Dragon 387 - Class Acts: Invoker

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DnDi_Large.png       Dragon 387
Class Acts: Invoker

By Robert J. Schwalb

In today's Dragon article, we get 34 new feats for Invokers of many origins and at all tiers, to support options for Invokers alongside the Invoker Essentials article.

The covenants invokers enter into with their gods define the relationship they enjoy, the means by which they apprehend the divine, and the methods by which they annihilate their enemies. Invokers can devote further study into the methods and ideals upheld by their gods to expand their options when they channel divine energy, just as invokers can distinguish themselves through the prayers they master. Furthermore, racial talents and customs can also influence how the invoker advances his or her god’s aims in the world and beyond it.

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Splendid article with lots of new options for Invoker characters. It's also good to see Invokers getting a handful of new control options that trigger in a variety of ways, and getting more feats to differentiate the three Covenant options, making each one more unique.
Yeah, some neat stuff. Not too much for my dwarven invoker, but I do like the flavor and names of many of the feats, even if they aren't quite right for my build.
Supported every build type of Invoker as well as give feats for the PH3 and DDI races. All around great article with well balanced feats. I want to see more of teh Class Acts articles like this one, as lets be honest, there's only so many powers to make and this bypasses the normal danger of over/under-whelming power selection normally present. That and it covered all three tiers whereas for some reason heroic gets all the attention and paragon and epic are ignored.
I would really like to see the Kenku included in these types of DDI-race articles. The Kenku isn't a big invoker race, mind you, but it is ignored often despite seeing play in the LFR campaign.

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That's funny. I made a drow invoker once.

If I have to ask the GM for it, then I don't want it.

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