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What are these for, exactly? Just curious.

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Mostly to track unique individual players. It's a marketing thing. No, as far as I know, WotC does not share this data with anyone.

Once upon a time there were player rewards that players got for playing a certain number of games per quarter/year. Things like special minis, spell templates (3/3.5), or the like. Now the rewards are GM focused, as an incentive to get more folks to GM for their friends.
I wouldn't even tie it to marketing (at least not in the "we're going to advertise to you" sense), as much as it is for tracking play numbers.

The more popular a program is - which is tracked by #of unique players, # of new players, # of recurring players, etc - the more WotC can see if a program is meeting the goals it was designed for.

This, in turn, helps WotC see if programs are working as intended, what tweaks they might need, etc.

They're also the same number you would use if you played in, for example, Magic: the Gathering - and you *can* still earn player rewards there. 
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