6/02/2010 StF: "First Week's Flavor"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Savor the Flavor, which goes live Wednesday on magicthegathering.com.
I must have missed something. What happened to Doug?
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Did they eliminate Doug while I wasn't looking ?
Perhaps they forgot to insert a blurb saying this was a guest columnist?
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"creative consultant—basically another name for 'word lackey'. I have come in to do a contract stint for six months in which time I will be put through the paces of the Magic creative system to learn all that I can, and to lend my own particular talents and love for the game to the collective team effort. I have been a flavor writer"

Doug is still there, as are Jenna and Brady.
This is is the first of a contractural/internship/temp situation.

Temp or not, that was a great article. I have to go buy more cards now...darnit.
He mentioned "for my first Savor the Flavor", which strongly implies more in the future. So either he took over the column from Doug without any warning, he's just filling in this week but will take over the column sometime soon, or he's going to be a semi-permanent guest writer in the future.
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