I AM SOLD OUT OF MAP PACK 2!!! If you have not submitted an order I am sorry but I'm all out. 

I know this is in conflict with my earlier announcement, but I miscounted how many I had left, and I actually took the last order I will be able to fill tonight.

I do have several loose maps left over and I am going to figure out what to do with them.

If I said I'd hold one for you, I'm sorry I couldn't do it. But you will have first dibs on the loose ones.

I want to thank everyone for making all the map packs a success, and remember WOTC may be done with SW minis, but I'm not. This isn't the endLaughing


Thank You for your work. All your maps are very detailed and make for excellent games. I know I am a little behind but I'm gonna order MP3 today.!!

At them moment our group uses your maps more than any other. Thanks for all the maps you done .
Got mine today... Thanks!  The posted pictures definitely do not do them justice.  I feel lucky I ordered just in time!
Makes me happy to know that i've had mine for quite some time, and it is a fine map set for sure.
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I got mine today, thanks JC

Can't wait to try them out!
Christopher West, Cartographer Maps of Mastery
Just got mine in the mail and they are great! Off to the printer to get them laminated. Thanks JC!
Good news, JC!

I'm glad I picked one up when it was first released. You can never have too many maps and MP II was fantastic in terms of quality and playability.
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