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This may be a complaint that falls on deaf ears, but there aren't enough P2 mods to get players from P2 to P3, without playing the Battle Interactive @ P2 high.  To me, it seems silly to move on to P3 in light of that.  My personal sob story - 15th level Swordmage has no modules left to play because he played ADCP 2-1 @ P1 low, SPEC 2-1 P2 and CORE 2-3 @ 14th level.  How is he going to get to P3?  I would understand if the reason was due to my own schedule (shame on me for having a life and/or a job! ), but surely I am not the only person out there in a similar situation?  If I had known there was going to be a shortage of P2 modules, I might have scheduled a little better, but I didn't have any reason to suspect that (the current release backlog, notwithstanding).

Anyway, just wondering if I'm alone in this situation - and if I'm not, what are the plans to rectify it.
Sounds like a valid concern to me too.
Oh, apparently CORM 2-2 just came out.  So there's 1 mod I could play.  That'll get me ~1/3 of the way to 16th.  4 mods to go!

And no, I won't be able to go to Origins for ADCP 2-2 - I think I'm supposed to be travelling for work at that time.
Releasing MYRE1-5 My Realms Adventure P2 2010 might be a good solution. This would allow groups to progress through P2 while waiting for more modules to come online. In fact, MYRE1-6 My Realms Adventure P3 2010 might be a good idea as well.

Granted, this would not be the optimal solution. The best solution would be to get more P2 modules out the door. 

More P2 would be great I agree... I'm wondering how most will get to P3 by gencon at this point.

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Thanks to SPEC 2-2 at P2 tier at GenCon, I should be able to get to P3 with no problem.  However, more P2 mods do still need to come out.
Dale2-2 was released yesterday and is also P2. More are coming I believe, hang in there.
Woohoo! Steps in the right direction. Laughing
Any word on when some of the Paragon-tier 2.x scenarios are going to filter through to private play? Our local group have almost exhausted the current crop.
Oh, apparently CORM 2-2 just came out.

CORM2-2 Pain is P1.
DALE2-2 Agony is P2.
WATE2-2 (out soon, iirc) is also P1
Progress!  With DALE 2-2 + SPEC 2-2 P2, that's somewhere between 4 and 5 mods worth of XP (depending on the extra XP in the SPECs and whether you complete the Pain & Suffering quest)
I'm currently about 60% of the way through the sequel to CORE2-1 and ADCP2-1, which is P2. Sadly, I'm quite a bit behind schedule. That should be coming out relatively soon though (before Gen Con for sure).
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