5/05/2010 StF: "Form of the Writer"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Savor the Flavor, which goes live Wednesday on magicthegathering.com.
Oh goodness!
Sorin and Nissa back to back? That's so cute!
Hmm, not sure what to think about the Eldrazi and the slivers *not* being related. There's some pretty definite similarities there and the WOTC art people are usually good about their intentional style references, it seems odd to see something so obvious that you now say isn't supposed to be there. 

Otherwise a neat article, though like so many forum articles, could have used more specific examples. Maybe some "lost" flavor text, cut for space, or what other names were considered for mythic rare, or why it's not just called "mythic" (and does it annoy you when people in the forums call them "mystic" rares?) 

Proud member of C.A.R.D. - Campaign Against Rare Duals "...but the time has come when lands just need to be better. Creatures have gotten stronger, spells have always been insane, and lands just sat in this awkward place of necessity." Jacob Van Lunen on the refuge duals, 16 Sep 2009. "While it made thematic sense to separate enemy and allied color fixing in the past, we have come around to the definite conclusion that it is just plain incorrect from a game-play perspective. This is one of these situations where game play should just trump flavor." - Sam Stoddard on ending the separation of allied/enemy dual lands. 05 July 2013

Akroma Changeling will forever haunt my nightmares. 

Flavor text needs to be a well-honed stiletto that goes right for the heart, not a dull axe that hacks away at meaning.

Then, were you on vacation when Runeclaw Bear's flavor text was OK'd?

Bears aren't always as strong and as mean as you imagine. Some are even stronger and meaner.

It's almost as clumsy as the original Grizzly Bears. Wink
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