RoE Sealed and Draft: Play first or draw first?

So, now that I have a couple of RoE sealed events under my belt, I'm thinking it's generally best to draw first with most decks.  The only exceptions I can think of would be particularly aggressive decks, maybe with a bunch of 1-mana levelers and the like.  Perhaps even decks with unusually large amounts of mana ramping cards.  Otherwise, it just seems that the card advantage from drawing is better given the generally slower games, or at least that's what my (admittedly limited) experience has shown so far as well as the consensus of the few opponents I've talked to in game.  I still do see a lot of opponents choosing to play first, though.    

So, what do you think?  And what about draft, which should be a little quicker...any different?  Maybe we can finally get a little discussion going in this forum.

I think, generally, drawing is probably the better choice. Like you said though it depends on what kind of deck you have. When I played a blue/black control deck during a draft, I always drew first and the card advantage really worked out in my favor. During a sealed I played today, I built a green/red ramp deck with lots of accel and playing clearly made a lot more sense and was the better choice. So the same rules as any format may apply - if you're control you want to draw, if you're aggro you want to play.
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