Glimrus update

Its been a while between updates. But we have accomplished plenty!
Imperial Command Garrison Semi Complete. Action fleet tie fighters, Bombers, Interceptors and my custom painted 181st Tie Interceptor.
181st Tie Baron with his pilots on the landing platform.
In the distance (and will be further in distance) is my partially complete rebel base.

Layered command center

The Old school Rebel troop transport from the 1980s that i converted. I know It isn't exactly to scale but building one from scratch requires time We do not have. The Transports name is The Gormens Ire.
Interior Crew most of them Customized. The Hover tank I created in my earlier customs fits perfectly under the command station.
The pilots of the ship with the officers
Ancient Sith Temple

Stay tuned for more updates!
ose look cool, I like all the little head swaps it really helps diversify the groups you have
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Thank you!
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