Frieza, the Unstoppable Tyrant - Monk Revenant/Self-Forged/Raven Consort (PEACH)

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====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
Frieza, level 30
Revenant, Monk, Self-Forged, Raven Consort
Build: Stone Fist Monk
Monastic Tradition: Stone Fist
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Mace)
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Unarmed)
Choose your Race in Life: Shadar-kai
Background: Scorned Noble (Scorned Noble Benefit)

Str 24, Con 18, Dex 26, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 12.

Str 16, Con 12, Dex 16, Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 10.

AC: 45 Fort: 41 Reflex: 42 Will: 42
HP: 214 Surges: 11 Surge Value: 53

Perception +20, Stealth +28, Acrobatics +28, Athletics +27, Arcana +22

Bluff +16, Diplomacy +16, Dungeoneering +15, Endurance +21, Heal +17, History +17, Insight +15, Intimidate +18, Nature +15, Religion +17, Streetwise +16, Thievery +23

Level 1: Death's Quickening (retrained to Ghostly Vitality at Level 21)
Level 2: Restless Dead
Level 4: Versatile Expertise
Level 6: Weapon Focus (Unarmed)
Level 8: Two-Weapon Fighting
Level 10: Toughness
Level 11: Student of Artifice
Level 12: Death Scorned
Level 14: Paragon Defenses (retrained to Robust Defenses at Level 22)
Level 16: Fierce Vitality
Level 18: Two-Weapon Opening
Level 20: Unarmored Agility
Level 21: Unarmed Mastery
Level 22: Eerie Resurgence
Level 24: Deathless Warrior
Level 26: Stone Fist Master
Level 28: Superior Initiative
Level 30: Epic Will

Monk at-will 1: Five Storms
Monk at-will 1: Dragon's Tail
Monk encounter 1: Open the Gate of Battle
Monk daily 1: Spinning Leopard Maneuver
Monk utility 2: Agile Recovery
Monk encounter 3: Eternal Mountain
Monk daily 5: One Hundred Leaves
Monk utility 6: Centered Defense
Monk encounter 7: Fist of One Hundred Strikes
Monk daily 9: Twilight Touch
Monk utility 10: Internal Power
Monk encounter 13: Furious Bull (replaces Open the Gate of Battle)
Monk daily 15: Dancer on the Sea of Battle (replaces Spinning Leopard Maneuver)
Monk utility 16: Meditative Solace
Monk encounter 17: Whirlwind Kick (replaces Fist of One Hundred Strikes)
Monk daily 19: Inevitable Fist (replaces One Hundred Leaves)
Monk utility 22: Diamond Body
Monk encounter 23: Legion of One (replaces Eternal Mountain)
Monk daily 25: Wandering Comet Strike (replaces Twilight Touch)
Monk encounter 27: Fist of Indomitable Iron (replaces Whirlwind Kick)
Monk daily 29: Mist on the Storm (replaces Dancer on the Sea of Battle)

Survivor's Belt (paragon tier), Monk Unarmed Strike, Zephyr Boots (epic tier), Iron Armbands of Power (epic tier), Siberys Shard of the Mage (epic tier), Gambit Starweave Armor +6, Ki Battlefist +6, Blurred Strike Ki Focus +6, Goggles of Aura Sight (heroic tier) (2), Strikebacks (heroic tier), Nullifying Ring (epic tier) (2), Ring of Elemental Mastery (epic tier), Brooch of Vitality +6, Dice of Auspicious Fortune (paragon tier), Solitaire (Violet) (epic tier)
====== Copy to Clipboard and Press the Import Button on the Summary Tab ======

+34 to hit (+36 when below 0 HP)
+23 damage, +24-36 (Fury of Blows), crit 19-20, free melee basic attack on a crit

Below 0 HP, +2 to all defenses, insubstantial, and resist 9 to all damage

+8 to death saving throws, roll twice

To fall unconscious, I would need to roll 2 failed death saving throws. I can always take 10 if I somehow roll below 10 twice, meaning I never fail death saving throws. I can only be killed by being reduced to my negative bloodied value, which is the equivilent of all of my hit points again thanks to insubstantial. Before even counting in my resistance to damage, I have the equivilent of 418 hit points.

Whenever I succeed on a death saving throw, I gain a cumulative +2 to all saving throws and defenses. If I end up with a 21 or higher, I can spend a healing surge to heal myself without losing a surge, giving me infinite free healing.

To capture the character even better:

-I have a fly speed
-I can use a scanner to find an opponent's maximum hit points every battle
-I crit on a 17-20 the turn after someone lands a crit on me
-Once per encounter I can attack an opponent that attacks me
-I can survive in space, underwater, and in temperatures between -50 and 140 degrees F
-I get three stored d20s every day that I can use in dire circumstances

Still very much a WIP. The basic idea is to do striker damage while being absolutely unkillable in epic tier, all while capturing the flavor of the character. I chose Monk for the access to mobility and the capacity to fight unarmed.

Revenant captures his death and rebirth as the self-forged, mecha Frieza. Shadar-Kai is most similar in appearance to the alien race. This also gives access to the amazing death saving throw bonuses. In fact, it is impossible for him to ever fail a death saving throw due to the level 16 paragon path feature. As such, he will always remain standing with a standard, move, and two minors once you reach epic tier, giving him essentially 200% of his normal hit points, due to gaining insubstantial at 0.

The immensity of Raven Consort to come back from 0 surgeless has been discussed elsewhere.

EDIT: Included minor explanation along with edit.
While having effectively infinite hp is nice, a big vulnerability of such builds is in detrimental status effects. Martial Resolve is an amazing feat in this respect, but you'd need windrise ports and a martial MC, as well as 15 wisdom by epic...The next best thing would be an epic Circlet of Arkhosia and some saving throw boosting items (Nullifying Ring is great for this if you can get one), but then you need to give up the scouter, which of course you can't do. In any case, I recommend finding some means for dealing with negative conditions reliably. Also, there is no point in having Death's Quickening once you have Ghostly Vitality, since it's effect is contained within the epic feat. They don't stack as you seem to think giving you 2 minor actions, they both simply let you take the single minor action you already have but would otherwise be unable to take.
Good to know.
Included an edit, with some more items added for effectiveness and flavor.
You've got a fair number of epic tier and +6 magic items in that list.  Are you maintaining your by-level treasure limitations?
Not sure. If not, you can drop every item except the nullifying ring (which is overkill, a different neck slot item gives you a bonus of only one less) and the belt.

Everything else is merely flavor.
Questions:  How are you flying?  Where do you get the three "stored" d20s?

Edit:  4.0 has gotten so big so fast that I can't keep it all in my head, that would be why I don't know where those abilities come from.
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