Global Admin review of LFR rules: Starting Characters Above 1st Level?

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Skerrit has posted a discussion starter on the LFR blog:

The Global Admins are trying to solve this problem

Problem: Making tables for people that rarely play, have disparate levels or are new players coming to established conventions, is difficult. For example, a brand new player and four other players (level 6, 8, 11, 12) all show up at your gameday and thus can't make a table; so all of the established players end up making another first level PC and replaying an old H1 adventure with the new player.

The blog then discusses possible solutions and various concerns they are already considering with each option. I won't copy the rest of the blog here as it's too long.

Skerrit has started a thread on the forums in the LFR group and it would be sensible to put discussion there, as he asks in the blog post. That thread can be found here:

It's worth quoting the final paragraph of the blog:
We realize this is a hot button issue for advocates on both sides, but as LFR is intended to be the gateway campaign with less barriers to play than other campaigns the RPGA is or will be developing, we need to address this issue. The question is what is the best approach? Please feel free to comment on this blog or in the forums belong to this group. How would you do it (esp. which approach)? What are the Pros and Cons? Please keep things civil and constructive.

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Let me tell you all a story about LFR from my local club.

A couple of months ago we had a new player join our club.  He was very keen on LFR after just one gameday, and within a month was one of our regular DM volunteers.

We are planning a Paragon Marathon for the May longweekend (it's a Canadian thing), and this particular player was interested in joining in.  The problem?  His PC was still only level 3, with less than 2 months to go.

How did we solve this problem?  With vigorous and determined gaming, that's how!  We scheduled extra games in, we got some other folks with lower level PCs involved, we got some experienced guys getting their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th characters toward paragon levels.  It was a grassroots community movement that was exciting and magical.

I know that the game coming up this Saturday will be the one to get the initial player's PC to 11th level.  I got my 4th paragon PC two weeks ago.  Many others in the local club have achieved the same thing since this initiative started.

I don't want to miss out on a phenomenon like this in the future.
This is a good story, but lets try to keep all of the discussion in one place. Make sure everyone is posting to so we don't lose track of anything.
This is a good story, but lets try to keep all of the discussion in one place. Make sure everyone is posting to so we don't lose track of anything.

Oh, I know, I've posted there twice already.  I guess I just didn't wat to seem like I was hogging or anything.  :P
That is a good story, and a great outcome, it however only works if you have a large enough playerbase to make things like that happen... that is not the case everywhere
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