Dragon 387 - Guilds & Groups: Shades of Darkness

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DnDi_Large.png    Dragon 387
Guilds & Groups: Shades of Darkness
Defenders of the Shadowfell

By Robert J. Schwalb

In today's Dragon: Guilds & Groups article, Robert details the shadowy organisation that protects the neutrality of the Shadowfell from evil forces – the Shades of Darkness.  In additions to details on the organisation, the article covers backgrounds for those who want to tie it to their backstory, requirements for joining the Shades, and a power-swap multiclass feat chain for training in their style, the Haunting Shade guild multiclass (which is shadow power sourced). 

Now friend, don’t get all weepy on me. Yes, you don’t want to die. I’m sure you didn’t mean to create all those undead and kill all those people. Honestly, I don’t care about the undead. And I really don’t care about those people. What I care about is your master. Now don’t be coy with me. The Hooded One. Vecna. That’s who I’m talking about.

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