DnD Insider App for iPad?

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That would be lovely.  I have one and the screen is awesome for browsing, plus if something like the guided comic book viewer were implemented, you could have multiple panes on each page become the zoomed focus by going forwards and backwards through the page.

But I would LOVE to be able to run everything from inside an iPad app using Wifi and/or 3G.
I doubt WotC will publish any insider tools for the iPhone/iPod/iPad before publishing them for the MacOS, and that's not going to happen anytime soon. The tools were designed from the ground-up to function in a Windows environment, and would essentially need to be rewritten to run anywhere else.

Standard Answer to all 5E rules questions: "Ask your DM."

Unfortunately anyone who tried to make a D&D specific device would in all likelihood get hit with a cease and desist. The best you can do is hope someone makes a website and use that. Already a few exist, although I'm building a custom one specifically for me (I have very specific needs and am very fussy Wink).
Out of a vague sense of curiousity, does the compendium work on the iPad/iPod Touch's stipped-out browser?
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Its useable for a quick look up. I wouldn't want to use it for an extended period of time though.
Well, hoping for HTML5 to solve most or all of the problems with running something on the iPad that works through the browser.  I'm thinking of investing in an Apple desktop or laptop computer so I can learn to program my own RPG Aid apps.
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