Readying an Action and End of Turn

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How does readying an action work in conjunction with end of turn effects?

If someone has Resist 10 until the end of their next turn, and on their next turn, they ready an action, does the Resist 10 effect remain in play until the trigger is resolved, or does the ready action conclude the turn and then resolve any end of turn effects?  Same question with delaying your turn.
Even if you ready an action you still go through all the stages of your turn, beginning and end. So, the Resist 10 would not remain in effect until the trigger goes off because your turn already ended. Readying an action simply requires a standard action on your turn and allows you the chance to take an Immediate Reaction sometime before your turn comes up again (and obviously puts you on a new initiative if it does go off)

In contrast, if you look at the rules for delaying your turn they are incredibly different (they're in the PHB under Delay). If you Delay, you end any beneficial effect you have or that you have applied that key to the end of your turn before you actually 'take' your turn. If you have any detrimental effects that key off the end of your turn those remain on you until you actually 'take' your turn. You also carry out the start of your turn normally before you choose to delay, i.e. ongoing damage. You make saving throws at the end of when you actually take your turn. So, in your example if you had Resist 10 until the end of your next turn and you then delay you would immediately lose that Resist 10 because it's a beneficial effect. In contrast, if you had Vulnerable 10 Fire until the end of your next turn and delayed that is a detrimental effect and you would still have that active when you took your turn.

Hope that helps.
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