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Greetings all!

Several of my friends and I have been running a FR campaign over about six months now. I only recently discovered LFR, and was interested in rebooting the group (now that we are a bit more experienced / understand how the classes actually work / are bored of spending the entire encounter casting "vicious mockery" for six months).

But I am confused how to gain access to the modules for home-group (rather than public) play. tells me (abridged);
  • DCI number. Picked up one of those at a RPGA open play event. Logged in and updated info.

  • Adventure log and advancement tracker. Hiccough 1: I can find the Character creation guide; Supposedly the advancement tracker is at the end of it (It isn't);  I've found a session tracker though.

  • Okay - log into profile and order modules. Wait, what? Judges' centre? okay... personal information... "My events" maybe? no! not magic... DnD... my events... Okay I can search, but I can't create?

Okay, so then i went problem solving

  • Maybe I need a character first? ooh! I can at least see something LFR... Make character... okay, can i register an adventure? No. Bummer.

  • Maybe I need to be a judge? Okay.. exam.. create exams? Oh, that means SIT exam, not CREATE... Lots of obscure questions.... Failed (okay, so features count as level one powers rather than features, that would have gotten me a pass) and can't try again until 10:30pm.

At this point I give up and ask for help.


(Additional information;
Looking at it seems that you can be registered as many things. I am only registered as a "D&D WPN - Player". I don't know how to be registered as anything else; presumably I have to pass the herald test to become a GM? I wish it would tell me that somewhere

Can't I just join in with someone else? well, sure... But searching on the events page and inter-webs doesn't turn up much in Victoria, Australia. The only local shop that does run stuff stinks of unwashed body parts and cigarettes, so I'd prefer not, thank you.

DCI number 6208044258

Character Ala'riel, Lv1 Shadar-kai ranger)

EDIT: Yay. Just got an email " your DCI membership has expired" Colour me disheartened. Trying to avoid the [rant] tag.
EDIT2: Okay found the answer at  -a web page not accessible by simply following the links to forgotten reals. Yes, you need to be a herald. Would be nice if that was spelt out somewhere on the modern site? 
Try creating, then taking, the Tournament Organiser test.

I believe that when you've passed that you will be able to create D&D Private Play events (and, if you contact WotC and get a public venue added to your account, public ones).

You should also be able to use the WPN Play Materials option to order WPN membership cards for your players, as they'll all need RPGA/DCI/WPN numbers for you to report the adventures.

You can also then sign up to D&D Rewards, here: (you may have to ignore some out of date info there but it will get you signed up if you follow the trail, and scroll to the bottom of some of the pages!)

Note that you do have to report (or cancel) the events you set up, and you should get the RPGA number of everyone who plays, but they will not be displayed in the event calendar so no-one's going to show up on your doorstep!

(And if you've managed to pass the Herald Test already, you should be set up with most of the memberships you need)

If you have any other queries, let us know and we'll try to help! If your players plan to play LFR outside your group, do try to follow the rules and read up the info here (and ask questions) so that their characters remain appropriate and legal in the campaign at large. Oh, and I think that the advancement tracker got missed off the PDF of the latest version of the CCG. So long as, for every adventure, a player is tracking the name and code of the adventure, the amount of XP and GP gained (as noted at the back of each adventure), what treasure they took (no more than one permanent magic item per level) and their level at the end of the adventure, the precise format won't matter. There are some alternative versions floating around the net, I'm sure, or you can make your own. (Edit: Someone has uploaded the 1.8 version of the CCG to scribd for some reason: so you can grab the tracker from that.

Hope that helps!

Running D&D Adventurers League events in Sheffield, UK from August. Contact me for more details.

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