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In the May 4 errata document, Quickening Order was changed in two main ways. First, the bonus to attack rolls was removed. Second, all of the bonuses were made into power bonuses.

The problem with making the initiative bonus into a power bonus is that it no longer stacks with the warlord's own Combat Leader class feature. If the warlord has a good Intelligence modifier (which makes sense if he's choosing Quickening Order), he'll probably also have Combat Commander (a paragon tier feat). In effect, the power is only giving +Int to damage for one round for the majority of the warlords who would be taking the power. This is horribly weak for a level 22 daily utility power.

I suggest making the initiative bonus untyped, but leaving the damage bonus typed.

The initiative bonus can be used by Battlefront Leaders... but yeah, absolutely agreed.

WotC is actually aware of this particular criticism already, but considers it a low priority to address. I heartily encourage DMs to house rule the initiative to untyped.
Keith Richmond Living Forgotten Realms Epic Writing Director
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