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I have spent the past couple of weeks trying to find the Adventure log, everything keeps pointing me to the DDI download site for LFR Character Creation, but in that document it says "at the end you can get the adventure log" but it isnt there, can someone please post a link where I can get the official Adventure Log for LFR??
The official version used to be in the CCG but as of 1.95 they've removed it (I suspect accidentally).

Try this link to an older version of the doc:

Thanks, this isnt the form that I have seen floating around that a few folks I played with recently showed me that they use....similar, but theirs has more of the session information from page 12.  They said they got it from the LFR site, but I dont see it....this will work for now though...but if anyone has a link or can attach the form I am talking about (I believe it is on a blue background) please post.
Maybe they meant the LFR Yahoo! group?  There are a few different adventure logs in the "Files" section.  I don't think it matters if the log is "official" or not, as long as it contains the relevant information.
draconisorion, I can't tell you anything about -other- forms, but the one in that link I sent you -was- the official version. You're free to use other tracking docs, so long as the same info is captured, but that's the official one that would have been on the LFR site. If you want a different Log sheet, you'll have to find that on your own.
I made a custom one a while back that I use and others seemed to like it.  It has 55 entry spaces, so you can use the same sheet all the way up to paragon levels even if you use a couple of spaces per adventure.

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A new version of the Adventure Log (with more entries than the old version) will be in the next version of the CCG; thanks to some work by Richard Brown, one of the Regional Admins from Waterdeep.
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