Dragon 387 - Editiorial

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Dragon 387
Love the Fight Your In
By Chris Youngs

In this month's Dragon Editorial, Chris discusses a number of monsters or enemy archetypes he loves to fight against in D&D, and why. 

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Undead Pirates, preferably on a ghost ship
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I agree with Chris 100% on the owlbears, although more for hearing the attempts of my gaming group mimicking what they think an owlbear should sound like.  While I don't think there's such a thing as a stupid monster, there are certainly those which are a lot more fun to see killed. Sometimes I'll run encounters with "lame" monsters just to roleplay their ubsurdity; of course, if these bozo monsters end up beating the hell out of the party then those bizarre owlbear "growl-hoots" tend to grow silent pretty quickly.

But ... but ... owlbears are awesome! How can anyone hate on owlbears?


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