Dragon 388 - Ampersand: Summer Madness

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DnDi_Large.png    Dragon 388
Ampersand: Summer Madness

By Bill Slavicsek

In this month's Ampersand, besides giving a shout out to Dark Sun Encounters, Lords of Madness miniatures, and this months releases, Bill gives us a big sneak peak of Dark Sun: a discussion of Arcane Magic in Athas: complete with rules for Defiling!

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A great man once said "If WotC put out boxes full of free money there'd still be people complaining about how it's folded." – Boraxe

There's a picture missing right now: www.wizards.com/dnd/images/388_Ampersand...

Picture is fixed.


If your only tool is a warhammer, every problem looks like a gnoll.

Wizards of the Coast is trying to break up my marriage, I swear!

I got into using miniatures very recently in my 20 years of playing (only since 4th Edition). When I did start using them I instantly fell in love with the variety and quality that each of the series have had. I now have a sizable collection spaning the majority of the various series, and had made a comment to my wife that I was done.
Well, I guess I'll have to eat crow and tell her I'm not quite done yet. The Lords of Madness series looks to be pretty darn good based on the sample picture, and I'm quite excited to see the rest.

Now I just need to figure out how to break the news to my spouse.
Thanks WotC.
I may need to crash on your couch for a few nights.

"I think mentioning that this is the first set from an all new team of sculptors would be good—it makes the set stand out as something different, and I think people will find that to be interesting."  I wonder why they have an all new team of sculpters?
mmm Nalfeshnee, my Tanar'ri collection will love this addition.
Id love to see stats / mini for the Klurchir
... Is it a huge rock-star drider? And what dragon is that? Doesn't look like Adamantine, and definitely not Black either...

Hmm, nice to see minis for me to collect, but this batch doesn't impress me much.... maybe the rest of the minis are more attractive to me?
@magac: It's a young volcnic dragon, one of the catastrophic dragons to be introduced in MM3.

I'm just glad that a new set of minis are arriving, and a huge one at that! I've been wanting a huge blue dragon for ages (please please pretty please let it be so). Laughing 
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Speaking of huge btw.... probably another reason why this doesn't impress me yet is because I'm not too fond of so many huges released these days. We had huges every summer in the last 2 summers (Against the Giants and Legendary Evil), and now we get another one? Wizards, please spare us some storage problem. Please.
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