Looking for a few more idea's

Our group for some time has been playing a randomized game which includes game format, faction, and point total. We are happy with our faction and point total idea as well as our game format. However at the moment we have 10 game formats and i am trying to come up with 10 more.

Below are the 10 game formats we play.

1. Standard                (win by defeating all your opponents)
2. Faction Pure           (1 faction allowed, no fringe)
3.50% Faction Pure    (50% of your squad must be of your chosen/randomized  faction)
4. No Uniques             (no Unique characters allowed)
5. No Commanders     (no characters allowed that have CE's)
6. Single Commander (you must have a character with a CE, but only 1)
7. 25 Point Maximum  (all of your characters bust be under 25 points)
8. 26 Point Minimum   (all of your characters must be 26 points or more)
9. Master & Apprentice (you must start with 2 unique in play)
10 Winner Stays On.  ( winner stays on with the same squad and must win 2 consecutive games)

We are considering adding these
11. Own Characters allowed  ( this may include our own designed characters)

12 Army Build, Each side starts with a mouse droid and gets there initiative rolls as points to spend, no side is allowed to attack unless they have a Commander in play. This would have a set time limit and the winner wins by the most points they have taken in game.

13. Melee Only

14. Basket Ball Team/ Big Time  (as suggested below my members)

15.Wild Card  (as surgested by members below)

So at the moment i am looking for 7 to 10 more ideas. with options 11, 12, 13  only been considered at the moment and are subject to change if better ideas are given on this thread. or we deside to just use the 10 we have.

If any one has ideas  please post them. As i would really like to add a few more choices to our list.

Personally, I wouldn't go with "Melee Only" - GMLS will (probably) win it all.
Personally, I wouldn't go with "Melee Only" - GMLS will (probably) win it all.

True but the factions are random as are point totals, so GMLS will not always be in place. Also the criteria is that the character has the Melee Spacial Ability as so many characters with this also have Force powers that are range it's not that big an issue as Luke still runs out of FP's very quickly in this sort of game. Anyway at the moment that's just an idea that might not come to anything, but will consider what you have said  when the final list is made.

Thanks for your post.
No VR or R, 1 UC, rest commons. Is this "Peasant"?

"Basketball team": 1 non-unique huge ("big man"), 1 medium unique ("superstar"),  rest medium or smaller non-uniques.

"Play the cards" (similar to #5): Only use abilities that are on the characters' cards: no effects (CE or SA) from others apply/work. 
I do like the list you have so far - a little confused on how the army build works though.  Not sure if you have access to all pieces, but assuming that is true, here are some ideas.  Without all pieces in play, some could be very restrictive.

"Wild Card" - 50% of your squad must have the Savage Special Ability

"Ladies Night" - 50% of your squad must be female charcters (some of the species are a bit tricky with this idea, but it can be fun and use some pieces that don't always get game time.

"Big Time" - Must contain at least one huge character.

I like the Melee only games - we've done that quite often.  Luke can be a beast, but if you know someone will most likely play him, you can bring in your own counter.  Allows a lot of other pieces to be used that don't have to worry about getting shot before they can engage in combat.

Just some ideas that can be changed (or ignored) - especially my cheesy names. Tongue out
Thanks for the ideas.

Let me explain a little more how army build works,

Each side starts with a mouse droid only. then initiative is rolled. if player one  get say a 10 and player two get for arguments sake 13.
Player one now can add up to 10 points of characters to his squad. he can keep points over if he wishes to calumniate more points for more expensive characters. Player two has 13 points to add to he's and this continues thought out the game. Neither side can attack the other unless they have a commander in play and only players with commanders can attack. If a player loses his commander he can no longer attack until he has brought on another commander.

 Characters can only be brought into play at the start of each round and not during a round

If a player has a character such as the Black Sun Rodian and get an 11 for initiative he must add those points strait away and cannot keep or combine the points to the points he has already obtained. He would also still get he's 11 points for the initiative roll.

If a player has a character that automatically make there opponent initiative roll a 1, this only apliys to the activation of characters as who moves first, if that other player  rolled a 5 they still get 5 points to add to there pool of points but the other has say on who go's first.

Recon, only the first roll counts for points but if a character has recon in play that turn they can still roll for who activates first.

Player can keep adding fringe characters as long as they like but once they have put down a character from a faction they can now only use that faction and fringe. If the first faction character has Affinity such as Kota they must say which faction they are as soon as the character is in play. Once one player has put a faction down the other can chose his faction accordingly. This gives the second player a tactical advantage.

As this game can be never ending it has to have a time limit on it, and is really only suitable for non competitive games.

Ok i hope all that makes sense as you all know i am not that good with words (English grammer)

Out of the ides you two have mentioned i do like the following and will put the ideas to the group.well i will put all of your ideas but these are the ones i think they would go for most

Basketball Team/Big Time  these two are very similar and are very good ideas. As a group we do use huge but not as much as i would like so this idea(s) has a lot of appeal.

Wild Card. Well we hardly ever use savage so this also holds a lot of appeal as it make us use miniatures we have but rarely use.

Thank you all the ideas.

Still looking for 5 or 6 more ideas