - καλὸς καὶ ἀγαθός


Wizard Tactics & Strategy Tips

A little note: this section was done for "rookie" d&d or wizard players. Seasoned players will find, probably, little help from my advice. Feedback, as usual, is more than welcomed for all sections.

Know your strengths

This section (Strengths-Weaknesses) is an overlook of the class. I'll put various statements here in a sparse order. This section is written to be useful expecially for new players, but can be useful for all players.

1) Huge Support: the wizard class, as all the "old time" classes have huge support of powers, feats and items. As you can see in the power list, powers come from many many sources (PHB, HoFL, AP, at least 6 dragon issues and so on). Note that dragon magazine powers are generally tied to a theme (for example d 381 to the "fey theme" that was re-worked into enchanters).
2) The wizard class is the only implement-user which can use 4 implements baseline (the Mage 3). This means that you can cherry-pick the best items in the game, also from other casters. Wizards are also the only implement-controller (till now) which can also learn to use extra implements with a modicum investment. This is probably underrated, but is very important. For example, invokers, unless hybrid or multiclass (with heavy power investment) can't use orbs. Druids can't use tomes, and so on.

3) Huge moltitude of effects: the wizard can emulate any kind off effects: slowed, restrained, immobilized, stunned, weakened, blinded, dominated. The wizard has many sliding and pushing effects: this means you can exploit easily this kind of powers with the best party setup and get your allies take Agile Opportunist if they want.

4) Very strong effects un-tied from power level: the wizard powers makes enemy unconscious from level 1. Mass dominate from level 9. This means that power retraining is nice but no mandatory.

5) The wizard's feat list is composed by 6-7 "mandatory" elements. These are feats that each player wants for his/her character. Not having some of them will cripple the growth of this character. Not having others, instead, seriously limits their options.
Members of the first list are the various expertise feats. Those aren't real feats, but "math corrections". In fact monster defenses scale differently from character's attack bonus. Those feats were created to delete this differences and make them scale the same way. At the moment, the best feat is versatile expertise, since it's like implement expertise but you can add also your bonus to a weapon attack (the only weapon you usually wield is the staff, so generally wizards go for weapon: staff / implement: staff or staff/orb).
At the moment also superior implement expertise is considered very welcomed. Another +1 to hit with your cunning staff is probably the best feat investment for imposers and illusionists. Blasters may want to focus on a single defense and get another bonus damage.
Very welcomed feats, instead, are not mandatory. But they are so useful that not taking some of them can be a really bad choice. Enlarge spell is one of them: while changed by the errata to affect only at wills or encounter wizard (so, no PP) spells, it's a really lovely investment for 1 feat. Changing burst 1 to burst 2 makes a spell cover 16 squares more (from 9 to 25). While not gamebreaking, it's really useful.
There are also feats that are build dependant: blasters love to take feats tied to their element specialization, and war wizardry if they have chosen many non-friendly aoes. Enlarge and damage increasing feats are useless for enchanters, which base everything on precision and defense.

Confront your weaknesses

The wizard player has a some things to take care about:

1) Glass cannon: the wizard is "the" glass cannon. While it has many ways to escape attacks its AC and HP are probably among the worst in the game. At higher levels you will usually be hit with a roll of 6-7 and this is bad. A little investment on survival is, in my opinion, very welcomed.
Players usually understimate these facts, saying that ranged characters should worry less about defenses than melee ones. This is not completely false, but it is really DM dependant. Some DM (like mine) like to pursuit you with skirmishers and lurkers. They love to charge you with brutes and kick your face. If you have a DM that makes everything he/she can to avoid to attack the defender (a.k.a.: the "you're not a tank" DM), please, make some investment to stay vertical as much as you can. Otherwise, you will be a burden for your party, instead of the real encounter-winner.

2) Not easy to play: the wizard is probably one of the most difficult class to play. Its powers, expecially its dailies, are never obvious to use. Naturally this requires some finesse and some brain-usage. If you are a player that likes to play drunk/high i suggest to play another class or stick with the easiest to play builds: summoners and blasters.
Effects like visions of avarice, storm pillar, evard's spells, phantom reality and so on are very strong, but need careful targeting and party support (see next session)

3) Party aid: if you are alone, you are dead. D.E.D. (quote :P). So, try not to play against your party. If the barbarian has readied an action to charge a guy, don't push him far. If you really have to include an ally in one of your effects please DO NOT target the leader. You can target the avenger, the monk, the defender, but NOT the leader. Do nothing instead, it's better. If you have many non-friendly spells, take war wizardry. It's not a choice. Your party will hate you and will write in the C.O. boards posts like "OMG wizards are idiotic". Each time i read a post like this, it's because the wizard made bad choices (took bad powers like, for example, firescythe or erupting flame, things that should be deleted from wizard power list... or didn't simply have a clue about playing a wizard) and blasted away its party.

4) Reputation: controllers? Useless, "a luxury that many parties can't have", With that party you can't have a wizard, Stunlockers? Dead!, Blood Mages? They aren't like at the old times.

When you read sentences like these in the forum, just ignore them. Wizard are probably the most errataed class, because some features were really off the board. Stunlockers could reach a -20 to all saving throws. Blood Mages could deal absurd (really absurd) damage using a single encounter.
Controllers are judged as a luxury, as the "5th loser" you have to carry on the adventure and takes your gold and your magic items. Why? Read again point 4.

Party and Movement Management

Party Management

Your party is the best resource you have. Keep this always in your mind. As i wrote before, hitting continuously your allies with your spells is not only not acceptable, but also stupid. In some parties this can bring people not want to play with you or oblige you to change class.

So, here's some advices about party:

First, the defender: we can say that the defender is an high-armored and sturdy controller. In fact, he loves to have enemies near him/her and punish them, commonly with sliding/proning effects, but also with teleport denial. stunning and other nasty things.
Help your defender: if you want to help your defender, try to make more vulnerable enemies around him. Winged Horde is a great example. This spell makes your defender move more freely among enemy lines and get many marks. With Arcane Whirlwind or Twist of Space you can slide him in good position, with the various charm powers you can force the mark, and so on. Finally, the bane of all defenders are skirmishers and ranged controllers (except for the swordmage, maybe): with the various wall spells and area spells you can cover a large number of squares denying hit and run tactics.

Second, the leader: the leader helps and heals all your party, enabling attacks and buffing/debuffing.
Help your leader: usually it's your leader that helps you, so follow his/her attack scheme. Wait to land that strong encounter power until the BBEG is debuffed. Try to get decent defenses: in this way your leader's resources won't be wasted only on you. Last but not least, know your leader: a tactical warlord plays completely different from a pacifist cleric, so pay attention.

Third and last, the striker team: everyone likes to play a striker, so generally you have at least 2-3 of them in any party.
Help your strikers: your various status effects help them to land crucial dailies and encounter powers. If you have many melee strikers don't fill the battlefield with non-friendly zones or walls. Summons are great for setting up constant CA. Again, play as a team.

Movement management

I've got some short advices for you:
1) Follow your team, if it moves. Try to stay at range but in line with your defender. This is for charging denial.
2) Never, ever ever ever stay in melee, unless you are some kind of hybrid swordmage.
3) Get as soon as possible a way to fly, levitate, boots of teleportation, etc. You don't want to be hampered by difficult terrain.
4) Try to stay in a burst 5 with your leader in the heroic tier, burst 10 in the paragon and 15 in epic. This is for the encounter minor action heals. Do this expecially if your leader is a melee one.
5) If you are a summoner and you don't have to go for CA (or your summon has area attacks), try to stay near it.

Other tips

Miscellaneous things that came into my mind and can be always useful.

Action Economy Analysis by Lucious Leet

At Will: 24
Immediate Interrupt:0
Immediate Reaction:0
Minor Action:3 (2 cantrips+Mystical Debris)
Move:1 (1 Utility)
No Action:0
There is only one minor At Will, Mystical Debris, which is actually worth considering regarding consistent usage of minor actions.

Encounter: 114
Free:3 (1 cantrip, 2 Utilities)
Immediate Interrupt:3 (all Utilities)
Immediate Reaction:3 (1 Utility)
Minor Action:7 (all Utilities)
Move:3 (all Utilities)
No Action:0
All Encounter powers below standard action are utilities and mostly situational

Daily: 155
Free:3 (all Utilities)
Immediate Interrupt:3 (2 Utilities)
Immediate Reaction:0
Minor Action:56 (30 Utilities, 24 Summons or other powers which also eat up the standard to attack, Wizard's Fury and Delayed Blast Fireball)
Move:5 (all Utilities)
No Action:0

Only 2 Daily powers are minor and since they are dailies cannot be considered when looking into consistent action economy.

It looks like there is not alot of room for action economy for wizards, the powers that use actions lower than standard are either utilities which are situational or dailies which use an action to "cast" them or to sustain them.
Of course this is a simple count, there may be hidden gems in there which may consistently or at least regularly take up some of the actions other than standard.

Using Mystical Debris

How to use Mystical Debris: blocking the way of access is generally a bad idea. The usual use is helping your defender. How? This is generally done in three ways:
1) The battle is ongoing and positions are set: put mystical debris in this way: XMDMX where X are empty squares, M are mystical debris squares where monsters are and D is your defender. Tip: use only a vertical, horizontal or diagonal pattern. Your defender may need to shift away.
2) The battle is started and you want to create difficult terrain: put mystical debris in this way: MXDXM. Defender will catch enemies and this will denial shift+charge tactics.  
3) Deny skirmishers or lurkers movement. The pattern is usually MX 
In this way you block charges and shifting easily with a correct placement of your defender.

Avoid to surround him and to block possible escape ways for your party.

Storm Pillar

Storm pillar can still be abused. Just know when to use it: the forced movement can happen only in the enemy's round. So, effects like Arcane Whirlwind, Visions of Avarice or Phantom Bolt don't work. But Hypnotic Pattern and Prismatic Wall, for example, which slides or teleports the target in an adjacent square as an Opportunity Action, still does. Hypnotic Pattern+Storm Pillar is a VERY damaging combo that each wizard has to take on account.
Also Grease works, but strangely: you have to miss the free action attack. In this way you slide the target into the pillar. If you hit the target is prone, if you miss you slide it 2 squares into the pillar. Overall a nice catch 22 situation.
Summon Chainbearer works too. As an opportunity action it slides the target, and it has threatening reach.

Last but not least, remember that low level orb users usually extend its duration for another round. Having 2 storm pillars on the board is something that can be really nasty.

At higher level even a dominated target can be destroyed by a well placed storm pillar.

How monsters interact with enchanters?

Premise: taken on account 200 monsters from MM1, MM2, MM3. Random monsters from all tiers.

1) MBAs are MUCH more common than RBAs: only 18 monsters from 200 had an RBA. So, powers that are able to give a "basic attack" instead of a "melee basic attack" are much more stronger on paper than in real game.

2) Damage: the MBA damage is actually fairly low compared to what a striker can do. It is comparable, though, to the AOE damage that a non-blaster wizard can dish out. Basically an enchanter mage doesn't hinder too much the DPR side of a party.

3) Effects: yeah, dark-lightblue: effects tied to monsters MBA and RBA were really a lot.

  • Ongoing Damage (10%): a lot of ongoing damage rolling. Usually tied to the element of the creature, but not always

  • Prone (2-3%): sometimes. Creatures that prone the target usually deals more damage against prone targets. This can be exploited, probably

  • Immobilized (5%): a good half of this 5% creatures had an effect with a save end tied.

  • Extra Damage (15%): usually tied to thier element, but not always. It is always better to target another type of creature with these effects, since creatures are nearly always resistant to their element. I put in this group also conditional extra damage (sneak attacking and extra conditional damage usually common in lurkers and skirmishers)

  • Dazed (7-8%): a good half of this 7-8% creatures had an effect with a save end tied

  • Marked (5%): a marked creatures interact decently with a defender.

  • Slowed (5%): again often with a save end effect

  • Grabbed (7-8%): a grabbed greature has to escape from the grab... which costs precious actions

  • Attacker Move (7-8%): the attacker can move (usually shifts, but sometimes jumps or moves ) before or after the action... this can lead to OAs

  • Push/Pull/Slide (5% but much more common in MM3)

  • Other effects (8-9%): stunning, dominating and weakening are the more common, expecially in higher tiers... but also -hit effects. Always nice.

  • Only damage (15-20%): a good chunk of creatures deals only damage. Much more increased in MM3

Creatures completely immune to charm effects are under 3% of the sample (naturally excluded from the statistic).  
Other considerations:
Enchanters are more than viable, expecially if your DM possess and uses MM2 and 3.
Enchanters becomes stronger when the enemy is stronger, and this is a great asset.
Enchanters are more able to help a non heavy debuffer defender.

Chauntea/Lathander/Torm Cleric since 1995 My husband married a DM - καλὸς καὶ ἀγαθός


Homebrew Material

New Spells by Myself (with the feedback of the community

Force Missiles Wizard Attack 7
Encounter Force, Evocation, Arcane, Implement
Standard Action
Target: one creature
Attack: Intelligence vs. Reflex

Hit: 3d4+ Intelligence modifier force damage. At the start of its next turn, the target takes again the same damage.
Miss: half damage and no extra damage at the start of the target next turn

Fireball Wizard Attack 5
Daily        Arcane, Evocation, Fire, Implement
Standard Action      Area burst 3 within 20 squares
Target: Each creature in the burst
Attack: Intelligence vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d6 + Intelligence modifier fire damage and the target is pushed 2 squares further from the origin square and knocked prone
Miss: Half damage and prone.

Meteor Swarm Wizard Attack 29
Daily        Arcane, Evocation, Fire, Implement
Standard Action      Area burst 5 within 20 squares
Target: Each creature in burst
Attack: Intelligence vs. Reflex
Hit: 10d6 + Intelligence modifier fire damage and the target is dazed until the end of your next round and prone.
Sustain Standard: if you sustain the power you can repeat the attack

Disintegrate Wizard Attack 19
Daily        Arcane, Evocation, Implement
Standard Action      Ranged 10
Target: One creature or object
Attack: Intelligence vs. Reflex. You automatically hit an unattended object with this power.
Hit: 4d10 + Intelligence modifier damage and ongoing 5 damage (save ends)
   First Failed Saving Throw: 4d10 + Intelligence modifier damage and ongoing 10 damage (save ends)
     Aftereffect: Ongoing 5 damage (save ends) and 1d10 + Intelligence modifier damage
Miss: 2d10 + Intelligence modifier damage, and ongoing 5 damage (save ends).
          First Failed Saving Throw: 1d10 + Intelligence modifier damage and ongoing 5 damage (save ends)

Melf's Acid Arrow Wizard Attack 9
Daily        Acid, Arcane, Evocation, Implement
Standard Action      Ranged 10
Target: One, Two or Three creatures
Attack: Intelligence vs Fortitude
Hit: 4d4 + Intelligence modifier acid damage and ongoing 10 acid damage (save ends)
      First Failed Saving Throw: ongoing 15 acid damage (save ends)
Miss: Half damage and ongoing 5 acid damage (save ends)

Cloudkill    Wizard Attack 19
Daily        Arcane, Implement, Poison, Zone
Standard Action      Area burst 5 within 20 squares
Target: Each creature in burst
Attack: Intelligence vs. Fortitude
Hit: 2d10 + Intelligence modifier poison damage and the target is weakened until the end of your next turn.
Effect: The burst creates a zone of poisonous vapors that lasts until the end of your next turn. A creature that enters the zone or starts its turn there takes 2d10 + Intelligence modifier poison damage and is weakened until the end of its next turn. As a move action, you can move the zone 3 squares.
Sustain Minor: The zone persists.

Power Word: Blind Wizard Attack 15
Daily      Arcane, Implement
Standard Action Area Burst 2 within 10 squares
Target: Each enemy in burst
Attack: Intelligence vs Will
Hit: the target is blinded and deafened (save end)
      Aftereffect: the target is blinded until the end of its next turn
Miss: the target is blinded until the end of your next turn.

Otto's Irresistible Dance     Wizard Attack 3
Encounter       Charm, Arcane, Implement
Standard Action  Area Burst 1 within 10 squares
Target: Each Enemy in burst
Effect: the target has to move its speed away from you. At the end of the movement the target is slowed until the end of your next turn.

Curse of the Warped Planes  Wizard Attack 19
Daily       Arcane, Implement, Necromancy
Standard Action    Ranged 20
Target: One Creature
Attack: Intelligence vs. Will
Hit: the target is afflicted by the Curst of the Warped Planes until the end of the encounter. Whenever the target attacks an ally, it must make a saving throw. If the saving throw fails each enemy in a burst 3 centered on the target is teleported 10 squares and is restrained and cannot teleport until the end of the target's next turn.
Miss: the target is afflicted by the Curst of the Warped Planes until the end of your next turn.

Simpathy Wizard Attack 13
Encounter    Arcane, Implement, Charm, Psychic
Standard Action     Ranged 10
Target: one ally
Effect: until the end of your next turn creatures in burst 2 centered on your ally cannot willingly leave the zone and can attack only the target. Each time the ally is targeted by an enemy the ally can use a melee or ranged basic attack as free action with a +2 bonus to the hit and damage rolls. 

Reverse Gravity  Wizard Attack 17
Encounter    Arcane, Implement, Teleportation, Zone
Standard Action   Area Burst 2 Within 10 Squares
Target: each creature in zone
Attack Intelligence vs Reflex
Hit: 3d6 + Intelligence modifier damage and the target is suspended 2 squares upwards in the air until the end of your next turn. While suspended the target is immobilized and takes -2 penalty to attack and damage rolls. When the effect ends the target falls prone and is dazed until the end of its next turn
Effect: the spell creates a zone of unstable gravity until the end of your next turn. Each creature that starts its turn in the zone is suspended up in the air until the end of its next turn and is immobilized and takes -2 penalty to attack and damage rolls.

Erupting Flame Wizard Attack 1
At-Will        Arcane, Fire, Implement
Standard Action      Ranged 10
Target: One creature
Attack: Intelligence vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d12 + Intelligence modifier fire damage, and any enemy that ends its turn adjacent to the target before the end of the target’s next turn takes fire damage equal to 1d4+Intelligence modifier.
Level 21: target: one or two creatures, 2d8 + Intelligence modifier fire damage

Ray of Enfeeblement Wizard Attack 1
Encounter        Arcane, Implement, Necrotic, Necromancy
Standard Action      Ranged 10
Target: One or two creatures
Attack: Intelligence vs. Fortitude
Hit: 1d10 + Intelligence modifier necrotic damage, and the target is weakened until the end of your
next turn

Charm Person Wizard Attack 3
Encounter    Arcane, Implement, Charm, Enchantment
Standard Action     Ranged 10
Target: one enemy
Attack: Intelligence Vs Will
Hit: choose one of the following effects:
- At the beginning of its next turn the target willingly uses a move action to move towards you.
- At the beginning of its next turn the target uses the aid attack against an adjacent enemy or aid defense action for an adjacent ally of your choice

Black Blade of Disaster   Wizard Attack 29
Daily        Arcane, Implement, Conjuration, Necrotic
Standard Action           Ranged 10
Effect: you conjure a Medium Blade that occupies 1 square within range, and the Blade makes the following melee attack. Once per round, as a minor action, you can make the blade repeat its attack. As a minor action you can move or teleport the Blade 10 squares. The Blade lasts until the end of the encounter or until you dismiss it with a minor action.
Target: one creature adjacent to the blade
Attack: intelligence vs reflex
Hit: 4d10+ Intelligence modifier necrotic damage and the target is dazed until the end of its next turn. This attack ignores any resistance or immunity to necrotic damage.
Special: if the target grants combat advantage to the blade before the attack, you can do an extra attack with the blade.

Summon Ghaele Eladrin    Wizard Attack 15
Daily        Arcane, Implement, Charm, Enchantment, Summoning
Minor Action             Ranged 10
Effect: you summon a Large Ghaele Eladrin in an unoccupied 2-square-by-2-square space within range. The Ghaele has speed 7, +2 bonus to AC and +2 bonus to Will. You can give the Ghaele the following special commands:
Standard Action: Ranged 10; targets one or two creatures; Intelligence vs. Will; the target makes a basic attack as a free action against a creature of your choice with a +4 bonus on the hit and damage rolls. If the target misses with the attack it takes 10+ intelligence modifier damage
Standard Action: Ranged 10; targets one creature; Intelligence vs. Will; The target is dazed and slowed (save end); First Failed Saving Throw: the target is helpless (save end). Special: you can target each creature only once with this command.

Fire Impact Wizard Attack 1
Encounter   Arcane, Implement, Fire, Evocation
Standard Action    Ranged 20
Target: one creature
Attack: Intelligence Vs Reflex
Hit: 1d6+ Intelligence modifier Fire damage and the target is slid Intelligence modifer squares. The target then combust in a burst 1 area that lasts until the end of your next turn. Each creature that starts its turn in the area takes 5+Intelligence modifier fire damage.

Terror and Insanity   Wizard Attack 23
Encounter Arcane, Implement, Conjuration, Fear
Standard Action           Ranged 10
Effect: You conjure a figure of terror in an unoccupied square within range that lasts until the end of your next turn. You can use the Terror and Insanity Attack power, using the Figure's square as the origin square.
Special: once per cast you can spend an healing surge to extend the effect until the end of your next turn.
Terror and Insanity Attack
At-Will      Arcane, Conjuration, Fear, Illusion, Implement
Opportunity Action      Close burst 3
Requirement: The Terror and Insanity power must be active to use this power.
Trigger: An enemy starts its turn within 3 squares of the figure
Target: The triggering enemy in burst
Attack: Intelligence vs. Will
Hit: The target is dazed until the end of its next turn and it is pushed away from the conjuration. At the end of the movement the target falls prone.

Phase Mage by Myself

Phase Mage (Epic Destiny): you have mastered to survive the backlashes of the spells you cast during your life, and these scars forged your soul into a new one. You know gain strengths and options from the very spells you cast, instead of making them just disappear from your mind.

How do you gain immortality? Who cares?

Phase Mage Features

Phase (21st level): Each time you cast one encounter attack spell, you spend a standard action to attack with a summon or you maintain a daily attack spell with a minor action you gain 1 phase. Each time you cast one daily attack spell you gain 2 phases. When you spend an action point to make an attack and hit with that attack, you gain 3 phases.

You can discharge any number of phases by using a standard action to cast any at-will spell. Effects are added to the spell whether you hit with it or you don't
1 Phase Spent: Effect: the target of the spell is slowed (save end), deafened (save end) or takes a -2 penalty to defenses (save end)
2 Phases Spent: Effect: the target of the spell is restrained (save end), dazed (save end) or must use its next move action to move its speed from you
3 Phases Spent: Effect: the target of the spell is entombed (save end), sent to another plane (save end) or petrified (save end)
4 Phases Spent: Effect: the target is stunned (save end) or can't attack (save end)
5 or more Phases Spent: Effect: the target is dominated (save end)

Returning Surge (24th level): once per day, when you die, you regain half of your hit points on your next round and you gain 3 Phases.

Living Phase (30th level): any time you expend all your phases you can use an encounter attack or utility power as a minor action in the same round. If you use an utility power and that utility could be cast as minor action normally, you gain 2 phases.

Heroic Phase (26th level)
Encounter • Arcane
Minor Action Personal
Effect: if you have at least 2 phases you can expend them to gain an action point. This action point must be used before the end of your next turn, or is wasted.

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I would just like to say, Thank you very much for starting up a new Thread on this.   I look forward to your guide to say the least.  Wizards have been and will always be my favorite class to play, and having some build opinions out there goes a long way to making a successful Wizard.

If you need any help please feel free to message me.  I would be whiling to help out if need be.

Sections I would like to see:

Familiar's, Rating them for usefullness
Rituals best used with Wizard
Example Builds

Don't forget the genasi wizards. I like doing damage on par with sorcerors and I don't care some people think elemental empowerment should be nerfed. It's a niche build and not every race can take the feat.
@Halma: ty for your support^^ i will write surely a build section and a familiar section. Rituals also need to be known because some are very very nice.

@dragon4e: yes, i've rated genasi skyblue for the blaster build. Probably with the new tiefling feats they're better for fire blasters, but cold and thunder are still very popular

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Sections I would like to see:

Familiar's, Rating them for usefullness
Rituals best used with Wizard
Example Builds

Done. Check my sig, if you're curious. Linking to it would do, and it would take work off Nausicaa. Still, I can't stop you if you want to do a section on them. *shrugs* Just saying.
Take a look at my Handbook: The Pet Store: A Familiar Keeper's Handbook Nacht: "Vecna can do ANYTHING given preptime. He's like an undead lich god Batman."

Awesome job sir.

Done. Check my sig, if you're curious. Linking to it would do, and it would take work off Nausicaa. Still, I can't stop you if you want to do a section on them. *shrugs* Just saying.

Ok, you definitely saved me a lot of work, eheh

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Ok, you definitely saved me a lot of work, eheh

[insert sweeping bow]

The pleasure is all mine.
Take a look at my Handbook: The Pet Store: A Familiar Keeper's Handbook Nacht: "Vecna can do ANYTHING given preptime. He's like an undead lich god Batman."
Totally excited for this handbook, especially after the amazing work you did on the Healic guide. Is there anything you'd like help with? I don't have near the time to construct an entire handbook myself, but I'd love to contribute.
Totally excited for this handbook, especially after the amazing work you did on the Healic guide. Is there anything you'd like help with? I don't have near the time to construct an entire handbook myself, but I'd love to contribute.

Just be present and give me feedback on powers and grammar because i'll surely do something wrong.

BTW i'm not expert about hybridizing and multiclassing, because i usually don't do it in my games.

Thanks for your compliments ^^

Tomorrow i'll start writing powers

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While there's very few half elf wizards, they can do a nice trick. They can grab an arcane at will from any arcane class and make it int based for attack and damage. This work for any at will but arcane has the most support going for it. For example, if you grab eldritch strike you now got a working mba. Wizard implements just dont lend themselves to mba so you're out of luck when a warlord grant you mbas.
While there's very few half elf wizards, they can do a nice trick. They can grab an arcane at will from any arcane class and make it int based for attack and damage. This work for any at will but arcane has the most support going for it. For example, if you grab eldritch strike you now got a working mba. Wizard implements just dont lend themselves to mba so you're out of luck when a warlord grant you mbas.

Yes, i've considered this in the rating, but they don't have other features, the stats are bad and wizards don't get much from skills

Added 1st level at wills.

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On that winged horde be sure to note you can wear resplendent gloves for a nice stackable +5 on top with everything else.
On that winged horde be sure to note you can wear resplendent gloves for a nice stackable +5 on top with everything else.

If i start to add items the power selection will be very long :d

I'll add them in a second moment

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Uh, whats this Thunderweave power?
Uh, whats this Thunderweave power?

Most likely, he means Thunderwave, the Wizard L1 at-will.
Another day, another three or four entries to my Ignore List.
Hmm, shoulda used a smiley...

Hm, I like Magic Missile because of the extreme range (20), it's Force based (very little resists that)
mixed with Arcane Admixture Acid, and Quickened Spellcasting, you have a handy little "Whomp some git who's sniping, or resistant, or just too damn nasty to be close to" ability ;)
my 2 cents


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Yeah, I can't see rating Magic Missile red. Purple, which implies situational, sure. Certain builds and certain party compositions do call for it, but if you're not abusing Wizard's Fury, or if your leader isn't, say, a Taclord or some other attack enabler, yeah, you're better off with something else.

EDIT: Also about Gnomes, Gnome Phantasmist is not a reason you should cite to take that race. Remember that its attack bonus no longer stacks with Implement Expertise.
Yeah, I can't see rating Magic Missile red. Purple, which implies situational, sure. Certain builds and certain party compositions do call for it.

Are you thinking of Wizard's Fury (which the OP mentions) or if you have something like a lazy-lord in the group (which the OP also mentions)?  My understanding is that conditional stuff doesn't impact the color rating; instead if there is any conditional uses for it then you list it in the text (i.e: "it's red unless you do this...".

A bit off-topic, but Wizard's Fury has got to be one of the best traps of all time .  I once saw a build that traded all of their Daily Attack powers (including his level 15 daily) in order to cast Wizard's Fury 3 times per day.  It sounds super-cool on paper, especially if you get caught up in the "DPR race" using only at-wills.

Then you step back, and realize that if you're with an optimized group then fights don't tend to last past 4 rounds or so.  And that wizard daily powers are incredibly strong.

Don't get me wrong, it's good for a level 1 daily.  But once you start to hit Paragon, you have stronger choices.
I've seen a build multiclass into seeker to grab primal eye for magic missile. Int bonus to rba which magic missile is.
I've seen a build multiclass into seeker to grab primal eye for magic missile. Int bonus to rba which magic missile is.

That's pretty cool, I gotta admit!
Winged Horde's description really should have "Succesful hit prevents flanking, as long as one enemy is hit, automatically ends grabs, and can temporarily negate threatening reach from being a concern (relevant at late Paragon/Epic on a semi-regular basis).
You are missing some races: Eberron warforged (and full version of Changeling), FRPG Drow, Dragon Magazine Gnoll and Revenant. They might not be the best wizard races, but still should be listed for completeness.
Winged Horde as gold? It's good, but it's not that good. It's actually pretty poor at low levels.

Edit: Also, I'm not sure how you can say Thunderwave covers what Phantom Bolt does when Thunderwave hits allies.
Winged Horde as gold? It's good, but it's not that good. It's actually pretty poor at low levels.

Edit: Also, I'm not sure how you can say Thunderwave covers what Phantom Bolt does when Thunderwave hits allies.

1/6 of all skimerishers do extra damage when they have CA, all the way from 1-30. Winged Horde prevents CA, effortlessly. It is extroidinarily good at early levels for getting CA, as well. Just walk around and bam, you have CA, with no OAs to worry about.

The average damage is also really good, since you never have to worry about hitting allies you can always position it ideally.

Damage is the only area it falls short in, and that is not a controllers job. Even then, a Genasi Blaster only needs one more target per cast (trivial with enemies only in actual play, assuming there are enemies to be hit) and +13 to damage outside of Int (1d4 from Malec-Keth is 2.5, SoR is 2-12, Weapon Focus is 1-3, DIS is 1-6.) to average more DPR with it then something like Scorching Burst. So it'll average out better late heroic/early paragon for a blaster. Disregarding the fact that is is psychic, which is a well supported controller keyword.
Winged Horde prevents CA, effortlessly.

It doesn't prevent all ways of generating CA, although it will prevent many creatures from getting CA from flanking (as an example). You still get combat advantage when attacking enemies that are dazed, restrained, stunned, granting CA through a power and other conditions so it is not an immediate "Ends all ways of getting CA" power. Its ability to completely stop flanking and ending grabs immediately though does justify its high rating.

The only thing that blocks all CA all the time is being blind. The only way to get combat advantage against anything while blind is to have blindsight.

Edit: This doesn't change any of your other (completely valid) points.
That is true, though I would point out that Flanking is probably the most common way enemies get CA in Heroic. After Heroic, Winged Horde is superior to other options for basically all builds even without the no flanking factored in. Which makes it the choice for nearly all builds, at all tiers of play. I would only make an exception for a Tiefling Blaster, and only then because I already have a minion sweeper in Scorching Burst.
Honestly, it's more of a tool to establish flanking than prevent it. Your melee isn't usually going to want to kite the monsters around, especially the defender. It certainly is nice if you have it up and someone wants to move in such a way that would provoke an OA, or if a monster marks them and they don't want to attack it, but at low levels, the damage you have access to is meaningful and shouldn't be glanced over.

Even at the higher levels when you get more support for winged horde, I still wouldn't rate it gold. I honestly can't see it being a mandatory power for every build and party makeup. Chilling Cloud is pretty damn good too, if only to help your defender tank. And I usually regret not taking a single target attack for when something needs to be finished off.
Honestly, it's more of a tool to establish flanking than prevent it. Your melee isn't usually going to want to kite the monsters around, especially the defender. It certainly is nice if you have it up and someone wants to move in such a way that would provoke an OA, or if a monster marks them and they don't want to attack it, but at low levels, the damage you have access to is meaningful and shouldn't be glanced over.

Even at the higher levels when you get more support for winged horde, I still wouldn't rate it gold. I honestly can't see it being a mandatory power for every build and party makeup. Chilling Cloud is pretty damn good too, if only to help your defender tank. And I usually regret not taking a single target attack for when something needs to be finished off.

Your counterarguement to Winged Horde, because it doesn't do enough damage, is Chilling Cloud, which is flat damage power with no roll? Meaning it gets zero bonus damage from anything and cannot be Enlarged. A +1 Implement will put the average DPR of Winged Horde ahead of Chilling Cloud for an average build, 4 vs 4.5. Psychic Lock puts WH triply ahead of Chilling Cloud at Paragon... and Chilling Cloud never really gets better. Whoops.

And I disagree. I have used Winged Horde to prevent flanking constantly, from monsters I knew did extra damage when they had CA, because I passed my monster knowledge check. You only need to hit one of the two flankers to prevent it, since flanking is binary: either both flankers have it or neither does. This is the equivalent of not letting a dagger rogue get Sneak Attack. At all. It is a huge hit in incoming damage. Totally ignoring the generic enemies miss 10% more often then they would have. It prevents flanking in a secondary way, as well. Without OAs, allies can move out of a flanked position with no reprecussions, thus getting out of the way of your, not so ally friendly, encounter power. Grats, you just used an At-Will to make an Encounter more effective and let your allies re-orient the battlefield in a way advantagous to them. Applies the same way to running away, bypassing the enemies front line to get to the squishies in the back....

Winged Horde is the best controlling At-Will the Wizard has. Wizards are controllers. Thus, Winged Horde is gold. Same reason Twin Strike is the most damaging At-Will Rangers have. Rangers are damage dealers. Twin Strike is gold. I concede it requires a good bit of creativity to use it properly (though exactly what aspect of being a controller doesn't fit that description....) but when used properly, it is brutal action denial.
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