Limited forum dead?

Is there some other community where people discuss Limited formats?  This forum seems to be full of tumbleweeds and chirping crickets.
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With no Leagues, a "Deck Critique: Limited" Forum doesn't have a lot of purpose. In Drafts and PEs/DEs, you really don't have time to post a pool and solicit advice on a build. League pools were the biggest contributor to this section of the old forums.
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Makes sense.  I miss Leagues myself, in fact.

I had come here looking for discussion of Draft strategies and priorities for the newest sets since I haven't played in a while and have no familiarity with the mechanics and card pools of Alara and Zendikar.
You are Red/Blue!
If you go under the "Limited (sealed and draft)" forum under the regular MTG forums you can find people discussing limited. I just go there because online or irl limited is the same.
Do we have any indication when leagues will be back?
"Sometime in 2011" is the last I heard.  It won't be until after the new client is released for sure.