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The encounter lists 3 Kank Spitters and 2 Kank soldiers.  The map however shows 3 soldiers and 2 Spitters.  I would appreciate some errata and placement for the monsters before the session.  

Thank YOu 
Place them where ever you see fit.  Welcome to the ease of being a DM!
I am trying to make sure I have the right monsters on the map and ready to eat the PC's.  I'm not looking for a TPK, so I think the encounter is correct and the map is wrong.

The map is in error.
See this post (warning: spoilers)

Ask the Author: Session 2 Q&A
[sblock Placement]

Due to the size of this map, placing the Soldier in the lower right corner, will make it slightly more difficult.  Since with the creature stuck in the corner, characters will not be able to slide/push the Kank off of their victims.

Use this information how you wish, but just a heads up.

This encounter will be pretty tight quarters, I'm thinking of saying there's a steep incline off of the sides, that makes it difficult to climb out of while otherwise engaged.

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