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Mods that give you a bundle award of level X or lower -

If you make it a weapon, could you make it a silvered weapon?

Example: Granted access to a level 11 item.  Can you take a Silvered Weapon +3?

No, because there is a difference.  However, if you spend 500 gp, you can have the weapon silvered, per PHB, page 220.  If the bundle specified a +x silvered weapon, then it would be included.

Keith Hoffman LFR Writing Director for Waterdeep
Or spend 680gp for Lunia's Bracelet (AV2) and treat all weapons that you wield (including ammunition, thrown weapons, etc.) as silvered weapons.
Well if you really want to use your arm slot for that...

There seems to be some ambiguity about how much it costs to get an enchantment transferred onto your previous silver weapon (after transferring the old enchantment off so you can sell it) but even 500gp is trivial by paragon and a little silver ammo isn't going to bankrupt any archers.
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