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I was rather disappointed with this article, more than a month from PHB3's release and we do not have Wilden or Shardmind soul feats (IIRC Githzerai and Minotaur were included in the original article). Revenants now have an overabundance of assassin specific feats to choose from with a decided lack of feats for other classes (a Revenant should make a great Battlemind or Monk but has no support). Instead we get, "While you are unconscious, you are insubstantial."
DnDi_Large.png   Dragon 387
Winning Races: Revenant
Revenant Assassins

By Matthew Sernett

In the first Dragon article of the month, we get a number of new feats best used by Revenants that have pursued the Assassin class, as well as a bunch of new Ki Foci best used by Assassins. 

A revenant exists as a singularity. No guild of assassins or band of murderers counts a host of revenants among their number. No army of soldiers with dark intent marches down the shadowed path of the revenant. Even in the company of others, a revenant walks alone. Whether given new existence by the Raven Queen or some other entity, the revenant assassin exists to kill someone—or perhaps it is his destiny to kill hundreds.

Talk about his article here.

Also: In the future, if you're going to make the topic for an article early (which is completely fine, I don't have sole authority over making these topics, I just normally do them), please list it under it's correct name rather a part of the title.  In this case, recognising it's a "Winning Races" article is sort of important.  Okay, I've said my shpeal.

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Yeah, I have to register my disappointment as well.  What exactly makes this a "Winning Races" article as opposed to a "Class Acts" article?  I mean, there's more revenant assassin feats in this article than one character can take in Heroic Tier. I thought we weren't going to make Dragon articles that only focused on one build.

Honestly, I feel like this was a missed opportunity. Revenants work well for a number of other classes, and there's a lack of class-specific feats up to this point. This article's great for revenant assassins, but the rest of us playing revenants will just have to sit on our hands.
I feel like this article is a little too specific in its focus to be useful for the majority, and the introduction came across as redundant. It's usefulness doesn't get started until the second page. I'd like to see a revenant article that gave us more info on the roleplaying and integration of this story-driven race choice.

However, I do think that some of the feats are very stylish. I like the naming of "Swallowed by Shadow" and "Death Wastes Nothing"-- these are much more evocative of a character motif than lots of other feats ("Improved X", for example). I think that the flavor text for the new magic items is very good as well.

That illustration on page 4 is oustanding, too; the creepy mask and raven-like hands are excellent revenant images!
I agree with the other posters; this and the previous Assassin article are exactly what the Dragon Submission Guidelines say not to submit - articles that are focused only on a very specific build and that won't be useful to the majority of readers.  In addition, both articles seemed much more like "Class Acts: Assassin" than "Power" or "Races" articles.  An article for Assassins or Avengers or Revenants would be nice, but an article just for Hybrid Assassin/Avengers and Revenant Assassins are useless for most Revenants, Assassins, and Avengers.
i don't mind seeing new options being published but i agree that this was so focused on one race-class combo that it doesn't feel very generous to the gaming community as a whole.
I agree with the above and just want to chip in my voice to it.  It really feels a lot more like a half-assed class acts article with the ki focuses (which aren't that bad).  I mean, how many revenants are going to be using them, compared to the number of assassins?
This is the happy swamp. Love it. I am red/blue, I think logically and act impulsively.
I have to say that I really like the Scavenger Bird Ki Focus. That's one of my biggest frustrations when playing my assassin—I spend all this time building up the shrouds, and then the enemy has 5 hit points by the time I decide to invoke them.
Though this article is narrow in focus, it is still a pretty cool article. :D

"All but one of the feats below require a character to beboth a revenant and an assassin."

Um, maybe I missed something, but which feat doesn't have revenant and assassin in prerequisites? All of them do, to my eyes.

(Why does this have tiny font? I don't know...)

I would imagine the author wrote one, and it got edited out by the WoTC editors before being put up.  Unfortunately they neglected to correct that paragraph when they did so.

What I love is that the Epic feats can be taken by characters of 11th level or above. I've always said it would be cool if you could get Epic feats in Paragon.


Other than that... the feats wouldn't be great if they weren't super specific but as is... meh. I can think of better classes to be as a Revenant.

However, I do think that some of the feats are very stylish. I like the naming of "Swallowed by Shadow" and "Death Wastes Nothing"-- these are much more evocative of a character motif than lots of other feats ("Improved X", for example). I think that the flavor text for the new magic items is very good as well.

While I agree, I'd also like to add that while these names for feats and magic items are delightfully evocative and inspiring, you should also keep in mind that you're free to rename them as you see fit.

For instance, if you play a duelist Rogue it would feel wrong to take the Backstabber feat, because you don't really stab people in the back when you duel. In that case, Exploit Defensive Flaws or Improved Sneak Attack would be more fitting.

The advantage of "blandly" named feats is that they tend to make it easy to remember what they do.

Ultimately, I'm more interested in mechanically elegant and interesting feats than their naming conventions.

As for the article, I found it interesting and sporting a handful of new mechanics that add a bit of flavor to this class combination, but the article also has too narrow a target group, being aimed at a specific (albeit relatively common) race/class combination.
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