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Thanks everyone for a great season! It had its ups and down (hopefully more ups than downs), and I think it ended on an exciting note. Or possibly apocalyptic, re: TPKs and all.

If you ever have any questions about the module, the Forgotten Realms in general, design/DM philosophy, or about me or one of my several novels in the setting (hint hint!), drop me a line here at the boards or at my personal email (erikscottdebie AT

This particularly applies to folks who are looking for ideas about where to go next in the Realms, or who want to learn more about the NPCs who appear in the module (two of whom are from my latest FR novel, Downshadow).

Happy gaming, and for those of you moving onto Season 2 next week, I hear Athas is hot this time of year (and every time, actually).

Swords Sharp and Coins Bright,

Erik Scott de Bie
Thanks for the module Erik, I had a great time running it.  Thank you particularly for your participation on the forums.  I found your input helpful as I ran the game.   I liked the flavor of downshadow, perhaps I'll have to give your book a read
It was a really nice intro module for people that haven't played D&D. I did teach 3 Magic players there is more out there then CCGs and they had fun with it.

There were alot of getting down to single HP and death saves ,but everyone had a good time.
James Playing D&D since the Red Box of '83.
Cheers, Erik!  Thanks for everything.  Hope to see you on the season 2 board.
I may or may not be able to swing season 2. I have a fourth FR novel to write, after all, and numerous other small projects with demands on my time.

That, and three cats who probably want to be fed on Wednesday nights.

Even though my monk bit it in the last encounter thank you very much Erik it was alot of fun. Since I'm a player and don't see the kits that DMs get, might I suggest that in the kit provided you also point the DMs to this site for possible errata from the writers such as yourself.
Thank you for the suggestion, and I'm hoping that future seasons of DDE do indeed suggest a source for errata: providing a link to this site, or else an email distribution list to organizers, or something like that.

(I'd have done it myself, but that's a bit beyond my paygrade, alas--I just wrote the adventure!)

Thanks for the module man.  It was fun playing and running.
It was a fun first season, so good work.

In the future, please give me more glass-chin, pretty-boy elves to kill. My Half-Orc Monk killed all of them, plus the Eladrin, and even broke two of their necks in a single punch (Open the Gate of Battle + Furious Assault + Flurry of Blows = 40-50 damage).
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