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On the Wizard play network I download the mod pdfs. Some of them show up fine no problems. But others that I open are just one blank page instead of the mod. Its kinda frustrating that some work and some don't. Has anyone experienced that?

I downloaded CORE2-3 and it was literally a blank page. What am I doing wrong as its seems other people are getting it okay?

Could you tell us what type of computer you're using, what operating system, and exactly which version of Adobe Reader (or other PDF viewer) you are using?

You may find that FoxIT PDF Reader works better than Adobe Reader in some cases, or that you'll need the latest version of Adobe Reader for some PDFs. 

Hope that helps! 

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I figured it out.

I'm on a mac using Apple's Preview to open PDFs. I downloaded adobe acrobat and the files opened. I think the files in question are 'secure' which caused Preview not to be able to view them. Why only some of them are secure is beyond me.

Anyway thanks for the thought to help. 
I use Preview all the time and have not had issues. It may be that you need to update your version of preview?
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