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Now have +32 on the GTL over at WOTC +9 here (last update 4 SEP  2010)

PLEASE NOTE I LIVE IN THE UK (ENGLAND) I have had many offers of a trade only for the other to pull out because i live over seas. ThumbDown We don't bite over here you know and it's really not that expensive/more to send here. ThumpUp

Darth Sion ( will trade a lot for this)
Grievous, Kaleesh Warlord
spider droid (clone strike only)
padme Amidala (clone strike)
custom minis
Jabba the Hutt

The ones below are low wants as i already have at lest 1 of them
The dark Woman
Dass Jennir
Darth Revan 
Shaak Ti Jedi Master
storm commandos
juno eclipes
deena shan
Elite Clone troopers
Galactic Marine
Rebel pilots
Gungan Shildbearer

any generic character with a lightsaber ( except younglings)
will aslo consider most non unique rares and very rares


Old Republic Squint
Mandalore Mandalore the Ultimate (not bagged)
Republic Mon Mothma
Rebel Han Solo in Carbonite x2
Rebel Han Solo of Hoth
Rebel General Rieekan
Fringe Dash Rendar Renegade Smuggler (on offer)
Fringe Hondo Ohnaka


Old Republic Bao-Dur
Old Republic Visa Marr
Sith Darth Sidiou Sith Master x3
Sith Lumiya, The Dark Lady
Republic Supreme Chancellor Palpatinex2
Republic Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi Trainer
Republic Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi General (on offer)
Republic Jedi Master Kit Fisto
Republic Anakin Skywalker Champion of Nelvaan
Republic General Skywalker (on offer)
Republic Commander Cody
Separatist Wat Tambor (on offer)
Separatist General Grivous Supreme Commander x2 (unbagged) (1 on offer)
Rebel General Madine
Rebel K-3PO
Rebel Luke Skywalker Hero of Yavin
Rebel Kazden Paratus
Rebel Princess Leia Hoth Commander
Rebel Princess Leia (on offer)
Rebel R2-D2 with Extended sensor (on offer)
Empire Antares Draco
Empire Admiral Piett x2
Empire General Veers (on offer)
Empire Major Maximilian Veers (on offer)
Empire Jagged Fel
Empire Mara Jade Emperor's Hand (on offer)
Empire Darth Vader SOTJ
New Republic Han Solo Galactic Hero
New Republic Cade Skywalker Padawan
New Republic Garm Bel iblis x2
New Republic Kyle Katarn Combat Instructor x2
New Republic Kyp Durron
Fringe Boba Fett young Mercenary
Fringe Logray Ewok Shaman
Fringe Sly Moore
Fringe Jarael x3 (1 on offer)
Fringe Bib Fortuna (on offer)
Fringe Proxy
Fringe Utapaun on dactillion x2
Fringe Zaalbar
Fringe Lando Calrissian (on offer)
Fringe 4-Lom Droid Mercenary

Also have a lot C/UC for all factions but these are going fast, I do have a lot of fringe  still left though and a few huge  huge
Also have a lot of R/VR cards as well from all sets.

Thanks for looking
another bump and new minis added.
Haves and Wants updated

Now have +31 on the GTL
and +1 over on Bloo Milk
Haves and Wants updated

Now have +32 on the GTL
and +5 over on Bloo Milk
Pm sent, greettings.

+ reply sent to Kaxel_Vofer


Updated to 4 SEP 2010
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