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By Elliott Hoffman

Erathis draws many worshipers, but adventurers in particular often find common ground with her teachings.

Erathis is worshiped in small ways all across the world. People commonly utter a brief prayer to the goddess when they enter a new city for the first time, and her temples frequently double as courthouses and meeting halls. The champions of Erathis have been many—leaders, generals, and battle-scarred kings, each a bastion of civilized might. Under her banner, armies have devastated their enemies in stunning displays of orderly, efficient warfare. This article should help a player who wants to explore his or her character’s devotion more fully. It contains new backgrounds, feats, and a paragon path that can set a character apart from others who revere Erathis, as well as general information about the goddess.


Talk about the article here.
Well I'm disappointed Mainly because I was hoping for some thematic powers for non-divine classes (I've got a dwarven barbarian who worships Moradin and a kobold druid who worships Moradin).

Kind of missing the point.  Support for divine classes has been pretty much the point of the Channel Divinity series since inception (it's in the name for crying out loud).

I guess I wasn't missing the point by too much after all. Not only do we have an entire article for non-divine characters (or at least not specifically for divine characters) but we get a paragon path too. (that said, my initial post was meant mostly as tongue in cheek Wink)

I created a Warforged Warden a while ago and this article is perfect for him. He worships both Erathis and Melora, seeking to create a balance between the two to help people (such as shifters who were treated poorly in the city-state he was created in).
I liked the idea of role specific rather than class specific feats, i'm surprised it took this long for them to appear.
I liked the idea of role specific rather than class specific feats, i'm surprised it took this long for them to appear.

There have been several of them before. I know that some of the half-elf feats that I wrote required a particular role, as well as a couple of the feats in KYR: Defenders which any defender can take. I also remember at least one feat which was revenant/defender.

My surprise was the leader feat. It gives a fair amount of healing between fights where positioning is less important, and because it directly affects healing surge value, it also acts as a bonus to some surgeless healing. I thought they were stepping away from that.

The surgeless healing that keyed off of surge value size was never really a problem, though. Those are all single-trigger daily frequency stuff. The daily frequency abilities that could trigger over and over throughout a whole encounter and to a lesser extent the surgeless at-will heals were the troublesome aspects of surgeless healing, in my opinion...not Cure Moderate Wounds and its ilk.

I don't think we need to be scared of bonuses to surge value.


The Defender, Controller and Leader feats all look fairly solid to me. The Striker feat could be good, but I'm having trouble imagining the positioning where it would work out on a regular basis...likely it depends on the striker in question and how they're getting combat advantage.

I particularly appreciate the fact that those feats don't get into some of the unfortunate "stronger aid another" theme that Erathis-specific options often suffer from. Standing adjacent to allies as a theme isn't really the greatest, either, given that the party will get caught in more blasts and bursts, but it's a manageable risk at least. Aid another is mostly a tool to use when the DM has gone completely overboard with monster defenses, and a lot of PCs won't do it even when it is a good idea...which makes it pretty meh as a deity theme.
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I'm still bummed by them down-playing the mythology of the Gods in these articles. This one not only didn't give us any of the fun stuff the first "Deities and Demigods" article gave us about Bane, but there is a reference to her throne in Celestia, did we ever have mention of her living in Celestia before?

 as Deities&Demigods is being more the focus of evil gods and their exarchs and minions, and Channel Divinity is more about PC's options we'll know less and less about the Good Gods.
 lives in the article says that Erathis lives in Celestia, but I though she lived in Hevastar with Pelor and Ioun
Yeah, but she's got a nice vacation Chalet on Celestia that she time-shares with Melora.
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