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I have yet to go to a session and was wondering how the season works for encounters.

I am very interested in doing my own encounters "seasons" for some friends. I am curious as to what the adventure is. Is it simply a set of 12 encounters that lead into one another? Are there set goals? What type of adventure is it and can i get a copy of one to use as a model?

The current season of D&DE is Dark Sun based. It is a marketing tool to give people who may have left the game or are new to D&D altogether, a chance to play the game or at least see it in action and get them interested. It also showcases new classes/races/ worlds that WotC is currently promoting. Each week is one single encounter for the players and is meant to last between an hour and maybe as long as two. D&DE is only available through a participating store so unless you have a store willing to sign up I do not believe you will be able to get these materials.

If you want to run your own "encounters" type session you would basically run any adventure you like but doing one encounter per time you met. There is no goal beyond having some fun and getting together with friends! I cannot imagine a better time myself! (Ok, maybe if we met and played D&D ALL DAY!!!!)
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