Origins Game Fair 2010 - Columbus, OH

This is the last week (ends April 30) for the "early bird" convention pass for anyone interested in attending this year. The dates are June 23-27 at the Columbus Convention Center. Website: Early Bird is $50 for the whole show. Military and Educators are $30 (be sure to check for that option if it applies to you). The events, unfortunately, are not going to be available before the early bird pricing ends, but should be posted in full by mid-May. There are a couple SWM events that StSparks72 and I are sponsoring - we'll let you know when they become available for registration.

Thursday - Tatooine Battle - using various Tatooine maps (official and JediCartographers) and pre-made squads, we'll have a 5 on 5 battle. Each "team" will be randomly selected and you will receive one random themed squad. Some of the squads are Sandtroopers, Jawas, Tuskens, Jabba and his crew, Episode I Naboo Starship crew, and others. Each have been balanced against the other squads as best we can without too much of the overly-complex interactions. A basic knowledge of SWM rules is all that is needed to join in.

Friday - Battle for Hoth - 5 on 5 mass battle. All supplies for this one are provided as well. Play as Rebels or Imperials and try to destroy the opposition. The battle field stretches 8'x8' and has some 3D terrain elements. Modified rules are used based around trooper squads (4 or 9 pieces activate as one) for faster game play. You don't need ot know how to play SWM to join and have fun. Seeing 5 At-Ats and 10 At-Sts assault the Rebels is quite the sight - but be careful of the Wampa attacks!

Saturday - Endor goes 3D - 5 on 5 mass battle. Supplies provided and modified SWM rules very much like the Hoth battle on Friday. Imperials start on the landing platform while the ewoks are in their village. Both sides race to control the bunker while fighting enemy forces. Lots of custom pieces and terrain interactions and more ewoks than you might ever want to see

Anyone else know they are coming to Origins this year? Anyone wanting to, but have not confirmed? Happy to answer any questions and get some board members there to hang out.
Event registration is almost live (finally).  The schedule they posted to sign up for the events is Tabletops – Wednesday, May 26 at Noon Eastern Time // Role-playing – Thursday, May 27 at Noon Eastern Time // All other events – Friday, May 28 at Noon Eastern Time.  We're getting closer anyway.  The event book is downloadable in PDF form for now as well.  Home page link:

I will have one or two of the custom Dejarik boards on hand to play a few games of Holochess sometime.  Not sure when and where exactly, but contact me if interested.