Ok I know I have asked this before but?

OK I know I have asked this before however i can not find the thread. Some time ago I asked if anyone knows the name of the person(s) who did the stat cost generator a few years back. I did get a few answers but i can no longer find that thread. I need to know the name as I would like to put this on my web site and would like to give this person(s) credit for the generator. I would also like to put a link to his/there web site's if he/they have one.

If that person is still around and has an objection to this going up on my web site i need to know as i do not wish to annoy this person(s) in any way, or if this person(s) is happy to allow this to go up on the web site with set conditions. I should also point out that we have updated the cost generator and need to know if this is a problem for the individual(s) involved.

Any help from the community would be apprehended.

I know Boris did one, once, but I don't know if it's the one you're thinking of.
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Ok thanks that helps a little, maybe another menber can confirm this or say if they know anyone else who might have done one.
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Was this it?


Thanks I am pretty sure that is the one, your link go's to the thread but the down loadable chart in the first post no longer works but am 99.9% sure that was the one.

For now i have credited AdrianLP for finding the chart and putting the link to it here on WOTC . As  he says he was sent the chart i am assuming he did not create it.
I will still try to find the actual person who made the chart to give him the credit he/she deserves.
Thanks again


Ok got the down loadable link to work and that is indeed the one. Having read all the posts on the link you gave DV i see a few members here have also made some adjustments to it as our group have done since. I will make a point of mentioning this on my site. We also added commander effects onto our chart, works quite well.

Thanks again
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