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For a while now, I've been working on a set of character sheets for D&D 3.5.

Download them here
I love the variety of options for the sheets. I think I'll use these next time I play (I DM for now). One thing I'm confused about is why there's no where to write the name of the attack/weapon in each "Attacks" box.
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I love the variety of options for the sheets. I think I'll use these next time I play (I DM for now). One thing I'm confused about is why there's no where to write the name of the attack/weapon in each "Attacks" box.


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Uh... there is? Each attack has one line for name and other details, and one line with boxes for things like Range, Damage etc.

Perhaps I should include a filled-in example to show what I mean.
Amazingly well done. Kudos to you, sir or madam.

I personally am lazy and like to type in all my stats on an excel spreadsheet (and have it derive most of my values), but those sheets are pretty nice. I would definitely use them if I was making a character with a pencil.
I've moved this project to a new website.
I've uploaded a new version, with a few small fixes and a sheet for the Dragonfire Adept added by a community member, bringing it up to 45 class-specific pages (more if you count support sheets and variants).

Did I mention they're open source?

There's also a Pathfinder version, but nobody here would care about that of course. 
Brilliant, the idea to use separate sheets for each class will make multi-classing so much easier

One suggestion I have, perhaps include a couple blank class sheets for home brew classes and PRCs
Perhaps a warrior, caster, and sneak for the blank class sheets
One suggestion I have, perhaps include a couple blank class sheets for home brew classes and PRCs
Perhaps a warrior, caster, and sneak for the blank class sheets

There are a couple of blank spellcaster sheets, around page 72, and a blank Martial Adept on page 66. Other non-spellcaster features are mostly taken care of sufficiently by the core sheets. Are there any others you think it needs?
Not really no

I guess I must have missed those when I was looking at it before

Sorry for the confusion and I still think it's brilliant 
Not really no

I guess I must have missed those when I was looking at it before

Sorry for the confusion and I still think it's brilliant 

That's alright, glad you like them.
People on other forums have requested that the order of the stats be changed. Can I ask for a show of hands? Who prefers this:


And who prefers this:


Would say second option since that is the standard order from official sheets.

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Awesome work! I've always wanted to find some software that would help you easily make custom character sheets, but this seems to have basically everything I'd want to have anyway! Great job, I love it!

I don't mind on the stat order either way. I guess the general populace would prefer standard, but it's certainly worth getting used to.

EDIT: Only one other note, and a suggestion:

I know everything is gray on the sheets. It was probably intended to be this way; light so you could see it but it wouldn't be bothersome. For me it prints out significantly lighter and in some cases is a little harder to see. I wonder if it would do to be just a TAD darker shade. Maybe it's just me and no one else thinks so, or maybe it's my printer. I can live with it the way it is, but I might like it a bit more if it was a bit darker. That is, the parts that aren't meant to be written over of course.

Also, it might do some people well if you added another page early on, similar to the index that just has every class and links to the pages that class would probably want to use, and in the order they would probably want them printed. I love the pdfs, but some of the sheets are so similar that it's hard to tell which category they're in and what the difference is between them, so maybe a default to reference to would be cool.

Just my two cents! Great work!
The strength of the grey is a really hard balance to get right. Too dark and it overwhelms the pencil; too light and it's hard to read. After much experimentation I arrived at the current balance where the headers (60% k) and labels (70% k) are dark enough to be readable, while the write-over stats are light enough for pencil marks (15% k).

Right now I have people asking me to adjust it in both directions. I figure that means it's probably about right.

Every printer is different - I've noticed my office laser is definitely darker than my home inkjet. If the sheets are coming out too dark on yours, can I suggest that you try adjusting the settings when you print, to make them darker or lighter? It should be possible on most printers to adjust colour balances.

For the navigation, don't forget you can use the bookmarks (the panel on the left if you're using Acrobat) to get around. I'd rather not proscribe a fixed set of pages for each class, partly because it's extra work (I truly am a lazy sod, despite the evidence), but mostly because it's up to each person how they use these sheets. Whether you prefer the inventory with or without the scrolls and potions, whether your group uses the party funds sheet, whether you're allowed psionics, etc all lead to different combinations of pages.
Fair enough! Yeah It's likely my printer that's printing it a bit too light, it's a pretty old printer but it's not the end of the world. I printed out a few sheets for my Barbarian in a campaign I recently joined to try it out!

And yeah, I suppose what it really whittles down to is that I'm lazy too, haha. I'll just have to better familiarize myself with all the sheets so I know which ones I'd want for everything. Thanks for your hard work! You working on anything else?
> You working on anything else?

There's a Pathfinder version of the same sheets, an adventure I'm writing, an AMV I'm making, a database for selecting AMVs to show at the anime society, events and future schedules for the anime society, and some anime we're fansubbing (at dyslexic-fs.blogspot.com). Oh, and a day job.  
That all sounds awesome =). A 3.5 adventure? My friend has been working on a pathfinder campaign for awhile now and I'm really looking forward to trying it but he's been busy so who knows when I'll get the chance. I've wanted to try Pathfinder for a while now but it's taken me so long to familiarize myself with as much 3.5 as I have that I think I'd get mixed up trying to DM a new system, even as similar as it is.

Does your site have a forum somewhere? I feel like talking about Anime in here would be some sort of cardinal sin.
New version!

Thanks to an incredibly awesome dude at www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t..." title="www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t...">Giant in the Playground, this new version now has seven new classes, all from the Dragon Compendium.

dyslexic-st.blogspot.com/" title="dyslexic-st.blogspot.com/">Download them here

New look website!

I decided the website was due an overhaul. dyslexic-st.blogspot.com/" title="dyslexic-st.blogspot.com/">Go take a look. 
Extremely Useful! Great work on what was surely an expansive and time consuming piece of work! I especially loved the DM Party Summary sheet, no more continually asking of ACs, Saves, Skills, etc.! Thanks so much for making these!
News, everyone!

One of the features lots of people have asked for is a way of getting just the pages you need for a given character. I've now created a tool to do just that. Tell it the classes you play, and a few other options, and download a personalised PDF. To host this tool I've also moved the website, so you can find it here:

New feature: coloured character sheets

A lot of people have asked for their sheets to be either lighter or darker. It took some technical wrangling, but that's now possible with the Character Sheet Composer. Not only that, it also lets you convert your sheets to various colours!

This is still very experimental, so feedback is welcome. In particular, are the light and dark options too light or dark? Are the colours too strong or too weak?

This option was made possible through the help of Mark Storer of iText, and Leonard Rosenthal of Adobe. I'm incredibly grateful to both of them.

So download them now
Hey, these sheets are great.
I only have the problem that I play a Barbarian/Frenzied Berserker, and there unfortunately is no Frenzy field, "only" the rage fields. Having those frenzy fields additionally would be awesome Cool

Again, really good work!
Frenzied Berserker is a prestige class from Forgotten Realms, right? Yeah, much as I'd love to there's no way in the 'verse I could hope to cover all the different prestige classes out there. I have tried to make sure that there are enough Misc fields and Condition Modifier note areas around to accomodate all sorts of unanticipated bonuses, but if there's anywhere you think could do with an extra space of some sort I'll look to include it - provided it serves enough different classes, prestige classes and feats, not just a single prestige class. 
That was a pretty fast reply, thanks
The class is from Complete Warrior. I will try to find a generic approach these days, and if I find one, I will post here again.
Hey there! Love the fact that I can print them in black now! Awesome and easier to read! I noticed that using the "builder" the ranger doesn't seem to have all of the sheets. And I didn't see a way to print out the Animal Companion/Familer/Summoned Monster sheet. I downloaded your PDF but my eyes love the Black sheets much better than the toned down grey in the PDFs.

Is there a way to get these sheets? OR is there anyway I could download the whole PDF in Black instead of the normal lighter grey?

Note that the character sheets website will be unavailable on Wednesday to join in the protest against SOPA.
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