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Does anyone know of which adventures, or a link to a list of which adventures, contain opportunities to complete the tasks for the "In Slumber Remain" quest? As an organizer I find it difficult to meet my player's demand to run adventures that allow them to complete these tasks, when I don't even know which adventures they are in. Thank you all in advance for your help.
I don't have a full list, but can speak to the following:

- Any character who runs the full MINI 1 campaign can complete all 3 tasks.

- There is a further opportunity to complete task 3 in DALE 2-1 "Forever."
I think the yahoo spoiler list includes that information as adventures are released.  Of course, it is always useful to remember in the Forgotten Realms, almost anything may be found in Waterdeep.  Cool

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Unfortunately we played through most of the Embers of Dawn Mini-Campaign before I, or any of my players, had heard of the Rewards Cards. I was looking for other adventures that could achieve the same end, without having to create new characters and play through it again. 

Can I get a link to the "yahoo spoiler list"? Thanks. 

Can I get a link to the "yahoo spoiler list"?Thanks. 

Here you go:

Note that this is a Yahoo Group, and you'll need to join the group in order to get access to it.

Hope this helps.
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My MINI character just hit P1. Anyone in the know have any idea when this mod might become available? 

I'm hoping I don't have to hold off leveling so I can play this quest.
Just play until you'd level out if you played any more. Then stop. It'll either come out before that, or it won't.
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Well yeah that was the plan. I was just curious if I was going to be waiting two months or ten.

Certain regulars on these boards usually have some idea of what phase 'in progress' mods are in. 
The Quest adventure is an Origins release.
There will be at least one adventure at Origins that lets you complete tasks.

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A bunch of the 2-x mods have stuff in them.  The task density is alot higher then it was for the first quest...I think.
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