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  My wife and I are making the switch to 4th edition.We are finishing our current 3.5 edition campaign and she's decided she'd like to play a Vampire.Her character is a LE Rg10/Asn3.

  She flees west to a new land with all her treasure and such to find a town without it's patron.He's gone missing and his estate is abandoned.
  Nobody will go near it.It's reported to be cursed... this is the setup for the beginning.

  We're playing solo player again.I hear it's harder in 4th edition.Any suggestions would be appreciated.In the beginning she'll be making connections with the rich and powerful, building her power base(think mafia). Eventually,she faces werewolves who are good in this adventure.They become the constant enemy throughout.

  I'd also like to have her sleep for long periods and awaken to find things much changed.This will influence the decisions she makes in the present.A period of sleep could last 10-100 years depending on who's minding the store while she's under. The awakening gives me oppurtunity to bring the ritual aspect into play(perhaps she needs certain components or the like before she sleeps and a way to secure them for later)

  I'm not sure how to have her play this.Any help is welcome

There is no way to play a PC vampire in 4e.

The closest you can get is the Dhampyr, a series of feats that give vampire-like abilities.  The article detailing these feats is in Dragon Magazine.
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Salla is correct, by the rules.

However, you can still get a lot of good vampire-like abilities by reflavoring certain classes. For example, I'm currently playing a heavily vampire-tained character myself. I chose Paladin for my class and changed all the names and flavor text of my powers. For example, I don't have Enfeebling Strike, I have Soul Strike. I don't have Divine Challenge, I have Mark of Doom. I don't have Channel Divinity, I have Channel Vampirism. I don't have Beckon Foe, I have Crush the Mind. I don't have Healing Hands, I have Gift of My Blood. Etc. And so the mechanics of my powers are still balanced with the power levels of the rest of the party, but everything I do seems very vampiric (and not just because of the names of these powers; once you become familiar with 4e, you'll see that a lot of the listed powers have effects that could easily be attributed to vampiric abilities).

And so if you switch to 4e your characters will change mechanically in a lot of ways, but reflavoring powers can go a long way to achieving the feel that it sounds like you're looking for. 

As for playing with a solo player, yeah, that might be tougher in 4e. I've never tried that.
A Revenant (an Insider-only race) is a sort-of undead (much like warforged are "sort-of constructs") creature. Assassin (an Insider-only class) is Exactly What it Says on the Tin actually a magic ninja (mundane ninjas are rogues). Combined with the Dhampyr feats (I think that's legal) you get a blood sucking, undead assassin monster.

Though you could really go with just about any race/class and pick up the Dhampyr feats and get a good feel for what you're going for.

I would think that an Avenger|Invoker/druid (for the shape shifting) with the dhampyr feats would be be dead on for a vamp character. Pick up a few magic items like wall walker boots and you are pretty set.

Using revenant, taking Longtooth Shifter (using the Shifter Soul feat) as your race might work out well. +2 Damage and Regeneration while bloodied, which is a lot better than the regeneration power from Vampire Heritage feats.
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thoughts ..... thoughts ....

the type of vampire your looking for might make a difference in the type of reflavoring ...

brutish vampire.  reflavored BRV so that the invigorating powers are representative of the blood drinking that takes place. throw in a splash of the grapple powers and use spiked gauntlets

intellectual vampire - reflavor the hell lock so that he draws the blood from his enemies at a distance to explain his temporary HPs

sneaky vampire - your looking at the con based assasin here , very little changes , but a few.

all 3 of these styles will work great with revenants.

look at the dhampyr feats , as others have said

for some pretty significant rewriting .... the vampires life is taken by teh raven queen and she is brought back as a revenant paladin instead of maintaining the vampirism.
Actually there is Vampire Heritage.   It works for any class and race and it only takes a feat.  You get to drain life and grab bonuses.  It is in Dragon but I can not remember which issue
I'm not sure what issue the Vampiric Heritage feat is in, but it's collected in Dragon Annual 2009 and it's in the Compendium.

You'd probably also be interested in these feats too that build on Vampiric Heritage: 
Mist Form
Night's Sight
Vampire Alacrity
Bloodied Regeneration
Dominating Gaze
Savage Bite

Edit: Dragon Magazine 371 
thanks i could not remember the issue
  Thanks for all the replies and suggestions.We're simple players and my wife would be confused by most of this.I have an idea that might seem odd,but I'd appreciate your input.

  What if she's the monster? She arrives in this new land,new town. She claims the estate and the grounds outside of town by defeating the former occupant(now a wight) and discovers that he was transformed  because he failed the turning.

  She finds the statue of Sangress-Goddess of blood and death-in a cavern below the estate.It speaks to her,promising everlasting life in exchange for her devotion.

  This begins our new adventure.She will have to hire servants-minions and guards-to tend to her defense.She will have to restore the estate and place traps where they will be most effective.

  These are just some of the ideas I have so far.A party of NPC adventurers will come some day to slay the evil that dwells within,etc.But will her preparations be enough?

  Playing it from the vantage point of the creature presents creative oppurtunities for myself as well as my player.It is just the two of us and she's wanted to play a vampire character for some time.Originally,we were going to play 3.5e,but are making the change to 4e.

   After this,we will be playing a more traditional adventure.We wanted to try the vampire adventure first,but 4e isn't set up with templates like3.5.Any help is welcome,  thanks.

There are templates in the DMG.  Check out the monster creation rules; starting around page 184.

I don't remember there being a vampire template in it, but if not then it might be in the MM#1.

If she was of a moderate level, you may consider starting off in paragon levels.  That might be overwhelming if you are just learning the 4e rules, but you could allow her to take the vampire template instead of a paragon path.
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