When is "during setup"?

On another thread it was Nickname ruled that reinforcements (during setup) happend before map roll.

Does this mean that all during setup abilities (Light Tutor, determining reinforcements, dark master, dark inspiration, decisions for who is force ghosted,  etc) occur before map is rolled?

I always thought that everything (even reinforcements) occured as you were setting pieces on the map (so well after map roll)

Setup is the entire time period before rolling initiative and the precise timing of various items is vague--luckily no one tends to care.

Reinforcements is (from memory!?) the only one that is limited to occuring at a very precise time "after seeing your opponent's squad" and the items that aren't so limited may be done later in the process. In any case where a player doesn't want to reveal his choice before his opponent makes a setup choice they are done secretly and simultaneously like reinforcements.

Don't know if it ever came up at our regional but I know we talked through it wrong before hand of when you picked reinforcements (before or after map roll) and after seeing that answer from another thread it made me wonder when you picked the other "during set-up" options as some of them could conceivably be different choices depending on which map you were on (do I force ghost zuckuss or kyle, etc) but by your ruling it appears that the only one that MUST be done before map roll is picking re-inforcements so all other can be done as you are setting up pieces.

Thanks Nickname

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