Knight of the Reliquary + Tron?

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I was reading this article about how Knight Of The Reliquary is getting used in Zoo, Aggro Loam, Countertop and New Horizon decks over at legacy. So i wondered how that would deal in conjunction with Urza's Power Plant ,Urza's Mine and Urza's Tower or maybe Cloudposts over at extended.

I'm just wondering how this idea in general could fare in extended, seeing as a couple of years ago Gifts-tron seemed to be one quite a good deck.

I'm thinking something along the Natural Order decks, general aggro-control, with tarmogoyf and the lot along a big finisher.

Any thoughts?

as a side note, is aggro loam viable at all this days? 
Highly unlikely. The problem is that Reliquary has to sacrifice a Forest or Plains and Tron has enough problems with mana as it is.
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Why run KotR when Gifts+LftL/Crucible fixes more reliably.

Granted, KotR can swing for massive damage, but then you'd not be fetching anything. What's the point of having him when Tron's mana powers out better dudes.
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Like Royk said, you're better of just using Gifts Ungiven.  Tron wants its pieces in addition to, not instead of, colored lands.  Plus, KotR will generally be slower and more vulnerable than Gifts if you're looking to set up the Urzatron.
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