Dungeon 178 - Dungeoncraft 27: Building the Sandbox

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DnDi_Large.png  Dungeon 178
Dungeoncraft #27
Building the Sandbox

By James Wyatt


In the 27th episode of Dungeoncraft, James jumps us into the first session of his Aquela Campaign, detailing his plans for the game, the dungeon locations, and how his eight players fit into the whole thing. 

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This sounds more like Theme Park world design than a true Sandbox style design... but maybe that will change as the articles continue.

I prefer themepark myself so this is very interesting.
It's very similar to a game I'm currently playing in now.  We were on a ship that was sunk by pirates and wound up marooned on a theme-parkish pirate island.

I'm considering a sandbox game as well for my next campaign, and this helps me get an idea for how to frame the world around the players, who start as young members of a secluded village coming of age.  Map out the conceivable "sandbox", plug in appropriate-level threats where they make sense, then add tags for story-related quests or locations.

As always, great stuff!
Why did you "make sure they got properly shipwrecked"?  It seems to me that the campaign is robust enough to handle the PCs roaming about on a pirate ship.