Pics of Supreme Overlord Shimrra???

Title says it all; Looking for a full body pic of Shimrra for a card. All I've ever seen is a partial face.
If no one can do better, I say any port in a storm: nab a pic of any ol' Vong from Invasion... as long as he's massive.
Neither Wookieepedia or Google Images seems to have it...
Not sure where to turn now
AMS-51 "Dendrite" Connection lost...searching...
I tried Bing and could not find a pic.


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Maybe we could have someone like CM draw one for you... and NLT.
Maybe we could have someone like CM draw one for you... and NLT.

Thats why I'm looking for one, the NLT. Any help would be appreciated ....
OK, I'll see if I can get my dad make one. He's an artist you know.
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