UO Second Age is looking for more players (Free)

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UO Second Age is a free private run Ultima Online server with the classic 1999 OSI rule set and gameplay.  There are usually over 500 players on but we would like everyone to get a chance to experience UO the way it was meant to be played.

Come experience a true sandbox game all for free.  Do what you want and make your own story.

700 skill cap
225 stat cap
Treasure-hunting/Message in a Bottle hunting
Be a mage, warrior, crafter, dragon tamer, thief, treasure hunter, fisherman
Be good or evil
Hunt Dragons or other players
Own your own castle
Form a guild
No freebies.

Second Age has a strong community for any playstyle whether you are a roleplayer, good, evil, monster slayer, or PvPer.

You can download the full game on the website.  Just install and log in with any name and password you want to start playing.