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Hello all,

I'm an infrequent visitor to the boards these days so I'm not sure if this has been reported, but I received this gem in an e-mail from Wizards Play Network today:

"AAM Sanctioning to Close in this month
Due to consistently low tournament activity for Axis and Allies Minis, sanctioned events will end in May. Please contact your WPN representative if you have any questions."

It probably won't have too much of an impact in and of itself (I myself haven't reported a DCI AAM game for at least 2 years), but it is not a good sign for the game.



Well, Sadly I am not suprised. Ckalk it up to the ebbs and tides war. Cry
The potentcy of the 88 was that it was present, in reasonable numbers, when it was needed, They had them. We did not. And anything an enemy has which makes life unpleasant for you tends to earn a larger-than-life reputation. Ian Hogg IMAGE(http://i647.photobucket.com/albums/uu197/obermasterfuhrer/Axis%20and%20Allies/Resignationsig2.jpg)A&A Underground AAM Database
Well looking at the wotc product trend...
First DDM minis hit the chopping block, then SWM, I think AAM may be next in line Frown
I blame myself. I do seem to find really fun games right as they lose support by their companies...

But at least there are a ton of options for me to play the game with, and I don't play big tourneys anyway.
Honesty I did not even know they supported sanctioned games.  They ended Comabt zone some time ago, so I assumed it had ended with that..  What is the point of sanctioned play?
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