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I posted this in the combat forum but wasn't getting any hits. I'm reposting here in hopes that my question will be answered by this group. =)

Some of my players and I got together the other night to mess around with a concept I had wanted to try: building level 30 characters and fighting Torog.

Pretty straight forward, but here are the details:

- Our campaign is at level 8 and with that said, level 30 stuff is pretty foreign to any one of us.

- We made a Guardian Fighter, Battle Cleric, (Something) Barbarian and (Something) Druid. (I wasn't involved with making those last two characters.)

- I was running the Fighter and Torog. (Again, we just really wanted to try something super epic.)

- All characters were allowed to "add" three level 30 magic items AND THEN a neck slot item. (I wanted to make sure that all the guys had at least some type of NAD defense bonus. Turns out it didn't really matter, but...)

The question I have is, besides expertise feats, half-level bonuses, ability score bonuses, and weapon enhancement bonuses, how else can you raise your +to hit?

Our problem was that unless the cleric buffed the ever-living-crap out of us before our swing, we couldn't hit on anything lower than a nat 19! (For our poorest made character.) Now, my fighter had a +35 bonus, and that was pretty alright. I would say that I was hitting 40% of the time. I am totally ok with that. It was my other players who BARELY landed anything that I was getting frusterated with - I'm sure they were, too.

On the other hand Torog had a +39 to hit. I know I am fighting a god and that it, by default, is going to be harder than any other solo in the game. He could land a hit on my fighter with a nat 9. I had 48 AC which I'm sure could be optimised but I put a lot of epic level feats into raising NADs.

I honestly don't want this to be an optimization type discussion but rather a discussion about fighting high level encounters in general. Is there something I am missing equipment-wise? Or perhaps are there potions or something that I should have on me in order to fight a creature of this calibur?

Thanks so much for all of your help and support.
Not exactly on-topic, but there is a perfume that raises your CHR for an hour, so you get a bonus to Intimidate checks (as in, against a bloodied enemy).

I suggest you look through both Adventurer's Vaults for wondrous items and rituals that will help your group out directly, or that can be used as a model for custom-made stuff that get more to the point.  (Can't Miss, L30, takes an hour but lasts all day, costs big-time GP, get an extra +6 to-hit bonus that stacks on top of everything else.)

Nobody in their right mind just walks into a god's presence chamber and swings away; ya gotta prepare first.  The bigger and tougher the foe, the more preparation you need beforehand.  It may take a year and a day of non-stop work to get from "O.K., let's kill Torog" to "Attack!".

P.S. Make up an extra PC who has the Ritual Caster feat and knows Enchant Magic Item.  He may be less useful in combat (sacrifice him early) but he manufactured all the equipment, rituals, &c you need for success.

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