4/29/2010 TD: "Three for Three"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Top Decks, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.
I understand the importance of the MODO PTQs, but for some reason they never seem to help those of us in the paper magic world.
Especially with the couple of week delay with the release of Rise, which might screw with the format a bit.

A little more focus on the Regionals (err National Qualifiers) would have been cool, but at this point that's a lot of data to come over, so I guess that's what BDM's job is on Fridays. 

I think bant with pridemage/bant charm would be alright
being able to push DoJ a turn later is nice but starting on hierarch and destroying their turn 1 borderpost sets them back quite alot especially nowadays that they are starting to skimp on path to exile.

When i defeated Patrick Dickmann at said NQ in Cologne in round 1, i didn't think he would go 7-0-1 after that and be featured at dailymtg just four days later. Okay, he beat me with a 17/17 Baneslayer Angel on turn 5 in game 1, but i think in that case Finest Hour wouldve done about the same while not completely rolling over to Terminate/Doom Blade. Sadly, i just left R up to bolt a potential Rafiq (and i also wasn't running Terminate/Doom Blade main.) The other two games, he just rolled over and died to oodles of spotremoval, like the mystic deck does quite ofter, but in this case he didn't even have the obvious out in Thornling.
The deck is very funny, and in fact i was telling the story of game 1 all day long to everyone i met (at least until he started reaping through the front tables), but i can't stop looking at that list and thinking that the postboard matchup against Jund is just so much worse than with a regular Mythic.dec.

PS: For those who care: I finished at 18th (top 16 qualifies), going 6-3 with losses to the mirror, Vampires (another long story) and UG Junddestruction (Only complete with Spreading Seas, Acidic Slime, Tectonic Edge and Mold Shambler.)

I'd say there is a minor mistake in the top 8 counts, as I did t8 the second ptq with a UW permission deck and not with tapout. 

I'd like to see the Grixis Aggro list.